British Pendant Lantern

pendant lighting ASL023E

9-5/8" x 19-3/4"H

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Heavy brass reproduction of British 1916 original lantern; ceiling bracket in brass included.

Believe us or not, but it took over ten years for the right old globe lantern to show up at auction. Thatís poring over dozens of maritime auction books. Christieís, Sothebyís, Bonham's. We found it in London, Kensington, early 2005. It was hand made around the turn of the century, 1900s. Probably destined for a windjammer, for sailors wanted quality. Hand shaped brass, in the visual center a heavy wire cage protecting hand blown glass. Never seen such a solid, heavy, well-made globe lantern before. Our replica of British pendant lantern does not compromise. You be the judge... inspect... Lift and appreciate solid weight. Consider its many applications. No, we donít want a trophy. True reward is a recognition of quality offered..

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