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Catch The Perfect Nautical Decorating Wave With Surfboard Decor

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One of the biggest splashes you can make in nautical decor is to use classically styled wooden surfboards that have been thoughtfully placed throughout the home as your decorating focal points. Surfboards also become functional furnishings and implements when they are made into tables, counter tops and vanities. It pays to catch this stylish nautical design wave, while making a bold statement of classic surfer beach house style in your home.

a surfboard cut in half, it serves to hold books, shells, and pictures from your beach adventures; #surfboardshelf
A surfboard cut in half, it serves to hold books, shells, and pictures from your beach adventures. surfboard shelf >>

Surfer Ambiance Can Be Stylishly Infused Into Any Room

Classic wood surfboards or decorative surfboards make fascinating wall accents. Hang them on any wall or use them to accent a window, or bring attention to architecturally interesting areas like alcoves in rooms. This works especially well in dens, studies and living rooms. Surfboards can even be placed together in interesting groupings to create unique, decorative headboards in a bedroom.

Use a surfboard to create a clever display piece to hold track lighting, or fashion a functional and brilliantly styled counter top or table from decorative surfboards. You can even create a useful kitchen island that will become a conversation starter. A single color wood surfboard, or one featuring multi-colored wood strips can even surf its way into a bathroom, where it instantly becomes an eye-catching vanity.

A surfboard shelf created from half of a surfboard adds interest and functionality to any room. It also provides the perfect place to display those sea-inspired and nautical themed photographs, seashell collections, books or other interesting items found on the beach.

The Feeling Of Coastal Living Anywhere

Savvy decorators can create the aura of coastal living simply through the effective use of nautical decor elements, whether the home is actually near a coast or not. Using surfboards for home decoration adds interest and provides a focal point to draw the eye to the design elements you wish to have noticed.

A wood surfboard or decorative surfboard can be strategically leaned against a wall or displayed in a corner to create an unpretentious, yet fashionable design statement. When hung on a wall, surfboards draw the eye upwards towards a decorative window or to the wall itself.

Place a surfboard bench at the end of a bed to create a beach cottage or seaside inn ambiance. Pair with fabric bed linens and window dressings in tropical or seaside patterns, along with beach inspired accessories to pull the entire room together.

Catch The Wave Of The Latest In Nautical Decor

If you have a true love for the beach and the ocean, you don’t want to miss this latest wave of popular nautical decor. Bring the ocean to your front door and into every room with eye-catching, beautiful decorative surfboards. They make brilliant fashion statements and great conversation starters! Invite guests to relax and enjoy the ambiance. Delight as they appreciate your virtual sea-spray infused atmosphere.

The surf’s always up when you use gorgeously crafted, gleaming surfboards as your decorating focal point. Turn your home into an oasis of beauty, peacefulness and calm with nautical decor.

decorative wood surfboard; hand ctafted wooden surfboard; #surfboard
Only a few craftsmen now have the skills needed to build a classic wooden surfboard. Long enough to ride the waves off Waikiki or Malibu. This wooden surfboard is just short enough to casually lean into a corner of your living room, study, or den… decorative surfboard >>

living room with wood surfboard wall decor; nautical room decor
contemporary room decor with surfboard by Erik Hurst

wooden surfboard wall decor
wooden surfboard wall decor

relaxed decor with wood surfboard o the wall
relaxed decor with wood surfboard o the wall

decorative wooden surfboard above opening; nautical decorative touches
decorative wooden surfboard above opening

surfboard above the door opening
surfboard above the door opening

kitchen island with wooden surfboard shelf; nautical kitchen design
kitchen peninsula with wooden surfboard shelf

nautical blue kitchen design with surfboard shelf
nautical blue kitchen design with surfboard shelf

cool kitchen island with the wooden surfboard top; unique nautical kitchen design
cool kitchen island with the wooden surfboard top

beach house kitchen with surfboard above the windows
beach house kitchen decor with surfboard

nautical bedroom decor; bed with wood surfboard headboard
nautical bedroom decor; bed with wood surfboard headboard

bedroom design featuring bed with headboard made of wooden surfboards
bedroom design featuring bed with headboard made of wooden surfboards at the Polynesian Village Resort

nautical bedroom with large surfboard wall decor; nautical bedroom
nautical bedroom with large surfboard wall decor

bedroom decor with surfboard bench
bedroom decor with surfboard bench

basement game room with surfboard bar
basement game room with surfboard bar by MRF Construction, Inc.

recreation room  design with unique wood surfboard lighting fixture above the pool table
recreation room design with unique wood surfboard lighting fixture above a pool table

surfboard bathroom counters; nautical decor
surfboard bathroom counters

unique wood surfboard ceiling lighting fixtures
wood surfboard ceiling lighting fixtures

A Suspended Ceiling Design

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If you have a suspended ceiling, it is a popular element that serves a great purpose in the modern interior. The areal design of the suspended ceiling does not have any particular boundaries—from the older houses and apartments with ceilings that range from about 8 to 12 feet to the office buildings and newer homes.

