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Kitchen Islands and Peninsulas

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kitchen islands

Do you find yourself traveling from area to area when cooking in your kitchen? Are you short of storage space? Do you end up looking into a wall or having your back to your company while cooking? The solution to these problems is the centrally located kitchen island. The anchor of a busy kitchen, the island is a multi-talented fixture that provides a working surface and pivotal location for preparing food while helping to stylistically shape the room. Many of today’s kitchen islands are spectacularly designed in both the form and functions they provide. Alluring silhouettes, multilevel surfaces, and varied head-turning materials are imaginatively combined. Built-in wine racks, adjustable shelving, rinsing sinks, cooktops, and warming drawers are just a number of the “bells and whistles” that accompany the well-equipped island. Keeping the island appropriately scaled to the rest of the kitchen is important. Many islands appear too large for the kitchen in which they are placed. An island should not be so big as to hinder movement in the room or visually bully the space with its size. Like cabinetry, it should be considered a piece of furniture that is thoughtfully integrated into the space and design of the room.

In a roomy layout, you can shorten the distance between the three key work areas by adding an island or peninsula. A peninsula base and ceiling-hung cabinets offer convenient storage for tableware and linens. In an L- or U-shaped kitchen, an island can add visual interest, breaking up the space without confining it. It also provides an extra work surface, a convenient spot for snacks or informal meals, as well as a place for setting up a buffet when entertaining.

A kitchen island can also serve as an excellent location for a cook top or second sink, if plumbing and ventilation hookups permit. It could also prove the ideal spot for a wine rack or cooler, a wet bar, warming drawers, modular refrigerator units, or additional general storage. For maximum efficiency, be sure the design provides a clearance of 48 inches from the island kitchen to the wall cabinets.

Adding Definition to Exterior or Interior of your Home with Quality Pilasters

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Most commonly pilasters appear on the fireplace mantels, used as a door and window surrounds,  or trim for built-in cabinets and library systems. In other exterior applications pilasters form the vertical support in archways or tie into  a ceiling cornice.


interiors - trim - beautiful liwing room with fluted pilasters #pilasters


Pilasters have a numerous deign benefits. Strong vertical lines of the pilasters adding stately look to the interior as well making the room  appear higher. Projecting face and structural appearance of the pilasters add extra layer of architectural details to the room.


All and all pilasters are a highly visible embellishment with large visual impact yet takes up very little space. This qualities make pilasters  ideal for adding a definition to the space, highlighting doors and windows openings. Pilasters can also divide space along a continuous wall pane.


Comparing to a columns, pilasters offer relative subtlety in overall look, pilasters are less obtrusive and never look excessive. Pilasters have  an inherited “built-in” qualities. That is why pilasters are an appropriate architectural decoration in many cases, adding sense of craftsmanship to an  interior or exterior of the home. Most common location for pilasters are alongside of the doorways, visually supporting a header above.


home movie theater design featuring wall sconces, crown molding and fluted pilasters


Often pilasters used with decorative ornate capital without a header. Pilasters  can be applied similarly as a “supports” for shelves, ledges, ceiling cornices  and virtually any horizontal plane or architectural element. The simple  construction of pilasters makes installation of them quick and easy for  construction professional as well as for do-it-yourselfers. Before choosing  pilasters that is right for you should do a little planning. The widest parts of  the pilasters will be the capital and the base. So you should plan them first to  determine the overall width of the pilaster.


By definition, pilasters are flat, square edged pier that is attached to a wall.  Pilasters are among several most enduring details of ancient  architecture. Pilasters have fundamental construction forms, yet they represent a perfect combination of strength and beauty. Maybe that is why  beautiful pilasters are symbolize architecture itself. Throughout centuries pilasters remain very popular interior architectural elements.


grand home entry - lavish home entry with wall panels and pilasters


In appearance pilasters have been adapted to feet most of the interior decorating styles. Georgia, Federal and Greek Revival styles generously us the  refined classical models of the pilasters. Victorian and craftsman styles created stylistic pilasters variations. Pilasters may be less known by name  than the columns. Therefore, pilasters have an equally important place in interior of the home as well as its exterior. In fact for the average home,  pilasters have many more uses than columns.


