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Hestia Classic Late Georgian Marble Fireplace Mantel

classic late Georgian Marble Fireplace Mantel

Hestia marble mantel

fireplace mantel dimensions:

overall - 70"W x 50-2/3"H
opening - 38" x 34"
shelf - 70"W x 13"D
base - 16"D
weight - ± 1000 pound

dimensions of the Hestia marble fireplace mantel

marble mantel

Late Georgian style marble fireplace mantel

This exquisite marble fireplace mantel is a classical example of Adam’s design in the Late Georgian Period. In the spirit of antiquity Adam, substituted standard decoration with beautiful classical figures in the style used by the Romans themselves to ornament their palaces and baths. In this marble fireplace mantel, Hestia, the Roman Goddess of hearth and homes, stands as protector. The figures are linked with rolled leaves, flowers and grapes running across the central panel on the mantel

Adam style mantel

For our fireplace mantels we use only the finest “statuary” grade marble, known for its purity, translucent nature and consistency. The Marble has a creamy Ivory white color with very little saturation, holds the most delicate and subtle of details and is perfect for hand carving. As you would expect with any purely natural minded products slight imperfections in the marble fireplace mantels may exist. This gives each fireplace mantel its uniqueness which is only enhanced during the hand carving process


fireplace mantels

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