The suspended ceiling has a great use in reducing noise levels and creating particular acoustic in the space. It is also a great element to add a dramatic impact in the space without feeling the need to clutter it with furniture to overcompensate for the blandness of the space. With the right lighting it becomes an indispensable architectural part of the room. A big plus with the suspended ceiling is that it transforms a flat and overwhelming space—a suspended ceiling is a way to sculpt the room from a box to a uniquely shaped masterful space.

ceiling decor - living room design with gorgeous suspended ceiling - interior design
Living room designed with beautiful suspended ceiling. This ceiling design helps visually define areas in the space.

bedroom design - bedroom with suspended ceiling feturing ceiling dome and indirect lighting - ceiling design

This bedroom’s ceiling is another example of how interior designers use ceilings to identify functional areas in a large room (In this case, sleeping and seating areas). To make a ceiling design above a sleeping area more predominant, the designer used a surface mount dome with a crystal chandelier. The installation of surface mount domes do not require cutting into the ceiling and thereby makes an easy addition to any room with high ceilings.

living room design - living room with suspended ceiling and indirect lighting - ceiling design
Living room with suspended ceiling and indirect lighting.

Suspended ceiling consists of a metal casing that is suspended in the corner and the actual surface that will allow for lights / architectural details (such as ceiling medallions or appliques)—also, depending on the placement of the suspended ceiling, you may use it to creatively cover up grates or any elements of the space that you would not want to be shown.

suspended ceiling- living room design with suspended ceiling
contemporary living room design with suspended ceiling.

suspended ceiling design
suspended ceiling design

The most common materials that are used to create a suspended ceiling are metal and wood panels—you can also use different materials for faux finishes and other effects on the ceiling. You can use the metal frame and the wood panels as the skeleton and then use plaster to smooth over it making it look like the original architectural aspect of the house.

living room with suspended ceiling - ceiling design


Many Ways to Incorporate a Ceiling Dome in Your Decor

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There is a misconception that ceiling domes are strictly suitable for traditional decor. The design history proves that ceiling domes may be successfully used in traditional and contemporary interiors alike. Ceiling domes with clean lines may be incorporated in modern or contemporary style – even in industrial lofts. To accentuate the modern feeling, contemporary lighting fixture can be placed inside the ceiling dome. In traditional interiors, ceiling domes with ornamental details are more suitable. For example, the California ceiling dome has beautiful details and may be used with or without a lighting fixture. Placing a chandelier in the center of this ceiling dome is an easy way of making the ceiling and the light look more royal and majestic.

A great way to make an original lighting source is to utilize ceiling domes with lighting – such as the Siena Ceiling Domes with Lighting Cove – which comes in various sizes to fit the different ceiling requirements which makes it a flexible choice for any ceiling design. It is a classic ceiling dome that could easily fit into any decor.

All ceiling domes come primed ready for final finishing – painting, highlighting, or applying faux finishes have been the most popular treatments of the ceiling domes. Not every home an handle the grandeur of the Rococo style and pallet of prink-while and blue-white. You would rarely find painted images such as cherubs or beautiful and voluminous clouds in a typical American home. The type of finish on ceiling domes is determined by how much light is in that particular area, the temperature of the environment, and of course the style of the interior.

Stunning dining room with hand pained ceiling dome
Stunning dining room with hand pained ceiling dome. interior design by Diane Dourcher Interiors; photography by Peter Rymwid.

gorgeous master bedroom; Palm Beach, Fl

Gorgeous master bedroom with ceiling dome; Palm Beach, Fl.

Ceiling domes are amazing architectural details to be used in opening up the interior space.The ceiling dome will jive with the elements that are to make the interior of the house warmer…

Gorgeous coastal bedroom with ceiling dome
Gorgeous coastal bedroom.
Darien Island Home (private residence) by Cardello Architects

Ever so often people ask me what is the right size of the ceiling dome (or medallion) for the particular room size. The truth is it is never a right or wrong size, it’s all about executing your vision. Be daring, and unafraid to let the ceiling dome become the signature element of the room.