Because pilasters usually project from the wall a distance equal about a third of its width (or less), a pilaster has an appearance of a full,  square column, that was embedded into the wall. In fact, earlier pilasters actually were embedded columns that help support an arch. But this structural  aspects of the pilasters is merely an effective illusion. Structural components of the pilasters are: pilaster base, pilaster shaft and pilaster capital.  On our website we are showing different combinations of the pilaster components.


interiors - luxury interior with fluted pilasters


Pilasters were favorite elements of the ancient Romans and Italian Renaissance builders. Historically pilasters follow the classical order in design.  Essentially a pilaster is a composition of trim elements attached to the wall or other flat surface. Pilaster bases typically include a flat block called  plinth. Pilaster’s plinth should be deeper and wider than the pilaster’s shaft. All pilaster plinths in our collection are pre-coordinated in size and  design to feet perfectly under particular pilaster shafts. Some of the pilaster plinths have beaded trim on the top, and designed to feet under our fluted  pilasters. We are also offering a beautiful traditional paneled plinth with cap trim on the top. This type of pilasters plinth is very popular and can be  adjusted in height (if needed) on the bottom portion. Paneled plinths work well with paneled pilaster shafts as well as with fluted ones.


luxury dining room with elaborate ceiling and wide fluted pilaster with Corinthian capital


The most popular types of pilaster shaft are fluted and paneled. Flutes in a classical order are closely spaced and all have the same length. An alternative  pilasters style, called some times a Victorian fluting, wider flutes. Some pilasters are tapered from the bottom to top, which lending an appearance of strength.  Capitals for pilasters have an angled profile similar to a ceiling cornice or crown molding. Some of our pilaster capitals are classically styled and have  ornamental Ionic and Corinthian details.


Over-Mantel Mirrors

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The first place we think of placing a mirrors is over the fireplace. In the late 18th century the invention of over-mantel mirrors lunched a major trend in the decoration of private mansions in Europe. Fireplace  mantels were lowered and large horizontal mirrors, often in elaborate gold frames, were mounted above them. The facts are confirm to us by the  large mirrors over fireplace mantels at the end of 17th century, but over-mantel mirrors became especially widespread during the Regency period.

mirrors - mirror over fireplace a mantel
Mirrors framed by gilded wood, richly carved in elaborate designs were placed above  fireplace mantels.  Candelabras and wall sconces, often mounted on mirrored plates that refracted and multiplied light,  decorative mirrors and fireplace mantels. Over mantel mirrors became not just a fashionable trend but a testimony of good taste and luxury living.
Large horizontal mirrors placed over fireplace mantel became the most delicate invention, providing the most beautiful decorative affects in  interior architecture. Mirrors top the list of “must have” luxury home furnishings. Over-mantel mirrors were considered extraordinary  embellishments and valued not solely for there  size but mostly for there precious elaborately sculpted wooden gilded frames.

The mirror craze showed no sign of faltering, instead it grew as the century advanced. An architectural treatise written in 18th century  devotes more than ten pages to the indispensable rules governing the installation of the large mirrors. Color, purity, and regularity of  over-mantel mirrors had to be checked while mirrors are been assembled, for “it would be ridiculous if a nymph who wanted to consult the  charms of her beauty should meet, instead of regular figure, a face that is squashed and crooked”. Such infatuation with over mantel mirrors  incited an opinion that a home can not be pleasant without a fireplace mantel with a mirror over it.
The real estate listings in eightieth century newspapers and magazines always mentioned over-mantel mirrors as an added attraction.  The provinces were not yet familiar with the refinement of luxury that was the delight of large European cities, so advertisements were  especially insistent. Within a few decades, the provinces followed the lead.
European aristocrats who frequently visited Versailles and other palaces had undoubtedly brought similar over mantel mirrors into they own  surroundings. Ceremonial halls, great rooms and bedrooms were almost always decorated with mirrors above the fireplace and between the windows.

