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nautical accessories

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nautical decor; boat bookcases and coffee table; nautical furniture and accessories

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wood surfboard; nautical decor

nautical bookcases

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decorative oars


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Royal Barge oar rack

nautical decor with Royal Barge oar rack

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Nautical Furniture and Accessories

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horn anchor bosun whistle ship bells large ship bell
horn anchor AAC006
$46.87 $37.50
bosun's whistle ABW001
$23.75 $19.00
ship bells AAC071B -073B
$83.00 - $169.00
large ship bell AAC075B
$343.75 $275.00
purser bell sailors inn desk belll nautical reception bell cabin porthole mirror
purser bell AAC076
$181.25 $145.00
sailors inn bell AAC100
$68.75 $55.00
reception bell AAC103
$68.75 $55.00
porthole mirror AAC188A
$173.75 $139.00
boat bookshelf and boat table man of eight boat bookcase bosun gig boat bookcase large porthole mirror
boat bookshelf and table AWO102
$748.75 $599.00
man of eight boat bookcase AMF007
$998.75 $799.00
bosun gig boat bookcase AMF036
$1,100.00 $880.00
large porthole mirror AAC189A
$298.75 $239.00
hand built reproduction of a saskatchewan canoe wooden surfboard and surfboard shelf
Saskatchewan canoe model AAS185
$331.25 $265.00
wooden surfboard and surfboard shelf AFE121/AFE122
$1,450.00 - $999.00
lifeboat oar Oxford Varsity oar
lifeboat oar AFE103
$186.25 $149.00
Oxford Varsity oar AFE104
$211.25 $169.00
red decorative oar decorative oar
decorative oar / red AFE105
$198.75 $159.00
decorative oar / ivory AFE106
$198.75 $159.00
Oxford Varsity oar Oxford Varsity oar
oar coat rack / black AFE120
$118.75 $95.00
oar coat rack / red AFE119
$118.75 $95.00

Royal Barge Oars with Rack

Royal Barge oar rack
Royal Barge oar rack AFE128
$48.75 $39.00
Royal Barge oar Royal Barge oar Royal Barge oar Royal Barge oar Royal Barge oar
Royal Barge oar #1 AFE123
$186.250 $149.00
Royal Barge oar #4 AFE126
$131.25 $105.00
Royal Barge oar #2 AFE124
$186.25 $149.00
Royal Barge oar #5 AFE127
$131.25 $105.00
Royal Barge oar #3 AFE125
$186.25 $149.00
Z flag pillowcase x flag pillowcase u flag pillowcase u flag pillowcase
Z flag pillowcase ACC040
$26.25 $21.00
X flag pillowcase ACC041
$26.25 $21.00
U flag pillowcase ACC043
$26.25 $21.00
oars coat stand AFE117
$425.00 $340.00
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nautical accessories

about nautical accessories and furniture
European coastal towns and islands supplied the bulk of sailors over the years. Gone for months or even years their return was a joyful and festive occasion for family and friends. To announce a safe homecoming a small iron or brass anchor was displayed next to the family cottage entrance. The local priest or pastor often blessed these little anchors during church service before the sailor left for a new and uncertain voyage.... read more about nautical accessories and nautical furniture >>

decorating with surfboards

catch the perfect nautical decorating wave with surfboard decor
One of the biggest splashes you can make in nautical decor is to use classically styled wooden surfboards that have been thoughtfully placed throughout the home as your decorating focal points. Surfboards also become functional furnishings and implements when they are made into tables, counter tops and vanities. It pays to catch this stylish nautical design wave, while making a bold statement of classic surfer beach house style in your home... read more on how to decorate with surfboards >>

nautical accessories

decorating with nautical accessories
Sparkling blue oceans, warm sunny days and sand between your toes are pleasant memories of a day at the beach. Transform those mental seaside images into tactile reminders by adding a few nautical accessories to your home decor. Whether you choose to incorporate a sea-loving theme throughout your entire house or simply scatter a few salty reminders here and there, decorating with nautical accessories can capture the adventurous spirit of the sea.....learn more about how to decorate with nautical accessories >>


adding taste of the briny sea with nautical decor
Bring your love of boating home with fun and colorful nautical decor. If you have someone in your home with a love of all things seafaring, quality nautical themed decor pieces are a perfect accompaniment to nearly any home decor. Whether you’re near the ocean or miles away from any body of water bigger than a swimming pool, you can bring the flavor of the sea into your home easily with our maritime accessories. Owning a boat or having a membership to a yacht club is not required......learn more about nautical decor >>

ship models

sailing through history with miniature ship replicas
Ship models have captured the imaginations of people young and old. We imagine ourselves captaining or perhaps crewing on these diminutive, yet amazingly accurate representations of full-sized ships. Cruisers, sloops, yachts and racing ships gathered together in maritime museums or in private collections inspire minds to dream about a life on the water. Model shipbuilding has been a part of humanity since ancient times, with models from thousands of years ago providing archaeological evidence of how seafaring cultures devised and perfected watercraft.... read more about ship models >>

nautical decor and nautical furniture

charting a stylish course with nautical furniture
Whether you live by the seaside or are just invigorated by the thought of an ocean location, it's easy to bring this feeling to your home through the use of nautical furniture and accessories. These whimsical and functional additions can make you feel as if you are on an adventurous ocean side holiday every time you step into the room. Adding a nautical feeling to your home's interior can be as simple as a few well-placed accessories, or you can embrace a stronger statement and add larger pieces of nautical furniture...read more about nautical decor >>

nautical decor inspiration; coastal living