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sophisticated ceiling decor

Architectural Ornamentation and Sophisticated Decor

Architectural ornamentation changes and transforms spaces with plain-looking walls and ceilings into elegant and sophisticated decor. If your home is traditional in design, molding can transform a nondescript surface into a focal point.

Molding is one of the ways to set your house apart and increase it's value. Moldings have been applied to traditional and contemporary interiors with excellent results. The look of the molding reinforces charm of the home and invariably elicits comments like "They just don't build homes like that any more." Seldom do people consider that the marvelous architectural details so common in authentic colonial and Georgian homes can be bought by the car load on our website. Molding can make an impressive statement in the Grand home entrance and in other formal areas of the home.

There are a lot of handsome moldings on our website that are made from hand-crafted molds using patented Bi-mold technology. Our molding vary in design from simple clean lines to very elaborate that can create a dramatic focal point in any room. Our molding prices vary from $3 to $23 per foot, depending on how large or elaborate the molding is.

Be sure to check our Inspiration Gallery for great examples of creative use of molding and architectural products in residential and commercial interiors. Power up your imagination and create the home decor of your dreams! We are happy to provide you with consultation and answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to call as (781) 249-0957. It is our pleasure to assist you.