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Cabinets and Bookcases
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filing cabinet grand hotel secretaire
filing cabinet AMF039
$873.75 $699.00
secretaire AMF063
$2,498.75 $1,999.00
cape cod locker cape cod locker cabinet
Cape Cod locker AMF061
$1,123.75 $899.00
Cape Cod locker AMF062
$1,325.00 $1,099.00
cambridge bookcase royal navy cabinet
Cambridge bookcase AMF095
$5,623.75 $4,499.00
royal navy cabinet AMF084
$2,237.50 $1,790.00
alchemist's bookcase valet de chambre desk hutch
Alchemist's bookcase AMF116
$2,998.75 $2,399.00
Valet de Chambre AMF125
$1,593.75 $1,275.00
Kunstkammer Console war chest
Kunstkammer Console AMF096
$2,062.50 $1,650.00
War chest AMF121
$623.75 $499.00
bombay box - black bombay box - two tone honey
Bombay Box (black) AMF111
$748.75 $599.00
Bombay Box (2-Tone Honey) AMF113
$748.75 $599.00
caddie cabinet campaign cabinet desk
caddie cabinet AMF120
$1,562.50 $1,250.00
Campaign cabinet desk AMF143
$1,498.75 $1,199.00
butler's buddy clothes rack accessory travel tea cabinet
butler's buddy AMF140
20.25 x 18.5 x 41"
$436.25 $349.00
travel tea cabinet AMF147
20.5 x 7 x 17.25"
$281.25 $225.00
collectors cabinet with drawers collectors cabinet with doors kunstkammer cabinet
collectors cabinet AMF069B
$1,998.75 $1,599.00
collectors cabinet AMF070B
$1,998.75 $1,599.00
Kunstkammer cabinet AMF088
$5,312.50 $4,250.00
library ladder leaner shelves gallery tv ladder cabinet black library ladder shelving
library ladder shelving AMF068I
$1,248.75 $999.00
gallery ladder cabinet AMF091
$3,123.75 $2,499.00
library ladder shelving AMF068
$1,248.75 $999.00
man of eight boat bookcase boat bookshelf and boat table bosun gig boat bookcase
man of eight bookcase AMF007
$998.75 $799.00
boat bookshelf AWO102
$748.75 $599.00
bosun's gig bookcase AMF036
$1,100.00 $880.00
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decorative accessories for office

home office and decorative accessories
Your home office provides a space where you can handle your work tasks while enjoying the convenience and comfort of your own home. You probably breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that you're not having to commute through traffic to get to your work. You might also decide to... read on how to enliven your home office with decorative accessories >>


about bookcases
Like a real Library Ladder this one folds on brass hinges and is easily installed. Flush inlaid brass hardware includes hefty bronzed drawer handles. This bookcase will survive for centuries… A wall cabinet that combines many functions. Its wall-leaning design makes it less bulky and more elegant to the critical eye. Which counts in smaller spaces, but still functions well in larger ones. Storage! Shelves for collectables and books!... read more about bookcases >>

home office decor

intelligent decor for a home office. A home office deserves intelligent decor. It is the space where you do your best thinking and churn out your life's inspiration. A home office is a sacred space. Since your home office is unlike any other room in your home it should be decorated accordingly. Simply put, the room within your home that hosts your inner most thoughts should be decorated with the utmost of style. Selecting home office furniture can be a fulfilling experience... read more on how to create an intelligent decor for your home office >>

cabinets for office

office cabinets for all your needs
In today's digitized world, the lost art of home organization has become something of a novelty. Decorating your home office in drab office furniture can lead to a room with a stifling, uninspiring atmosphere. A constructive space should be a space bursting with creativity. The perfectly picked office cabinets are a beautiful addition to any home office. If you really want your home office to shine, it is essential that you forgo dull aluminum filing towers or cheap and easily breakable plastic shelving units....read more about cabinets for office >>

versatile cabinets

cabinets for any room in your home
A beautiful cabinet can add vitality and swagger to any room in your home. One of the best things about furniture accents with vintage inspiration is that they are so extremely versatile and able to be mixed and matched into any room of a home without downgrading their charm. Providing excellent storage and extra surface space for magazines or candles, the Ritz Hotel cabinet transitions seamlessly into a trendy end table. Much more than a file cabinet... read more about versatile cabinets >>


not your average bookcases
As more people shift from working in an office to working at home, the necessity of creating a useful working space without taking away from the comfort of the home becomes more apparent. A home office should not simply be a utilitarian room carved out of the home, it should a comfortable and welcoming space that nourishes the soul, allowing creativity to occur, while fitting seamlessly into the decorating style shown throughout the rest of the home. It should be a place that truly facilitates productive employment, not a space that stifles creative thought... read more about bookcases and unique home office furniture >>

office cabinets about home office cabinets
Who wouldn't want to own the wall cabinet of the Ritz Hotel concierge in Paris? Not too large, but not small. Spaces for keys, mail, wallets and mislaid purses, newspapers and the occasional bottle of Moët Chandon. Packages large and small, umbrellas, city maps and phone books. Drawers to hold miscellany. A microcosm of human needs. Don't be fooled by its elegant appearance. This desk holds some serious surprises and secrets. Two stacked units offer campaign style compact storage. No wasted space here… read more about unique office cabinets >>