Lavish appartament entry with ceiling dome. New York, NY
Lavish appartament entry with ceiling dome. New York, NY

The relationship between architectural details and furnishings is integral to achieving a sense of balance your home decor, so that you can draw from that sense harmony within an enclosed space.

elegant entry featuring ceiling dome with lighting cove
elegant entry featuring ceiling dome with lighting cove
The smaller an area is the more impact small details will have. Your entry way provides an ideal opportunity to impress.

stunning Mediterranean style bathroom with ceiling dome in Houston, TX.
Stunning Mediterranean style bathroom with ceiling dome; Houston, TX.
by SIMS Luxury Builders

Boutique style closet with ceiling dome and decorative crown molding
Boutique style closet with ceiling dome and decorative crown molding.

beautiful rotunda crowned with hand-painted dome
Beautiful rotunda crowned with hand-painted ceiling dome created by Alex Custom Homes

Italian Carved Wood Sconces

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Nothing will dress up your wall better than carved wood sconces finished in real gold leaf. All our sconces are reproductions of historical designs. These gold sconces are a sophisticated addition to any room. Carved wood wall sconces selected for this page are hand-made in Firenze (Italy).

inviting home entry featuring hand carved gold leaf sconces and console table

Inviting home entry featuring carved sconces in gold leaf finish above Louis XIV style carved wood console table

All sconces are made following the antique artisans traditions. Wall sconces are carefully carved in wood before being finished by hand using real gold leaf of the finest quality. The timeless designs of these sconces expressed though classical silhouettes, meticulously carved details, graceful motion of the scrolled arms and luxurious gold leaf finish.

French style carved sconce in gold leaf finish
French style carved sconce in gold leaf finish

charming character. The shape and design of this wall sconce represents the much admired aesthetic of 18 century. Hand crafted in Italy by master artisans this wall sconce aptly integrates function and decoration, while simultaneously flattering to empress. The back of the sconce has a bursting leaf motif with flower center on the top and leaf drop on the bottom. This two-light electrified French style wall sconce is designed for candelabra bulbs only. sconce has a distinctive antiqued gold leaf finish.

The love of a gold has remained a constant throughout history. High style design of the sconces reflects the romantic past. Elegant forms and great sconce’s details combined with traditional materials and finishes are skillfully blended to create these expressive sconces, which are suited to either a formal or informal interior decor. The tendency towards classical designs that stood the test of time today are becoming increasingly evident. At the same time there is considerable appreciation for the hand crafted look. All of our gold-leaf sconce embrace the old traditions of fine craftsmanship, and respect the tenants of good design.

Adam style carved wood sconcein gold leaf finish
Adam style carved wood sconce in gold leaf finish

This electrified wall sconce is hand-crafted in the Adam style from carved wood and wrought iron. Wall sconce has a leaf motif and richly embellished two-way scrolled arm. Expertly applied antiqued gold leaf finish adds a sense of history while highlighting the incredibly detailed design of the sconce. This wall sconce has a stylish sculptural qualities that are an assertive form of artistic expression

The favorite wall sconce design motifs throughout history, often appeared in classical antiquity, now revived and reproduced to their importance. Our sconces express a sense of history and each wall sconce has a unique character on their own. The success of historical designs of the sconces lies in the master carvers ability to beautifully integrate the components of the sconce and achieve pleasing proportions and visual delight. An exquisite representation of organic motifs, traditional swags, flowers and bows are distinguishes styles of our sconce collection. Italian sconces decorated with a myriad of objects like scalloped shells, Greek key, graceful bows, tassels and rosettes.

Louis XV style carved wood sconce in gold leaf finish
Louis XV style carved wood sconce in gold leaf finish

Sculpted in foliate design this carved wood wall sconce retains the overall Louis XV style configuration. The curvaceous shapes of the sconce would retain a familiarity for those holding on to tradition. The distinct sculptural qualities and deep relief surface ornamentation, reinforced by three freely curved arms of the sconce with leaf motif recall characteristics more commonly associated with the Louis XV style. The graceful design of the sconce is accentuated by an antiqued gold leaf finish, the sophisticated combination of these two creatively are married into a timeless statement of beauty.