Perfect Sconces for Any Decor

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beautiful sconces

Incorporating exquisite sconces into a home is both fun and exciting; however, it also takes a bit of planning. When installing sconces  a few things you should consider are whether or not your sconces require electricity, which design matches your interior best, and how  much light you will need.

Many older homes were not built with the idea of electricity or electrical sconces in mind. When this is the case and a new home owner  tries to remodel they frequently find that there is no electrical box to use to wire their sconces. This can require a very labor  intensive and expensive renovation project and will most likely be a job for a skilled professional. If this is the case consider  candle sconces or a battery operated light. For newer homes, or homes with electrical  boxes already installed than many of our sconces would be a perfect fit.

Sophisticated wall sconces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are easy to  coordinate with any decor. Electrical sconces with a two-light fixture give off a warm glow and adding an extra light will help to  pleasingly illuminate an interior. These sconces are a unique combination of style and functionality that will transform your home.  Check out our sconces with reed-and-ribbon design these sconces come with piped fabric shades.  Reed-and-Ribbon sconces are one of the  most popular in the collection and come in two different finishes. One of the sconces has bronze accents and another sconce is available  in antique finish. The antique finished Hand-Painted Sconce is meticulously hand-painted. The black back is enclosed in a vignette  which beautifully frames the hand painted gold design. The classical Greek urn is painted in antique gold. Not only is this sconce unique  in its detail it offers a break from standard shades. These shades are designed by award winning designers specifically to highlight the  detailed features of the sconce. The lovely shades that accompany this sconce are open on the back. These piped shades are created open  in the back to allow a glow to highlight the wall. You will be sure to impress your guests with this fabulous piece of art.

We have several sconces cast with the very popular Greek Urn motif. Greek urns were most commonly seen in 16th and 17th century design.  Urns were used as storage or decoration. If you are looking to add classic elegance to your home both sconces with urn design would be  the way to go. The Urn Motif sconce, cast to replicate early  historical design, incorporates a fluted column motif. One sconce is carefully  finished in antique brass and has round piped fabric shades. The other sconces are cast from solid brass with pleated fabric shades. The  elegant rosette center adds a touch of elegance and appeal to the sconce and personalizes the fixture. All sconces are hand cast and it  is clear in the detail that the elegance surpasses all others. Sconces will look great in any room of your home.

Making a First Impression with Console Tables

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console tables -  home entry decor + console table and carved wood sconces in gold leaf finish

The entryway to any home is always an important place to pay extra attention to,  since it makes the first impression. Guests entering may think that the  homeowner has fabulous decorating taste in their choices of elegant home  furnishings. Most homeowners want this to be the exact first impression they  impart to guests.

One excellent way to make a dynamic first impression is through strategic use of  console tablesTables can be used alone, or decorated in a way that makes a  dramatic first impression. Consoles can be decorated with a pretty collection of  interesting items placed on top of them, artwork displayed on or above them, or  even by decorative lamps or hurricane sconces. The idea is to create balance,  symmetry and to showcase some personality in the decorations chosen.

Console tables come in many design styles, from noble styles like Neoclassical  and Louis the XIV, to stately traditional styles like Empire, French or  Venetian. Tables can have exquisite marble tops in choices like Emperador or  Marquina, or they can have a glass or wooden top. A console with a wooden inlay  top, or one made from painted wood, is perfect for creating a cottage ambiance.

Effective use of a console can also solve puzzling dilemmas in the home like a  corner that is in the entryway, that would otherwise seem like an awkward space.  This unique space can be made into a more useful, functional space with a  console that acts as a place to put keys, a wallet, gloves, hats, an umbrella or  other necessary items that are sometimes hard to find when one is busy rushing  out of the house.

