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horn anchor
horn anchor
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porthole mirror
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man of eight boat bookcase
man of eight boat bookcase
boat bookshelf and boat table
boat bookshelf and boat table
large ship bell
large ship bell
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oars coat stand
nautical accessories

Nautical Accessories

European coastal towns and islands supplied the bulk of sailors over the years. Gone for months or even years their return was a joyful and festive occasion for family and friends. To announce a safe homecoming a small iron or brass anchor was displayed next to the family cottage entrance. The local priest or pastor often blessed these little anchors during church service before the sailor left for a new and uncertain voyage.

Ship Bells are made of heavy solid brass, handmade and sand-cast. The chunky hand knotted lanyard offers years of use. We offer four sizes of bells, petite to large, for beach house or boat. These bells are true nautical heirlooms offering clear & solid sounds.

The helmsman rings the shipís bell for every half hour of the four-hour shipís watch. A ship is a round-the-clock operation, and shipís crews work four hours on and four hours off. To change the routine two two-hour dogwatches usually run between 4 and 8 PM. One bell - One ring (say 12:30)Ö Two bells - Two rings (say 1 PM)... etc. until... Eight bells - Eight rings (4PM).

Our classic purser bell is made in solid brass with duotone bronze finish. The wood stand is French distressed finished in black. Ring the bell by pulling the hand-knotted bell rope. To toll the hour and assemble the crew. All hands on deck! Sailing around the world? Hmmm, dreaming is allowed. Lured by the ambiance and pull of the oceans. What better to symbolize an armchair sailorís dreams? An explorerís globe. A lodestone compass. A purserís bellÖ Classic nautical accessories.

Our solid cast porthole mirrors are classic. For nautical inspired rooms, beach cabin porches, executive offices.... These porthole mirrors are not only for nautical aficionados. An ageless solid brass mirror frame that will survive ages when treated properly. All porthole mirrors are actually open up and are easy to mount.

nautical shelves - boat bookshelf and boat table
nautical furniture - boat bookcases and boat tables

Nautical Furniture

Dispatched for victuals for the captainís table or canvas for a sail blown away in a storm, gigs were invaluable when in port or moored outside. Referred to as rowboats by land-bound folk, a gig was easy to lower overboard, needed minimum crew, and was quick to dispatch. When stowed, it nested in the long boat or pilot boat secured in the center of the main deck.

Our lapstrake (overlapping strips of wood) small gig boat bookcase and bosun gig boat bookcase are not seaworthy, but they most certainly look like it! Clinker build gig boat adds flair and atmosphere to any room, and display shelves turn them into fun cabinets and bookcases.

Our Dory Boat can be used two ways: as a bookshelf, or as a glass topped table. Two oars, glass top and wooden stand included. Use as table and fill inside with beach finds or upright to display your shells and books. Boat made of crackle finished wood.

Man of Eight Boat Bookcase is an exact replica of a late 19th C. prow of a man-of-eight that once cut through the rippling waters of the inland Thames.

An age-old hallowed tradition. Fraternities. Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard. Racing eights. An Olympic sport, upper class, academic, admired by the privileged, accessible to the very smart and highly athletic.

These long, narrow and fast wooden racers were cut up in sections when retired. Transformed into bookcases they lined the halls and bars of fraternities the world over. Oars were painted with crests and races, names and dates, and wall-hung.

Classic wooden surfboard. Only a few craftsmen now have the skills needed to build a classic wooden surfboard. Long enough to ride the waves off Waikiki or Malibu. Just short enough to casually lean into a corner of your living room, study, or denÖ Boards are made of laminated strips of selected light woods. Three fins are included for improved stability.

nautical accessories

decorating with nautical accessories
Sparkling blue oceans, warm sunny days and sand between your toes are pleasant memories of a day at the beach. Transform those mental seaside images into tactile reminders by adding a few nautical accessories to your home decor. Whether you choose to incorporate a sea-loving theme throughout your entire house or simply scatter a few salty reminders here and there, decorating with nautical accessories can capture the adventurous spirit of the sea.....learn more about how to decorate with nautical accessories >>

nautical decor and nautical furniture

charting a stylish course with nautical furniture
Whether you live by the seaside or are just invigorated by the thought of an ocean location, it's easy to bring this feeling to your home through the use of nautical furniture and accessories. These whimsical and functional additions can make you feel as if you are on an adventurous ocean side holiday every time you step into the room. Adding a nautical feeling to your home's interior can be as simple as a few well-placed accessories, or you can embrace a stronger statement and add larger pieces of nautical furniture...read more about nautical decor >>


adding taste of the briny sea with nautical decor
Bring your love of boating home with fun and colorful nautical decor. If you have someone in your home with a love of all things seafaring, quality nautical themed decor pieces are a perfect accompaniment to nearly any home decor. Whether youíre near the ocean or miles away from any body of water bigger than a swimming pool, you can bring the flavor of the sea into your home easily with our maritime accessories. Owning a boat or having a membership to a yacht club is not required......learn more about nautical decor >>