Sconces are hand-crafted in several different styles – French neoclassic, Adam, 18th century English, and Tuscan. The burst of creative energy of these historical periods is amply captured in visually exciting carved wood sconces. Classical ornamentation of the sconces is based on nature inspired motifs such as thick, prickly, scalloped leaves. Carved wood sconces have-hand applied authentic finishes.

Northern Italian style carved wood wall sconce in antique gold leaf finish
Northern Italian style carved wood sconce in gold leaf finish

The overall silhouette of this elaborately designed carved wood wall sconce is immediately recognized as a Northern Italian style. The back of the wall sconce is richly embellished with uprising gracefully curved oak tree branches with acorns and adorned with bow-tided ribbon on the top. The elegantly scrolled hand wrought iron handles of the sconce support stylized candleholders and radiate from the round beaded center rosette. This wooden sconce is carved in great detail and deep relief, providing a realistic appearance through play of shadows. Gorgeous antiqued finish with a crimson undertones that peek though finest quality expertly applied gold leaf adds charm and sense of history.


Selecting Occasional Chairs

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When you select an occasional chairs, take great care in making you decisions. Beautiful chairs, just like clothes, come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Style of the chairs and carved details affect overall comfort of the room. The top of the line Italian chairs are the equivalent of tailored couture clothes.

We recommend hand-crafted Italian chairs to anyone who can afford them, because this high-end chairs usually last forever. By selecting graceful chairs with classic shapes, your selections will be suitable in the years ahead. As your taste develops and your decorating schemes change, your occasional chairs should remain a consistent presence.

chairs - hand crafted carved wood Italian chair in antique white finish with gold accents

Chairs has evolved from pure function to an important art form. By the time of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, chairs were elegantly formed and decorated, satisfying need for both function and beauty. In later periods, various styles have had lasting influence on following generations. English and French chairs designs are particularly influential in North America. People use chairs every day for a variety of functions. Armchairs and chairs are essential pieces of furniture. Materials chairs made of generally include wood, leather and textiles. Sizes range from lightly scaled carved wood side chairs to larger size upholstered armchairs, with styles from many different historical periods available to suit your taste. Generally a variety of chairs sizes and designs are required within an interior environment.

Chairs are categorized as upholstered or occasional. Popular upholstered chairs are called club or wing chairs. Barrel chairs have a rounded back that extends in a smooth line with the arms. Club chairs are square with arms lower that their backs, and wing chairs have a high back with wing like extensions at the head level. Occasional chairs are usually smaller than upholstered chairs. Occasional chairs typically traditional in design.

chairs - occasional chairs


Italian chairs are all worked by hand, from the hardwood frame to the final details. These chairs are finely made as well as gracefully designed for comfort and looks, their substance gives off good vibrations. Hand-crafted Italian chairs offer refinement and quiet luxury.

Italian furniture-makers are artistic men and women doing incredible work they learned from their parents and grandparents. A real sense of pride goes in to each chair. Italy has this talented, caring people who can make a high-quality chairs that will give you and your loved ones thousands of hours of pleasure, and your spaces a good karma. In an age where architecture isn’t always graceful, the refined proportions and craftsmanship of hand made chairs add tremendous grace to any room.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The approach of Valentine’s Day naturally evokes thoughts of love, provoking many to consider the gifts they might purchase to honor the occasion. Chocolates and roses, while traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, are not the only viable options. For many, the selection of a more enduring gift is a lovely alternative. This is where Preciosa crystal gifts come in. One of the finest Czech crystals, Preciosa is a clear choice for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Exquisite creations distinguished by their brilliance, shine and masterful cuts, Preciosa crystal abides long beyond the day, much like the love and affection they symbolize, conveying those heartfelt feelings for a lifetime. It is the Bohemian tradition of craftsmanship, underlying Preciosa since its inception nearly seven decades ago, that sets this Czech crystal apart from all others.

gorgeous crystal figurines made of the finest Bohemian crystal from Czech Republic | wedding gift ideas  | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts | gift ideas

gorgeous crystal figurines made of the finest Bohemian crystal from Czech Republic >>

Beautifully capturing and reflecting light in each multifaceted piece, Preciosa crystal is made in Bohemia, where crystal cutting was refined to its current stunning artistry. The Preciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal™ trademark provides the assurance of the highest quality. When selecting a gift that is just as extraordinary as that special woman, choose Preciosa crystal gifts for her.

