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Increasing Design Focus with Magnifying Glasses

It's rare to find decorative objects that also perform useful functions, but magnifying glasses accomplish this task with both style and sophistication. Consider the many applications of magnifiers in adding both form and usefulness to your home's interior.

When it comes to interpreting the fine print and discovering small details, reading magnifier objects can come to the rescue and serve double duty as stylish and interesting decorative objects, as well. From small to large magnifying glasses, from tripod magnifiers to student microscopes, these collectible pieces can add a feeling of intellectualism and an antique patina to a room's decor. Imagine how a magnifying glass topping a stack of leather-bound books could provide the perfect crowning touch, or consider the interest that an Empress reading glass could add to a desk or a shelf. And when the reading glasses are misplaced, as they so often are, these handy magnifiers can come to the rescue to shed some light on a text, map, or other object in need of illumination.

Magnifying mirrors are an essential component of well-stocked bathrooms; they come in handy to see the small details that help to perfect the personal grooming process. And while you could use a plain-Jane magnifying mirror to perform this task, why not choose a replica or authentic reproduction of a Georgian scientific instrument instead? This option speaks volumes about your taste and sense of style when it comes to accessorizing your bathroom.

The use of magnifying glasses in common rooms where your guests may wait encourages them to interact with their environment rather than simply sitting. A handsome magnifier with a well-formed handle just begs to be picked up and used to examine an old map or a detailed sketch, for example. In addition, if your home includes children, what better way to facilitate their intellectual curiosity than with their own magnifying instruments? Think about how the combination of a magnifier and a globe, for example, could prove to be immensely helpful in encouraging their knowledge of geography. Or if your children fancy themselves to be budding detectives like Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Gadget, a magnifying glass can help them to find those all-important clues that point them in the right direction to solve the case.

No matter what decorating scheme you've carefully selected for a room, there's always an excellent choice in magnifying glass options that can perfect and complete the look of the room, as well as add function to illuminate the hidden details.

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magnifying glasses

magnifying glasses
Small magnifying glasses - You found an unbelievable Tizian sketch in rich sepias, highlighted in white. You examined the faded signature, enlargedů That ancient piece of ikat textile. You always wanted to study the weft, see how the weaver worked. That picture of grandmother in a group of 27 classmates, from 1919. Did she wear earrings? Small magnifiers are tools for the curious of mind. they are practical, authentic, and highly decorative... Magnifying mirrors - The vanity magnifying mirror has traditionally vacillated between the ornamental and practical. Huge and over decorated wall mirrors have been de rigueur for centuries...read more about magnifying glasses >>

binoculars and telescopes

adding intrigue and style with binoculars and telescopes
Interior accessories should add panache to a room's decor while at the same time make a statement about the homeowner. If you are looking for distinctive home accessories that evoke intellectual curiosity and travels to far-away realms, consider adding binoculars or telescopes to round out the appeal of your home's interior. While both binoculars and telescopes are used to assist in the viewing of distant objects, the biggest difference is that telescopes allow viewing with one eye, while binoculars accommodate...read more binoculars and telescopes >>