Adjustable Lamps

swing-arm floor lamp with adjustable hight
adjustable floor lamp
adjustable solid brass floor lamp with swing arm
adjustable floor lamp
brass adjustable floor lamp with swing-arm
swing-arm floor lamp
swing-arm adjustable floor lamp
swing-arm floor lamp
adjustable swing-arm floor lamp
adjustable floor lamp

adjustable floor lamps

The Advantages of Adjustable Lamps

For most of us, decor needs to function. We have a few nice things on display with no purpose other than to look nice, but for the majority of us, the things we have in our home must have a function. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Sofas should be beautiful and comfortable. Cabinets and hutches should store or display objects attractively. Lamps need to illuminate tastefully.

The adjustable lamp takes the functionality of lighting to a higher level, in addition to providing decorative value. You will find a selection of attractive and functional adjustable lamps floor lamps, table lamps and desk lamps. Each is designed to be adjusted in height, reach or angle, as well as add beauty to your home. Some of our adjustable floor lamps have companion desk or table lamps that are adjustable, too.

Adjustable floor lamps are available in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment the decor in your living room, dining room, bedrooms and home office. Made from solid brass, styles range from contemporary to classic, with finishes of polished or antiqued brass, satin nickel or antiqued bronze with coordinated shades. Adjustable desk lamps can be adjusted in angle at both the base and top; adjustable table and floor lamps can change in height from just a few inches to over a foot, depending on the model, with a twist of the small, decorative knob. Some of our floor lamps also have a swing arm, so you can adjust where the light falls, in addition to height, easing eyestrain when reading.

Designing with these versatile lamps is simple. Place an adjustable desk or adjustable table lamp on any surface, including a buffet, sideboard or occasional table for a touch of sophistication. Floor lamps can be placed near sofas, loveseats or chairs, in corners or behind objects, where a table might not fit or otherwise isn't practical. Swing-arm adjustable lamps are great for places where a standard floor lamp may not be a good option.

But, you don't have to stop there. Use singly, in pairs or take advantage of the design benefits of an adjustable floor lamp and its matching desk or table companion for more possibilities. Place a swing-arm lamp over a sculpture or figurine next to a chair or sofa, and you have a lamp that can do double-duty. An adjustable desk or table lamp is perfect for displaying small objects, such as figurines or pictures in just the right light.

Beautiful in form and function, adjustable lamps are sure to meet your desire for lighting with practicality and elegance.

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living room design with swing-arm floor lamp and glass top wrought iron coffee table in silver leaf finish; living room decorating ideas; living room furniture and lighting

living room design with swing-arm floor lamp and glass top wrought iron coffee table in silver leaf finish;
wrought iron coffee table >> swing-arm floor lamp >>

living room with floor lamp; cast brass floor lamps
swing-arm floor lamp >>

Living room decor with adjustable floor lamp near the sectional sofa;

Living room decor with adjustable floor lamp near the sectional sofa;
interior design by: Inner Visions Interiors;

room decor with adjustable floor lamp near the sectional sofa;

room decor with adjustable floor lamp behind the arm chair;


Well appointed interior with classic architectural details and lighting

Well appointed interior with classic architectural details and lighting; Meticulous wall panels and crown molding bring rhythm and order to a space, the sconces add additional dimension to the wall, the swing-arm floor lamp combines beauty and functionality, and the gorgeous crystal chandelier brings true crowning glory to the room.


tripod lamps

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tripod lamp

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