Valentine's day | crystal hearts card stand and crystal Valentine heart figurine  | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts | engagement gift ideas

crystal hearts card stand >>, crystal Valentine heart >>

Among the many Preciosa Valentine’s Day gift ideas are those with a heart motif such as the crystal Valentine heart with Flowers, a singular work of crystal art, juxtaposing a smooth red heart with delicate pink flowers on a flawless cut crystal base. Likewise, the Crystal Hearts Card Stand features two hearts of differing sizes as well as two flowers along with a star on a cut crystal base that will display a business card or a small photo. Each with a certificate of authenticity, these designs are just two in the matchless Preciosa collection.

Valentine's day | crystal love bears made of the finest Bohemian crystal  | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts | engagement gift ideas

crystal love bears , crystal bear with red heart >>, rocking crystal bear with heart >>

Rounding out the Valentines Day gift ideas are individual crystal bears such as the crystal bear with red heart and the rocking crystal bear with heart , each bearing smooth miniature red hearts, as well as groups of crystal bears, including the crystal love bears and the crystal doggie and kitty in love . Meanwhile the crystal love doves, beautifully devised of cut crystal and frosted crystal, are virtuoso works of art that are sure to be treasured forever.

wedding anniversary gifts | crystal love doves made of the finest Bohemian crystal  | crystal gifts | wedding gift ideas | engagement gift ideas | Valentine's day gifts

crystal love doves >>

Crystal gifts are lasting representations of the love you share. Why not bestow the finest? offers an array of magnificently designed crystal pieces. One precious gift of crystal figurine could become the cherished inaugural piece in an incipient crystal collection destined to become an heirloom — and it all begins with Valentines Day.

Valentine's day | miniature cut crystal sweetheart mouse, elephant and bear figurines | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts

miniature crystal mouse >>, miniature crystal bear >>, miniature crystal elephant >>

Valentine’s Day Inspires Perfect Expressions Of Love

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One of the most delightful qualities of holidays is the enigmatic, magical feelings that naturally come about when true love is expressed between two people. The most popular traditional holiday for showcasing these intense feelings of warmth and love is Valentine’s Day.

One of the purest ways to express true love is through the giving of crystal gifts. The most trendy colors used in many crystal gifts are the same colors that are prominently found in other Valentine’s Day gifts. The best colors for Valentine’s Day gifts include white or clear, red and pink.

Valentine's day gifts | crystal Business card or small picture holder made of the finest Bohemian crystal | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts ideas

Bohemian crystal business card or small picture holder >>

Color Choices Allow For Purest Expressions of Love and Emotions

Shining, clear crystal represents an authenticity and a faithfulness of heart that naturally follows being in love. Red symbolizes the passion and feelings that flow between two hearts, and red is also the color of the heart. Pink is a softer, more subtle version of red. It is used to symbolize the innocence, trustworthiness and purity of love.

There is a Valentine’s Day story which has been passed down through the years that says that the color pink was most closely associated with St. Valentine himself. It was said that when he was buried, rows of pink almond trees magically blossomed, creating an aura of true and everlasting love. The legacy that was left behind by St. Valentine is that of always expressing true love in its purest and most beautiful form.

Valentines Gift Ideas Become Easier With Crystal Gifts

Natural, shimmering crystal with so many sparkling facets offers the perfect way to express multifaceted love through the many choices of gifts for her. She will adore the surprise of cute crystal figures like two lovebirds, swans, or bears, with pretty pink and red accents. A unique gift of love doesn’t need to be elaborate, just sincerely given from the heart, and chosen solely with her in mind. Her eyes will twinkle with delight that shines as pure as these shimmering crystals.

The thoughtfulness that was put into special, individualized gifts for her will be appreciated long after the celebration of this special winter holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. Some of the nicest Valentines gift ideas include helpful, organizational items like crystal photo holders that double as business card holders. The picture she uses to accent her work area and to brighten her desk will most likely be of her true love, the one who showed so much thoughtfulness, warmth and love in a thoughtful choice of remarkable Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine's day | crystal love bears made of the finest Bohemian crystal  | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts | engagement gift ideas

crystal love bears , crystal bear with red heart >>, rocking crystal bear with heart >>

wedding anniversary gifts | crystal love doves made of the finest Bohemian crystal  | crystal gifts | wedding gift ideas | engagement gift ideas | Valentine's day gifts

crystal love doves >>

Valentine's day gifts | crystal doggie and kitty in love made of the finest Bohemian crystal | crystal gifts | engagement gifts

crystal doggie and kitty in love >>

Valentine's day gifts | wedding gifts | crystal love birds with cherry blossom made of the finest Bohemian crystal | crystal gifts

crystal love birds >>

Valentine's day | miniature cut crystal sweetheart mouse, elephant and bear figurines | crystal gifts | Valentine's day gifts

miniature crystal mouse >>, miniature crystal bear >>, miniature crystal elephant >>

