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bedroom lighting types

Bedroom Lighting

Bedrooms are not just for sleeping, these most private spaces need flexible lighting that can change from functional to romantic. Mood and atmosphere are the special effects of any lighting scheme.

Once the various layers of lighting for your bedroom have been selected, we need to ensure a balance that will produce a visual harmony, just as we layer textures when decorating.

Your bedroom decor can be transformed in to a designer's dream by mood lighting. Highlight your style by choosing lighting that works, both technically and aesthetically, with the decorative style of your bedroom.

In sleek contemporary rooms, use lighting to create an interplay of light and shadow for drama, but softer, more traditional bedrooms need gentle lighting to preserve their mood. Balance plays an important part in the lighting of a bedroom. The tree types of lighting must work in harmony, not dominating at the expense of the other two. The combined effect should provide the most evenly balanced light and and maximum versatility for different purposes.

bedroom lighting

Multiple lighting sources come together to create an open and airy feeling in the large master bedroom. Rope light tucked behind specially designed crown molding for indirect lighting makes the ceiling "float" and provides soft overall illumination. Also LED lights are often used for indirect lighting behind crown molding.