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flying circus jenny plane model
Flying Circus Jenny model
red baron plane model
Red Baron plane model
gee bee 11 speedster plane model
Gee Bee 11 Speedster model
transparent spad model plane
transparent Spad model
jenny JN-7H classic barnstormer plane model
Jenny JN-7H Barnstormer
spirit of st.louis plane model
Spirit of St. Louis model
plane models

Fantastic Plane Models

It's been over a century since the Wright flyer lifted off from the sands of Kitty Hawk. Powered flight has come a long way since. Early planes were a joint effort of engineers, cabinetmakers and seamstresses. Aviators belonged to a privileged class, known by name to an eager and curious public. Some of the early aircraft and their pilots have taken on nearly mythical proportions. The Red Baron, Tommy Sopwith, Charles Lindbergh. The planes that made them famous are available as models in this unique collection. Hand built. Fabric on lightweight wooden frame. Detailed engines, markings, spoke wheels. Finely detailed, but also conveying true feel and emotion.

Our collection of plane models is truly unique. Selection includes exquisite models and artifacts of early flight era. Hand-built biplanes whose lightweight frames are stretched with fabric. Dakotas and Trimotors plane models made of aluminum, meticulously executed in intricate details, moving parts, and cockpit interiors. Wood propellers and vintage travel agent plane models.

A surplus commodity from the Great War. Out-of-work aviators flying out-of-work planes, itinerant showmen of the air. "Barnstormers" as they called themselves were an American phenomenon, performing from coast to coast. In pastures, at big-city air shows, in motion picture melodramas. Offering rides for five dollars in their Curtiss Jennys. Developing spectacular tricks. Walking and playing tennis on wings in flight. Transferring from plane to plane, from car to plane, from speeding train to plane. Bringing the thrills of flight to an excited nation.

This historic biplane was designed and built in the USA during and after WWI. More than 10,000 of these front-engine biplanes were built. The Jenny's fabric covered wings were braced by wood struts and rigged with a maze of turnbuckle wires. The original Jennys had no brakes and fast landing planes risked hitting fences or ending up in a ditch. Landing speed was about 45 mph. Our plane models are handmade of fabric covering a wood frame. The frame is a true miniature reproduction closely resembling the construction and appearance of the original big Jennys.

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Long before large passenger jets dominated the skies, zeppelins were a popular form of air travel from one continent to another. The German designed airships made regular transatlantic flights in the 1920s and 30s before the Hindenburg Disaster led to a steep decline and eventual end in this mode of travel... read more about zeppelins >>

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making your decor soar with plane models
Humankind has always dreamed of having the ability to fly, and a century or so ago, that dream came true with the inventiveness of the Wright Brothers and the other pioneers of the aviation industry. You can use the power of flight to make your decor soar to new heights when you incorporate plane models into your interior designs. Classic flying machines that include biplanes, Trimotors, and zeppelins evoke images of the golden age of aviation, and it's a simple process to capture this feeling in your decor with model planes...read more on model planes >>

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Into the wild blue yonder with model planes
Humankind’s fascination with flying dates back to well before written history. Early humans, watching the birds flying high in the sky, no doubt wondered what it would be like if we could fly, free from the bonds of the earth. When flight became technologically possible, only the bravest dared to challenge gravity in a contraption made of wood, metal, glass and fabric—the era of the daredevils began... read more about model planes >>