Valentine's day | manufactured by Preciosa, a world-class producer of fine crystal | crystal gifts | wedding gift ideas | engagement gift ideas
Bohemian crystal swans

Fine Writing Instruments Inspire Joy and Creativity

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Words will flow guided by your hand and they will truly come from the heart when you use fine writing sets, featuring specialized writing accessories like quill pens and ink wells. Bold and stylistic writing is easier to do with high quality writing accessories leading the way. Specialized calligraphy instruments like styluses, quality inks and feather pens or quill pens provide the inspiration for all your best works.

calligraphy writing sets | feather pen writing set

Prose, poetry or novels flow straight from the heart with the proper equipment. Design your own invitations, birthday wishes, anniversary congratulations, menus, event place cards, certificates and custom announcements with ease and style. Choose from quality sets like the Trianon writing set, Windsor Prose writing set and special lap desk with writing kit, which add a dash of panache to all your creative writing projects.

Writers love to express individualism artfully.
For many people, a love of writing is a love that is acquired because of the opportunities writing gives a person to express their individual creativity. To write your thoughts, dreams, fantasies and stories in a way that others appreciate can bring enjoyment and rewards like few other endeavors.

Using high quality calligraphy and writing sets, writers are freed to perfect the craft of writing. Others simply love the look of fine calligraphic writing and love to use that skill to create memorable personalized items. Creating excellent quality announcements, invitations, award certificates, programs and other personalized items brings a feeling of pride, satisfaction and pleasure.

Excellent gift ideas
Fine quality sets for calligraphy and writing have long been considered gifts of exceptional taste. Pen collectors will be thrilled by these thoughtful gifts. These sets also make thoughtful and perfect gifts for teachers or writers, or for people planning weddings or future anniversary celebrations. Give them the chance to create their own invitations, thank you cards, baby and other announcements and certificates in a classically individualized way. Sets come in exquisite wooden boxes adorned with classic brass hardware.

There is nothing like a beautifully hand-written letter to touch a person’s heart with the most heartfelt, meaningful and personal expressions. Show thoughtfulness and give others the perfect opportunity to express their deepest emotions in written form. Communication has never been easier or more meaningful. The writer’s unique personality will shine in their special creations. Recipients will look upon individually handwritten creations with admiration.

Adding classic style to your desks
There is nothing like a high-end set especially made for writing to add classic style to any desk. Quill pens, styluses, ink wells and other writing regalia all express an elegant sense of artfulness blended with on-trend flair. The trappings of creativity encourage one to pursue artistic abilities in a profound way, bringing rewards and success.

Trianon writing set
Trianon writing set >> and phrenology inkwell >>

Trianon Letters writing set
Trianon Letters writing set >>

Windsor Travel writing set
Windsor Travel writing set >>

palette for 2 pens writing set
palette for 2 pens writing set >>


Decorating for the holidays with interactive balance toys

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Balance toys add merriment and wonder to the holidays.

Vintage inspired balance toys make beautiful decorative accents for the holidays, as well as unique and memorable Christmas gifts. Some of the best holiday memories are made when throwback decor is used to bring back those cherished memories of a simpler time. Memories of childhood Christmases often bring back the simple wonder and merriment of the holidays in a profoundly touching way.

Times when toys were placed on the edges of tables or on shelves and were set into motion by the touch of a hand help us to reconnect with the fondly remembered times from yesteryear. These were the simpler times, before all the electronic devices of today. These expertly calibrated toys feature a counterweight so they can be set into motion easily, and they don’t require any special skills to begin the magic! They are sturdily constructed of recycled sheet metal and are lovingly hand painted and finished until they glow with a soft patina to give them their aged, weathered look.

balance toys | Santa's sleigh balance toy | Christmas toys |  Christmas decor
Santa’s sleigh balance toy >>

Set imaginations free

Bring back the wonder of Christmas with the thrill of toys that need no batteries or special accessories, or any special skill to operate. Creatively designed sky hooks excite even the hardest to please gift recipients because they are such original, unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Featuring balance toys as a part of your decor can help to create a tradition that can now be passed on to future generations. Kids are amazed at the precision movement of sky hooks and can be entertained for hours by them. The motion of these incomparable toys is mesmerizing, captivating and relaxing to watch.

