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Jeweled Lily Knobs with Blue Sodalite

1-3/8" diameter
antique pewter knobs with blue-sodalite stone Antique Pewter

Jeweled Lily knobs in antique pewter finish with Blue Sodalite stone (JN161APBS)

list price: $ 30.00
your price: $ 24.00
decorative hardware
bright nickel knobs with blue-sodalite stone Bright Nickel

Jeweled Lily knobs in bright nickel finish with Blue Sodalite stone (JN161BNBS)

list price: $ 34.00
your price: $ 27.20
decorative hardware
jeweled lily knobs in antique brass finish with blue-sodalite stone Antique Brass

Jeweled Lily knobs in antique brass finish with Blue Sodalite stone (JN161ABBS)

list price: $ 34.00
your price: $ 27.20
decorative hardware

blue sodalite stone
Blue Sodalite:
Semi-Precious stone
Blue Sodalite is a royal blue colored stone that usually has some white or gray-colored streaks. Blue Sodalite looks a bit more crystal-like. It was named by Professor Thomas Thompson who was called in to identify the specimen that was brought from Greenland to Denmark during the time of the Napoleonic wars - he identified it at first as Sodium Aluminum Silicate Chloride. The stone is associated with the Astrological sign Sagittarius and is thought to promote focus, clearing, mediation, and calming of fears.

Product Specifications:

- Made in USA.
- Fine-art foundry hand-pours and hand-finishes every knob using Old-World methods.
- Lifetime guaranteed against flaws in craftsmanship.
- Exceptional clarity of details and depth of relief.
- All knobs are internally threaded, solid brass or stainless steel inserts cast into the stem for lifetime durability.
- All knobs have been engineered to accept an 8/32 screw; 1" screws have been individually pact with each knob.
- knobs are hand-crafted with Blue Sodalite semi-precious stone insert.
- All inserts for wood knobs are hand-cast from solid fine pewter or solid bronze.
- The term "antique" refers to special methods of treating metal so there is contrast between the raised relief and recessed areas.
- Knobs are lacquered to protect the finish.
- Alternative finishes available (see below)