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flexible molding

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Arizona cornice molding:

Arizona cornice molding

Arizona flexible molding

Boston cornice molding:

Boston molding in the living room

cornice molding boston

Hartford cornice molding:

Hartford cornice molding

flexible molding

Hartford molding details

Nevada cove molding:

Nevada molding with LED lighting

Memphis crown molding:

Memphis crown molding

Memphis crown molding

Memphis crown molding in the bathroom

Boca Raton molding:

large Memphis crown molding

large Memphis crown molding

contemporary molding boca raton

Baltimore cornice molding:

Baltimore cornice molding with led lights

Cornice Molding

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cornice molding arizona cornice molding
cornice molding arizona
Arizona Cornice Molding
cornice molding NZ16

2-3/4"H x 2"P x 3-3/8"F

6'6"L cornice molding

list price: $ 38.75
your price: $ 31.00
cornice molding boston cornice molding
cornice molding boston
Boston Cornice Molding
cornice molding NZ18

2"H x 2-3/8"P x 3-1/16"F

6'6"L cornice molding

list price: $ 39.00
your price: $ 32.00
cornice molding
cornice molding hartford cornice molding
cornice molding hartford
Hartford Cornice Molding
cornice molding NZ19

3-1/8"H x 3-1/8"P x 4-7/16"F

6'6"L cornice molding

list price: $ 54.00
your price: $ 44.00
cornice molding
nevada crown molding nevada crown molding
crown molding nevada
Nevada Crown Molding
crown molding SOAB161

3-9-1/16"H x 3-3/8"P x 4-7/8"F

7'10"L cove molding

list price: $ 56.00
your price: $ 44.80
contemporary crown molding memphis crown molding
crown molding memphis
Memphis Crown Molding
crown molding NZ52

3"H x 3"P x 4-1/4"F

6'6"L crown molding

list price: $ 50.63
your price: $ 40.50
crown molding
contemporary molding Boca-Raton crown molding
crown molding boca raton
Boca-Raton Crown Molding
crown molding NZ51

5-7/8"H x 5-7/8"P x 8-3/8"F

6'6"L crown molding

list price: $ 93.00
your price: $ 75.00
crown molding
cornice molding
Houston cornice molding
houston molding
Houston Cornice Molding
cornice molding NWT1

1-3/4"H x 2-3/8"P x 2-7/8"F

8'00"L cornice molding

list price: $ 40.00
your price: $ 34.00
cornice molding
cornice molding
Baltimore cornice molding
baltimore molding
Baltimore Cornice Molding
cornice molding NWT2

2-15/16"H x 3-9/16"P x 4-5/8"F

8'00"L cornice molding

list price: $ 50.00
your price: $ 42.50
cornice molding
cornice molding
Dallas cornice molding
cornice molding dallas
Dallas Cornice Molding
cornice molding NWT3

3-1/8"H x 4-5/16"P x 5-3/4"F

8'00"L cornice molding

list price: $ 52.50
your price: $ 42.00
cornice molding
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How to Plan for Your Molding

Remember the proverb, "it is better to measure 7 times and cut once". The most important thing of molding installation is to not cut any said "corners" through your journey of installation (of course, except for the mitering).

You first draw out the design that you are going to do and be very exact so that you will have no doubt. When you do order though, you should think about getting an extra piece of molding just in case you either measure wrong or for any fort of possible mess ups that can happen due to human error and for miter waste. Add up all of the linear footage of your measurements and than divide it by the length of each piece to find out how many you need; when that is all done, order from

If you can't decide between a few styles, you could order a sample or two to be able to visualize the effect more thoroughly.

Ordering Molding

I have never dealt with ordering moldings before — how can I feel more comfortable?

Lucky for you, our website is incredibly user friendly and will answer your questions, even ones that you have not thought to ask yet. There is plenty of material that you can read to help with any worries. The extensive articles cover anything from history of any of the items to the installation, as well as some suggestions for the different pairing of the items. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive to order something like molding or any decorative pieces, but we make it easy for you to make the right decision.

If after looking at our web-site you do not feel that you have a complete grasp on everything, than definitely call us and we will answer all your questions and help you out. We are here to make you feel safe and reassured when making your purchase.

Molding in Your Home

Why would I even bother with a molding in my home?

It is a perfect thing to bring definition to a space as well as grandeur and beauty. Some think: "I have managed to live without molding for this long—so what's the big deal?" A very surprising thing that all of our costumers—biggest skeptics as well—notice the biggest difference when it comes to installing molding and other trims.

You will see the difference that it will make in one room and make sure that every other room has it too—we promise. There is no fooling—once you realize how much of a definition and amazing detail that the molding adds, there will be no room left for doubt. It is a dramatic and easy way to transform your room in an incredibly serious fashion. Installing molding in your home doesn't compare to getting a new lamp or side table—it is in a category of its own.