Many designs to choose from.

These vintage balance toys are also sometimes called sky hooks, because of the captivating way they move with seemingly no help. The action is created with weights that are carefully calibrated to create their special swing. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from ranging from holiday designs to year-round designs that blend perfectly in any home decor.

Choose from Christmas and holiday themes like skiing Santa, skating Santa, a surprise Santa or Santa’s sleigh. A simple angel and Christmas tree design adds a touch of sophistication to any style of Christmas decor. They all make perfectly thoughtful, simple and elegant Christmas gifts either for collectors, or for those who simply love vintage inspired decor.

Seafaring themes that blend in beautifully with any nautical decor include a sailor, Panama steamer, whale, fisherman or a sailboat that appears to ride the waves. Whimsical designs include a mermaid, pirate, a king and queen, Madame Butterfly.

balance toys | skating Santa balance toy

skating Santa balance toy >>

balance toys | skiing Santa balance toy

skiing Santa balance toy >>

balance toys | golfer balance toy

golfer balance toy >>

balance toys | road racer balance toy

road racer balance toy >>

balance toys | flying ace balance toy

flying ace balance toy >>

The Crystal Sun – Czech Crystal Chandeliers

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czech crystal

about Czech Crystal

More than 500 years ago, in the territory of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, skilled craftsmen began to discover ways of molding glass into beautiful shapes. By the beginning of the 17th century, Bohemian glassmakers were manufacturing glass of such quality that it closely resembled natural crystal.

Since the 17th century, Bohemia has been the center of the crystal glass industry. Originally, sodium oxide was used as a smelter which helped facilitate production; however this had an effect on the hardness of the glass. Do to technological advancements during the crystal production era in Bohemia, an ideal type of crystal glass was created and best suited for engraving and cutting. This Czech crystal, has been noted as one of the best in the industry for over a century.

Admirers in High Society.The chandeliers from Kamenicky Senov were much sought after by the aristocracy of the 18th century. The palaces of Louis XV, the King of France, Maria Theresa, the Empress of Austria, and Elisabeth, the Czarina of Russia, were among those for which original Bohemian chandeliers provided the crowning touch.

chandeliers from Kamenicky Senov | the Prague Castle

Symbols of the love of art, of good taste, wealth and nobility, the chandeliers from Kamenicky Senov can be found in luxurious buildings all over the world.

Czech crystal glass holds a special term in the chandelier industry. As a symbol of quality, craftsmanship, and beauty, this glass has been sought after ever since it dominated the European chandelier market after the 17th century. In 1724 Josef Palme a famous glass cutter, obtained Royal warrant for chandelier production. The first chandelier production workshop was launched near the city of Kamenicky Senoy in a village of Pracheo in Northern Bohemia.

czech crysta chandeliers

Czech crystal glass chandeliers influenced the evolution and style of all future chandeliers around the world. Czech crystals were highly sought after by royalty and aristocracy of the time. Influential people such as the French king Lewis XV and the Russian Czarina Elizabeth had palaces adorned with Palme chandeliers.

stanning czeck crystal chandelier


Today, Czech crystal chandeliers illuminate palaces, parliaments, governmental residences, concert halls and many sanctums around the world. Czech crystal chandeliers are often called “crystal suns“, which is a sun that never sets and will remain forever as the pride of the Czech glass craft.

stunning crystal chandeliers

Would you believe it? However unbelievable it may seem, the demand for some of the chandeliers  made 300 years ago hasn’t slowed down even today. That’s why we haven’t  halted this production – we just introduced modern technologies and adapted our products to the current style.

hand-blown crystal glass chandelier details

Glass or Crystal?

The definition of crystal changes according to nation it is in. In Europe, according to the European Union, glass products which contain less than 4% lead are defined as glass. Products that contain over 10% lead are defined as crystal, and products with 30% or more are defined as highly leaded crystal. In the United States however, glass products containing only 1% lead are considered crystal. Lead in crystals softens the glass and makes it easier for cutting and engraving. Also, lead increases the weight of the glass and diffracts light. If maximum density is required, glass can contain up to 40% lead.  On the other hand, if a crystal has a high concentration of barium oxide it can contain less than 24% lead without sacrificing high quality light diffraction. The term Strass Crystal means “perfect surface of glass“.