Items that are thoughtfully placed on and around console tables can give one an  instant feeling of happiness upon entering the home. When a beautiful and  much-loved special collection is showcased there, it causes a warm, welcoming  feeling. When a memorable or elegant piece of artwork is displayed above the  table, a flood of beautiful memories can take one back to the time the art was  acquired. Pretty lamps, placed in groups of two for symmetry, add extra light to  the space.

Another wonderful decorating idea is to use extra chairs that are not normally  used unless a leaf is added to a dining room table. Simply place one chair on  each side of the entryway table to add extra seating, perfect for putting on and  taking off shoes. Small children and older adults especially will appreciate  this extra thoughtfulness. A mirror is another wonderful addition above the  table, so those who are rushed on the way out can have one more quick look to be  sure their appearance is perfect, because first impressions are important.

An Occasion for Style: Picking Out an Occasional Table

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room decor - occasional table - carved wood table with glass top
Let’s talk tables. They’re in practically every room. You eat on them. You entertain on them. You decorate with them. So why shouldn’t you love the table you own? Let your accent table be the talk of your home by picking out a gorgeous occasional table to add to your interior decor. When it comes to occasional tables, there is no rule for one size fits all. There is a whole world of table varieties, each with their own charm. 

Glass is a Clear Choice for Luxury
When it comes to selecting the perfect type of table top, there is one simple rule to always remember: glass bring class. A glass top table speaks to minimalist design while dialing up on sophistication. The style of leg is the spotlight of an occasional glass top table, such as a finish of antique brass, silver leaf, or antique gold leaf. Round or square, a glass top on a table gives your guests a clear view of your impeccable style. Let the glamour come alive as you let candlelight reflect over the glass.

So Many Reasons to Marvel at Marble
There is a reason why marble has endured as a symbol of grace and ingenuity for eons. Imagine bringing the same touch of brilliance that has marked iconic sites like the Pantheon into your home. It’s possible when decorate with a marble top table. Imagine dressing up a living room or entryway with a Louis XV-style accent piece with marble table top. A marble top table looks especially stunning when paired with a wood variant for the base and legs, such as a walnut finish with whispers of gold leaf. A marble occasional table is the perfect spot for hors d’oeuvres at your next dinner party.

The Shape of Style
A decorative table may come in many shapes and sizes, but true style comes full circle with a round table. A round accent table offers a versatile approach to accommodating spaces, such as providing a place for lamps at couch corners or a place to display your chess set. There is a lot of versatility when it comes to the design of a round top table. From a contemporary wrought iron lattice base to a Scottish style set of carved wood legs, there are many shapes for a round table to take.

Occasional tables have been known to leave house guests in awe on more than one occasion. A beautifully-made table is truly the jewel or any well-decorated room. If you are attempting to achieve a level of style and class in your home usually reserved for the glossy pages of an architectural magazine, why not give your living space legs to stand on by introducing a brand new occasional table?


Adding Touches Of Class And Elegance with Pedestals

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pedestasls - gorgeous hand-carved pedestal - home decor with pedestal
Whether decorative pedestals for the home are simply designed or elegantly crafted from materials like Valencia marble, solid carved woos and gold leaf, they add a uniquely classical and elegant touch to any decor. Pedestals give a room that unusual and visually inviting architectural look that is always so beautiful to look at, along with being functional. Wood pedestals are a fabulous way to impart a warm, welcoming look. They come in a wide variety of types from mahogany to  Rosewood, solid wood to wood veneers.

Use beautifully crafted pedestals to display fine artwork, floral arrangements, family photos or other favorite decorative pieces. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in home decorating and pedestals are the perfect way to take full advantage of your personal creativity. They are portable as well. When you’ve decided to change the look of a room by moving the furniture, they can be moved  along with the other pieces.

