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Plane Models

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plane model with globe art deco flight clock propeller desk clock dc3 desktop plane model
globe + plane AAP108
$111.25 $89.00
Art Deco clock AAP104
$98.75 $79.00
propeller clock AAP111
$93.75 $75.00
DC3 desktop plane AAP105
$118.75 $95.00
concorde plane model sopwith camel desktop plane model desktop baron rouge plane model dc3 desktop plane model
Concorde plane AAP112
$136.25 $109.00
Sopwith Camel AAP243
$218.75 $175.00
Baron Rouge AAP203
$298.75 $239.00
DC3 plane model AAP110
$311.25 $249.00
;red baron plane model flying circus jenny plane model jenny JN-7H classic barnstormer plane model
Red Baron plane model AAP010
$600.00 $480.00
Circus Jenny plane model AAP400
$287.50 $230.00
Jenny JN-7H Barnstormer AAP401
$281.25 $225.00
spad xiii model plane spad xiii model plane transparent spad plane model
Spad XIII model plane AAP413
$531.25 $425.00
French Spad XIII model AAP413F
$531.25 $425.00
transparent Spad model AAP413T
$561.25 $449.00
medium sopwith camel plane model large transparent sopwith plane model large sopwith camel model plane
medium Sopwith Camel plane AAP402
$461.25 $369.00
large transparent Sopwith AAP502T
$998.75 $799.00
large Sopwith Camel model AAP502
$998.75 $799.00
Spirit of St.Louis plane model Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper plane model Ford Trimotor plane model
Spirit of St. Louis AAP250
$268.75 $215.00
Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper AAP451
$593.75 $475.00
Ford Trimotor plane model AAP452
$968.75 $775.00
Spitfire plane model junker ju52 iron annie plane model Dakota DC-3 model plane
Spitfire plane model AAP456
$968.75 $775.00
Junker JU52 Iron Annie AAP454
$968.75 $775.00
Dakota DC-3 plane model AAP455
$968.75 $775.00

Zeppelin Models

1937 zeppelin model hindenburg zeppelin model
1937 zeppelin model AAP170
$531.25 $425.00
Hindenburg zeppelin model AAP171
$948.75 $759.00
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The 1900s: the courage and persistence of early pioneers of flight. Ignoring common sense they forged ahead. The 1930s: the introduction of travel through the air. A world that suddenly became accessible. A voyage from Amsterdam to Jakarta that used to take months, now possible in days… with stops. A fascinating history translated into a unique collection of exquisite airplane models and artifacts… Browse Sopwith, Gee Bee, Jenny, and Trimotor planes... Not to mention Zeppelins!

wood propellers

propellers - a decorative spin on history
Looking for a way to make a room more interesting? Let your imagination take flight with propellers. Considered the tires of yester yore, propellers are popular today as memorabilia pieces that honor the flight traditions of mechanics, flight crews, and pilots in battle. ...read more about wood propellers >>

model planes

making your decor soar with plane models
Humankind has always dreamed of having the ability to fly, and a century or so ago, that dream came true with the inventiveness of the Wright Brothers and the other pioneers of the aviation industry. You can use the power of flight to make your decor soar to new heights when you incorporate plane models into your interior designs. Classic flying machines that include biplanes, Trimotors, and zeppelins evoke images of the golden age of aviation, and it's a simple process to capture this feeling in your decor with model planes...read more on model planes >>

plane models

fantastic plane models
It's been over a century since the Wright flyer lifted off from the sands of Kitty Hawk. Powered flight has come a long way since. Early planes were a joint effort of engineers, cabinetmakers and seamstresses. Aviators belonged to a privileged class, known by name to an eager and curious public. Some of the early aircraft and their pilots have taken on nearly mythical proportions. The Red Baron, Tommy Sopwith, Charles Lindbergh. The planes that made them famous are available as models in this unique collection. Hand built. Fabric on lightweight wooden frame...read more about plane models >>

model planes and plane models

into the wild blue yonder with model planes
Humankind’s fascination with flying dates back to well before written history. Early humans, watching the birds flying high in the sky, no doubt wondered what it would be like if we could fly, free from the bonds of the earth. When flight became technologically possible, only the bravest dared to challenge gravity in a contraption made of wood, metal, glass and fabric—the era of the daredevils began... read more about model planes >>


Long before large passenger jets dominated the skies, zeppelins were a popular form of air travel from one continent to another. The German designed airships made regular transatlantic flights in the 1920s and 30s before the Hindenburg Disaster led to a steep decline and eventual end in this mode of travel. Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was the driving force behind the development of the original zeppelins... read more about zeppelins >>

Captured in Silver Museum Quality Artifacts

Presenting a unique collection of museum quality artifacts dating from early to mid century flight. Desktop and space-suspended models, finished in silk fabric, or made in aluminum. Early travel agent advertising objects and colorful balloons. Propellers, clocks, art deco models. A complete collection that fascinates not just a specialized collector, but also an adventurous teenager, or anyone with an interest in flight.

a dog can dream; dog with a plane; model planed

From early barnstormers to the DC3, known as the "workhorse of the skies". Mail carriers and planes used by legendary airlines like TWA, Pan Am and Imperial Airways. Flying from London to Melbourne with at least ten stops to refuel. Seated in wicker chairs, but always a cold bottle of Veuve Clicquot and chilled Beluga caviar at hand!

plane model | Dakota DC-3 plane model
Dakota DC-3 plane model >>

Legendary leviathan. Like an albatross, it seemed nearly impossible that it could even take off, skimming waves at increasing speed, revving up its four engines. Inside staterooms, dining area, bunk beds. Boarding from a dock or using a ship's tender, it was the 1930s epitome of class. This was leisure travel and luxury at the same time, never to come back in that measure.

plane models | Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper plane model
Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper plane model with incredibly detailed engines and propellers >>

Between 1926 and 1933 some 200 Trimotors were built in Ford’s own factory. Corrugated metal on great thick monoplane wings was a German development, used in Junker JU-52 planes that were flying the Berlin-Rome-London route.

Ford Trimotor  plane model | plane models | gifts ideas
Ford Trimotor plane model with functioning ailerons and tail rudder >>

An iconic European counterpart of Ford Trimotor. Iron Annie versus the Tin Goose. Characteristic steel paneling. Popular for its comfort and dependability.

Junker JU52 Iron Annie plane model | plane models
Junker JU52 Iron Annie plane model with fully detailed cockpit and passenger cabin >>

The DC3 has earned the epithet "Workhorse of the Skies". Thousands were produced from the 30s to the 50s by the Douglas Aircraft works. Military, civilian, government, private, you name it. Some are still flying!

Dakota DC-3 plane model
Dakota DC-3 plane model >>

The legendary Spitfire fighter plane was introduced in 1936. the short-range, high-performance, single-seat aircraft gained notoriety in defense against Luftwaffe attacks during the Battle of Britain in 1940. As a mainstay of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command its speed and maneuverability were essential to carrying out its missions across the European and South-East Asian WWII theaters.

Spitfire plane model
Spitfire plane model with fully detailed cockpit >>

The Spitfire was beloved by pilots, and many variants it served as trainer, interceptor, fighter-bomber and carrier-based fighter during 1939-45 conflict. Its iconic status among enthusiasts has held strong in the ensuing years since its retirement from active service in 1950s.

dog with a plane model; decorative plane models