Strass crystal chandeliers | gorgeous crystal glass chandelier details

Preciosa uses Strass crystal that is machine cut and polished and contains 30% or more lead. Usually the difference between crystal and glass is clear to the naked eye. The higher the lead content in the crystal, the more it will cast a color spectrum through a room.


You Are the Boss: It's Your Home and It's Your Decor

You are your own person-there is not a single person that has all the same qualities that you do, or even thinks close to the same way that you might. You create your own lifestyle and you create your own reality. Only you can decide what you like, what you don't like, and what you need. Your unique tastes also have to be catered to by a wide selection of unique products. Whether you are moving into a new home or remodeling an old home-your space is your canvas and you are free to create whatever you wish.

In the Frame: Moldings in Your Decor

While some people think that there is no way that they could possibly improve or simply change the appearance of their home's architectural details, but all it really takes is making a few decisions and then you could make your whole house look absolutely gorgeous. Adding elements will let your personality and style shine throughout your home-no one would ever have to wonder whose house it is.

One of the most essential details to have in your homes is the crown molding and chair-rail molding. Molding makes your beautiful room look as if it is framed in the most delicate way. There are many different styles and decorative details which will impact your space in whichever way you wish for it to-you could have it to be a simple frame, an embellished floral design, or a geometric design to make your room have a very strong look to it.

Heads Up!: Ceiling Decor

The ceiling is the most forgotten part of almost every room, but it is also a very large space for opportunities. A few decades ago ceilings would not have been left out of being beautified as the rest of the room was, but we are here to help the ceilings get the attention and the beauty that they deserve no less than the walls and the floors.

You will be able to make your wildest dreams come true with all of the different products we have to make your ceiling truly distinguished. You could create completely different dimension in your room by adding a ceiling dome, put a ceiling medallion right where your chandelier will be, or make an ornate design using our decorative trim, molding, and decorative corners.

A ceiling treatment that is gaining fame right now is indirect lighting. It requires crown molding for indirect lighting that looks like an inside out cove molding and some LED lighting inside of it. The overall look will make your interior open up and make your ceiling look light as a feather as opposed to being an oppressive slab that just happens to be on top. It is a sure way to make your ceiling part of the design and not an obstruction that you have to deal with.

Thinking Green in Home Decor

Don't forget that our molding is healthy for the environment so you do not have to make a choice between making your home beautiful or making the planet healthier. Today our world is filled with making decision of either doing something that is good for the environment, or makes our lives more convenient-our moldings and glue make your life easier since the decision is already made for you. Our moldings are CFC free, formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic, and recyclable. We have many different kinds of moldings and trim-window trim, door trim, cornice molding, crown molding, cove molding, and many more.

Support in Home Decor

Another absolutely priceless detail to use in any of your rooms in many different ways are corbels and wood brackets. There is a variety of sizes and styles that could be used anywhere from decorating the staircase to using it to hold up shelves. You also can make them absolutely beautiful by staining them, painting them, or even thinking of doing a special faux finish.

The corbels also have a great selection of designs. The different styles will have different effects on the space. You can decide to go with a more subtle style or a more ornate one. The Mission corbel has very minimal detail, but it brings a sense of structure to the overall space. Having some detail in the design will make a big difference in your home. You may choose from a wide selection of designs-anything from floral to elaborate grape designs.

Down To the Details of Home Decor

The collection of decorative hardware is here to jewel up your cabinets and jazz up your rooms. It is a great way to ad personality to your overall space by adding such small jewels to your room. They are just the thing to take your new or old cabinets to that next level. It is a great way to add your personality to the decor, add to the overall theme, or add certain accents that will punch up the overall decor as to keep it from getting monotonous. You are sure to find something in the hardware collection that you will absolutely love o bring home and use every day. You can mix and match designs as well as mix and match the knobs and pulls, and bin pulls so as to have a theme, but vary the overall look and shape of it.

At we believe that everyone has their creative side and fantasies that they have not tapped into. There are some that have all of the creativity and do not know where to aim it toward; some just cannot find that inspiration that will unleash their creativity. That is why the Blog is a safe sanctuary for exchange of ideas and opinions that could help out many. We are here to give you everything that you will need to unleash that creativity. Our goal is that after you will finish your room, you feel as if it reflects your personality, your ideas, and that you get exactly what you need and want-there is no need for you to settle.