There are so many choices in attractive decorative pedestals from those with a Regency style with marble top pedestal to  Empire style mirrored pedestal or a gorgeous  Tuscan pedestal reminiscent of the Italian Riviera. They blend perfectly and offer the perfect accompaniment to any decor style while they shine with beautiful finishes like antiqued satinwood to antique black. Sophisticated mirrored gold leaf, silver leaf and antiqued mirror panel finishes add just the right accent. Painted wood pedestals quickly become the shining  crown in any well decorated room.

Ranging in height from 30 inches to over 50 inches, pedestals can also be displayed in beautiful groupings for a visually stunning effect. A thoughtfully placed wood pedestal adds an earthy and classic look to any foyer, entryway or family room. It becomes the perfect place to display those treasures picked up along the road of life. Wood pedestals come in a brilliant variety of finishes and styles from rustic mahogany to  Hampton, Merlot and Antigua styles.

Empire and Regency pedestal styles hearken back to early times in England and France. Both styles are reminiscent of the early 19th Century design movements that took place both in furniture and in popular architectural designs. Special additions like gold leaf accents, brass and silver leaf accents as well as claw legs are indicative of these unique, elegant styles. They add a striking look to any pedestal along with elegance and an aura of exuberance and richness that is not found in  many other styles of home furnishings.

For a truly unique look, try the popular White finish wood pedestal with beautiful floral and greenery arrangements. Decorative uses are limitless and offer a great opportunity to let your personal flair and creativity shine. The pedestal will quickly become your go to  piece for beautiful home decorating.

Mirrored Furniture Garners Attention In A Wonderful Way

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mirrored furniture
Whenever someone walks into a home that has mirrored furniture prominently displayed, it often makes heads turn in wonder and in admiration. It is normally the most beautiful furniture in the home and always gets attention whether mirrored tables are featured, a mirrored chest or other beautiful mirrored pieces like  mirrored credenzas and buffets. Mirrored furniture is one of the newest and most often admired design trends  in furniture today.

Giving a home a glamorous and Hollywood style feel comes naturally when beautifully mirrored pieces are displayed. Light and color bounces off mirrors, creating an aura of exceptional spaciousness along with a lighter and brighter ambiance. Touches like antiqued silver leaf finishes and glossy lacquered finished wood accents bring the total mirrored look to vibrant, glowing life. Accentuating beautiful decorative pieces like framed photographs, curios and lamps cannot help but be accomplished when they are proudly  displayed on mirrored tables.

Mirrored chests provide wonderful storage opportunities along with the stunning look they give to any room. Whether pieces are totally mirrored or are encased in pretty pine, walnut, oak or cherry wood, they always draw attention due to the reflective and light enhancing qualities inherent in  well-placed mirrors.

Mirrored furniture is crafted exceptionally well and is a stylish way to add highlights to any room. It can also become a focal point of any fashionable redecorating project. Although the use of mirrored furnishings is somewhat of a recent trend, some pieces have been around for many years, as one finds out simply by perusing the selection found in any high quality antique shop. In fact, the use of mirrors in furnishings goes back in history to the European Middle Ages and  to the time of Greco-Roman Antiquity.

The glamorous look and the attention-getting quality of mirrors gives them some special properties. For example, putting a mirrored chest or mirrored tables up against a wall creates the illusion that the floor space extends beyond a wall when it’s done in a small room. This has the effect of making the room look larger than it is. The light reflecting qualities of mirrors can make a  room look brighter and more cheerful.

Everyone loves to have a light and bright space to relax in and to make them feel wonderful. Light has a special effect on the soul and creates a happy feeling. Artfully used furnishings that feature mirrors create this atmosphere in a very special way. Mirrors can even trick a person’s eyes into believing the mirror is not there. Who knew that decorating with mirrors could, in effect, turn a person into a magician? Have some fun decorating with shimmering mirrored pieces and watch your space  come to delightful, light-filled life!

