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Nautical Decor

horn anchor
horn anchor
cabin porthole mirror
porthole mirror
weather glass
man of eight boat bookcase
man of eight boat bookcase
boat bookshelf and boat table
boat bookshelf and boat table
large ship bell
large ship bell
oars coat stand
oars coat stand
hand built reproduction of a saskatchewan canoe
Saskatchewan canoe model
Oxford Varsity oar
Oxford Varsity oar
wooden surfboard and surfboard shelf
wooden surfboard and surfboard shelf
bosun gig boat bookcase
bosun gig boat bookcase
nautical decor - oar - lantern - painting

Adding Taste of the Briny Sea with Nautical Decor

Bring your love of boating home with fun and colorful nautical decor. If you have someone in your home with a love of all things seafaring, quality nautical themed decor pieces are a perfect accompaniment to nearly any home decor. Whether youíre near the ocean or miles away from any body of water bigger than a swimming pool, you can bring the flavor of the sea into your home easily with our maritime accessories. Owning a boat or having a membership to a yacht club is not required.

Nautical decor can be added in small amounts, for just a touch of maritime flair. The addition of a lifeboat oar and a pair of our signal flag pillows in the living room, office or in the bedroom adds just a touch of the maritime to your existing decor, creating an update thatís subtle, airy and light.

The addition of one or more oars in contrasting tones to the decor of your media room or office is bound to draw attention. You can mount them on the wall, or lean an oar or two against the wall or other sturdy object for casual home decor. Oars can draw attention to another piece of nautical decor or they make a style statement on their own. A string of signal flags mounted on the wall adds a distinct splash of color in a bathroom, guest room or even a childís bedroom.

room decor with nautical flags and telescope

If you want to make a bigger statement, you can go all out and give your guests the feeling of being at the yacht club. For the entryway, place one or two of our decorative oar coat racks on the wall. If you want to create conversation as soon as your guests walk in the door, our tripod of oars in freestanding coat rack will certainly do the trick. Hang a string or two of our signal flags or pennants across a picture window and add several pillows covered with our charming flag pillowcases to the sofa and loveseat, creating a casual feeling that puts guests at ease instantly.

There seems to be no end to creative uses for oars. They have been fashioned as charming curtain rods, towel racks; some intrepid homeowners have used oars as indoor and outdoor stair rails. Cross a pair of them over the fireplace mantle, or place them on a wall with other nautical-themed home decor for a tasteful, yet bold statement.

Any room tastefully appointed with nautical decor makes it seem clean and fresh. The bright colors and intriguing textures lend a pleasing sensation, encouraging occupants and guests alike to relax and enjoy time spent with friends. You can almost hear the seagulls calling and the waves crashing. Our delightful nautical home decor lets you invite the sea into your home without getting wet.

signal flags - nautical decor - nautical decor with signal flags
nautical home decor

Nautical Home Decor

Oars make a large statement home decor pieces, which work in many environments. Place them in your beach house on your porch. Frame a doorway or place above the kitchen worktop to hang pots and pans.

Lifeboat Oar now available in a glowing aged French finish. This oar is made to be displayed casually on a covered porch, on a wall to display a large old flag, or just as a pole to push open the ceiling light in the kitchen...

Signal Pennants. The French have a special name for it: Pavoiser. Sailboats decked out with stringed lengths of country and signal flags. What could be more festive? Bright reds, whites, blues and yellows reflected in the sunlight. Visitors out for a day, walking the docks, enjoying the sights, visiting navy vessels open to the public for that one day. Or the Royal Yacht visiting the Ottoman court in Istanbul, flags flying and the firing of cannons in a royal salute.

String signal flags from wall to wall for anniversary decor, kids parties, garden fests. It is easy to string signal flags together with nautical wood toggles. Double fabric with detailed stitching makes each flag usable on both sides. Quality fabric and fun application!

Like the real classic signal flags our pillowcases are stitched of solid color canvas sections, not printed. Bold colors as specified in the international flag code manual. Fun and decorative these pillowcases can be used anywhere - beach house, kids room, inside or out on the porch. Each pillowcase has hidden back zipper and contrasting canvas trim.

nautical accessories

Decorating with nautical accessories
Sparkling blue oceans, warm sunny days and sand between your toes are pleasant memories of a day at the beach. Transform those mental seaside images into tactile reminders by adding a few nautical accessories to your home decor. Whether you choose to incorporate a sea-loving theme throughout your entire house or simply scatter a few salty reminders here and there, decorating with nautical accessories can capture the adventurous spirit of the sea.....learn more about how to decorate with nautical accessories >>

model yachts

dream of a life on the sea with model yachts
The first line of a famous poem reads, "Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made". There is something dreamy and otherworldly about a graceful sailing yacht cutting through the water. Transform your dream into reality with beautiful, handcrafted sailing yacht more about model yachts >>

nautical decor and nautical furniture

charting a stylish course with nautical furniture
Whether you live by the seaside or are just invigorated by the thought of an ocean location, it's easy to bring this feeling to your home through the use of nautical furniture and accessories. These whimsical and functional additions can make you feel as if you are on an adventurous ocean side holiday every time you step into the room. Adding a nautical feeling to your home's interior can be as simple as a few well-placed accessories, or you can embrace a stronger statement and add larger pieces of nautical more about nautical decor and nautical furniture >>