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Dining Room Lighting

Lighting within a dining room helps us to see both our food and our dining companions, but there is so much more than this to consider when making lighting and decor choices for this crucial room. The selection of lighting fixtures and other decorative embellishments can help to create a warm and welcoming room where happy memories are created.

Especially for homeowners who enjoy entertaining friends and family members, the dining room serves as a central part of the home where many enjoyable hours are spent. The home lighting in the dining room becomes a key element in the mood that the room conveys, and it also makes a statement about the style and taste of the homeowner as well.

The chandelier serves as the primary lighting fixture within the space of the dining room, but it is important to note that other types of lighting fixtures can add to the ambiance of the dining room as well as perform certain additional lighting functions. Depending on the size and the contents of the dining room, you may wish to consider recessed cans or track lighting, wall sconces, or specialty lighting in addition to the chandelier in your dining room.

When selecting an appropriate chandelier, consider the style of decor in the dining room as well as the statement you are trying to make. Is a piece with dozens of sparkling crystals appropriate? Or would a better selection be something sleek and modern in style? Are you looking for this lighting fixture to create a statement on its own, much like a piece of fine artwork, or do you prefer something that blends into the overall room decor? Would a ceiling medallion or crown molding be an appropriate accent to showcase this fixture? Be sure to consider the size as well as the style when you make your selection. This lighting fixture should be several inches smaller in diameter than the narrowest dimension of the table over which it will hang.

Other home lighting elements that are appropriate in the dining room include track or recessed can lighting that provides additional illumination to the dining table, buffet, or sideboard. In addition, a pair of wall sconces can add soft lighting that helps to further the mood in the dining room, whether it is a romantic feeling or a more contemporary style that you are trying to achieve in this room.

Don't forget about the opportunity to add specialty lighting in order to dine in style within this room. Many homeowners have glass cabinetry in their dining room to showcase beautiful glassware or special dishes. The addition of lighting within the cabinets can help to draw attention to and highlight these special collections. If you have artwork on the wall of your dining room, the simple addition of a picture light can showcase your piece and create a spectacular focal point within your dining room.

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