Setting The Dining Table

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dining room decor inspiration
The fabrics in your home do not stand alone, but work with all the other elements of decoration to create a mood and energy, to tell a story… Being emotionally comfortable in your dining room is essential to the art of home. Equally important is the way a table looks and feels. Mealtime or teatime is an opportunity to pause, to appreciate the moment, nourish your body and soul while stimulating your mined in shared conversation. A table should have a varied wardrobe. The tablecloths and napkins needn’t to be ironed, but the idea of surprise that stimulates and creates a celebratory mood is well worth the effort.

The table where the bread is broken among loved ones is the alter of the home and should be adorned daily. Use cotton fabrics to dress up the table. All cotton is machine washable and salt will help to get read of stains, so don’t worry about spills and messy eaters.

Keeping the excitement at the dining table is a key ingredient to any meal. A meal could be a restaurant food delivered to your door, but if you pay attention to the table decoration, creating a romantic mood with candlestick, you will feel enriched as well as increase your enjoyment of the flavors of the cuisine. Fabrics is one of the true blessings of home. A window treatment actively contributes to the room’s total harmony; without them, a room appears unfinished, feels cold, and looks institutional.

When you selecting the right fabrics for your room look at the piece of the material, fondle it and enjoy the way it feels. Let color and pattern of the fabric speak to you. Trust your intuition and use it in the decoration of your house

Elegant Ceiling

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ceiling design  Creating a polished look is easy with elegant molding
For a dramatic yet visually appealing look and one that makes any room look completely finished and polished, try creating decorative areas on the ceiling using crown molding and panel molding. Special details like ceiling moldings can serve many purposes. They can give the room the appearance that the ceiling is higher than it is or can make a room with a high ceiling look shorter. They can also create a beautiful and elegant backdrop to showcase pretty, decorative hanging lamps and chandeliers.

Careful attention paid to ceilings by using such artistic touches as classic ceiling medallions, panel molding and architecturally interesting pieces like rosettes help to create a more polished and ultimately a more finished look in any room. This helps to add extra three-dimensional design interest. It also allows the decorator to show off an extraordinary flair for unexpected decorative touches.

Sophisticated Le Chambre crown moulding in this room provides a glamorous way to finish off the edges in the centered design of this ceiling. To create this beautiful look, the medium size was used. The Le Chambre design is also available in small and large sizes which could be used to create a different look. Finishing off the ends, pretty Cumberland panel moldings on the ceiling are featured along with Devin rosettes.

Ceiling moldings can make the line disappear between where the wall and ceiling meet, giving it a beautifully seamless and flawless appearance.

The look of this room is made even more attractive by featuring the stylish San-Antonio decorative ceiling medallion. It features acanthus leaves along with a pretty and unique egg and dart design. Acanthus leaf designs have been used for centuries to add extra interest to medieval styled jewelry and as template designs for the creation of calligraphy patterns.

When the acanthus leaf design is combined with the popular egg and dart styling, it creates a stylish and elegant medallion that quickly becomes a prime centerpiece, drawing the eye up towards the ceiling. Created from lightweight polyurethane material, this medallion is extraordinarily light compared to those made from other materials like gypsum or plaster. It is attached easily to the ceiling using a special type of adhesive made for ceilings.

It’s these extra elegant and thoughtful ceiling details used in such a beautiful way that make a room truly stand out and give any room a whole extra dimension of appeal. Now any room can be made to look like an architectural masterpiece, no matter where the home is located. Interesting architecture does not have to be reserved only for fascinating places like Greece. These design trends can be brought into the home confidently in a beautiful way. Pretty ceiling details like these can fit seamlessly into the home.

You Are the Boss: It's Your Home and It's Your Decor

You are your own person-there is not a single person that has all the same qualities that you do, or even thinks close to the same way that you might. You create your own lifestyle and you create your own reality. Only you can decide what you like, what you don't like, and what you need. Your unique tastes also have to be catered to by a wide selection of unique products. Whether you are moving into a new home or remodeling an old home-your space is your canvas and you are free to create whatever you wish.

In the Frame: Moldings in Your Decor

While some people think that there is no way that they could possibly improve or simply change the appearance of their home's architectural details, but all it really takes is making a few decisions and then you could make your whole house look absolutely gorgeous. Adding elements will let your personality and style shine throughout your home-no one would ever have to wonder whose house it is.

One of the most essential details to have in your homes is the crown molding and chair-rail molding. Molding makes your beautiful room look as if it is framed in the most delicate way. There are many different styles and decorative details which will impact your space in whichever way you wish for it to-you could have it to be a simple frame, an embellished floral design, or a geometric design to make your room have a very strong look to it.

Heads Up!: Ceiling Decor

The ceiling is the most forgotten part of almost every room, but it is also a very large space for opportunities. A few decades ago ceilings would not have been left out of being beautified as the rest of the room was, but we are here to help the ceilings get the attention and the beauty that they deserve no less than the walls and the floors.

You will be able to make your wildest dreams come true with all of the different products we have to make your ceiling truly distinguished. You could create completely different dimension in your room by adding a ceiling dome, put a ceiling medallion right where your chandelier will be, or make an ornate design using our decorative trim, molding, and decorative corners.

A ceiling treatment that is gaining fame right now is indirect lighting. It requires crown molding for indirect lighting that looks like an inside out cove molding and some LED lighting inside of it. The overall look will make your interior open up and make your ceiling look light as a feather as opposed to being an oppressive slab that just happens to be on top. It is a sure way to make your ceiling part of the design and not an obstruction that you have to deal with.

Thinking Green in Home Decor

Don't forget that our molding is healthy for the environment so you do not have to make a choice between making your home beautiful or making the planet healthier. Today our world is filled with making decision of either doing something that is good for the environment, or makes our lives more convenient-our moldings and glue make your life easier since the decision is already made for you. Our moldings are CFC free, formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic, and recyclable. We have many different kinds of moldings and trim-window trim, door trim, cornice molding, crown molding, cove molding, and many more.

Support in Home Decor

Another absolutely priceless detail to use in any of your rooms in many different ways are corbels and wood brackets. There is a variety of sizes and styles that could be used anywhere from decorating the staircase to using it to hold up shelves. You also can make them absolutely beautiful by staining them, painting them, or even thinking of doing a special faux finish.

The corbels also have a great selection of designs. The different styles will have different effects on the space. You can decide to go with a more subtle style or a more ornate one. The Mission corbel has very minimal detail, but it brings a sense of structure to the overall space. Having some detail in the design will make a big difference in your home. You may choose from a wide selection of designs-anything from floral to elaborate grape designs.

Down To the Details of Home Decor

The collection of decorative hardware is here to jewel up your cabinets and jazz up your rooms. It is a great way to ad personality to your overall space by adding such small jewels to your room. They are just the thing to take your new or old cabinets to that next level. It is a great way to add your personality to the decor, add to the overall theme, or add certain accents that will punch up the overall decor as to keep it from getting monotonous. You are sure to find something in the hardware collection that you will absolutely love o bring home and use every day. You can mix and match designs as well as mix and match the knobs and pulls, and bin pulls so as to have a theme, but vary the overall look and shape of it.

At we believe that everyone has their creative side and fantasies that they have not tapped into. There are some that have all of the creativity and do not know where to aim it toward; some just cannot find that inspiration that will unleash their creativity. That is why the Blog is a safe sanctuary for exchange of ideas and opinions that could help out many. We are here to give you everything that you will need to unleash that creativity. Our goal is that after you will finish your room, you feel as if it reflects your personality, your ideas, and that you get exactly what you need and want-there is no need for you to settle.