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bamboo motif and lacquered white finish  square hand-wrought iron table in antique silver-finish and glass top and shelf Rectangular hand-wrought iron coffee tables in antique silver leaf finish, glass top and shelf
white side table OT3296
30"W x 15"D x 32-1/4"H
$1,125.00 special: $787.50
square table
22-3/4" x 24-1/4"H
coffee tables GCT1233
58-1/4" x 35-1/4" x 19-1/2"H
$2875.00 special: $1,500.00
Round carved wood table with lightly distressed lacquered blue finish and antiqued silver trim  round wood table with flame walnut veneer top and antiqued walnut finish Round carved wood table with lightly distressed lacquered green finish and antiqued silver trim
round blue table OT822
24-1/2" x 28"H
$5,000.00 special: $2,700.00
walnut table WT1353
23-1/2" x 28"H
$2,250.00 special: $1,300.00
round green table OT825
24-1/2" x 28"H
$5,000.00 special: $2,700.00
Empire style round wood table with palissander veneer and brown Emperador marble top Louis XV style round carved wood table with scroll and leaf design, hand-painted medium brown finish, antique gold-leaf trim and black Marquina marble top  French style carved wood table with arrow motif
Empire table with Emperador marble MT846
28-1/4" x 29-1/4"H
$5000.00 special: $2700.00
Biedermeier table with Marquina marble MT831
30" x 29"H
$4,687.50 special: $2,700.00
French table with stone-glass top
21" x 23-1/4"H
Louis XVI style console with palissander veneer, solid cherry legs, one drawer and silver finished hardware English style round wood table with Macassar ebony veneer, maple inlay, carved details and antiqued silver trim  carved wood coffee table with leaf motif in light silver-leaf decape finish
Louis XVI style console table
44-1/4"W x 18"D x 31-1/2"H
English style center table CT1514
39" x 31"H
$13,125.00 special: $7,500.00  
carved wood coffee table GCT828
51" x 31" x 17-3/4"H
$8,125.00 special: $4,500.00
hand wrought iron console table with lightly antiqued silver leaf finish and absolute black marble top Neoclassic style carved wood console with distressed goldleaf finish and brown Emperador marble top 18th century French style carved wood console table with antiqued grey finish and white Carrara marble top; made in Italy
wrought iron console table CT1228
41-1/4"W x 12-3/4"D x 34"H
$3,750.00 special: $1,900.00
Neoclassic style console table CT1382
55"W x 13-3/4"D x 35-1/4" H
$8,125.00 special: $4,500.00
French style console table
55-1/2"W x 20-1/2"D x 35-1/4"H
lacquered white mirrored console table mirrored cabinet with lacquered white finish, mirrored top, two drawers with mirrored panels and openwork design lacquered white credenza with mirrored doors
lacquered white console table CT3705
56"W x 18"D x 34"H
$1,875.00 special: $1,050.00
white mirrored cabinet MF3718
36"W x 20"D x 28"H
$1,875.00 special: $1,000.00
white mirrored credenza MF3303
59-3/4"W x 16"D x 37-1/4"H
$2,875.00 special: $1,500.00 
mirrored cabinet with cut out design lacquered red cabinet with mirrored doors mirrored credenza with lacquered white finish and two doors with mirrored panels 
white mirrored cabinet MF3316
36"W x 18"D x 36-1/2"H
$1687.50 special: $850.00
red mirrored cabinet
white mirrored credenza MF3719
67-3/4"W x 20"D x 38"H
$3375.00 special: $1,750.00
folding screen with lacquered white finish and mirrored panels  lacquered white folding screen with mirrored background  Italian late Baroque style demilune sideboard with light and dark palissander veneer, boxwood inlay, antique finish
white mirrored screen
mirrored folding screen
Baroque style sideboard IC821
59-1/4"W x 25-1/4"D x 34-1/2"H
$20,000.00 special: $10,500.00
Neoclassical style three drawer inlaid chest  yellow Neoclassic style rectangular wood chest Venetian style inlaid chest
Neoclassical inlaid chest IC1372
52"W x 24-1/4"D x 40"H
$12,500.00 special: $6,500.00
 yellow Neoclassic chest HPC861
29-1/2"W x 15-3/4"D x 29-3/4"H
$6,250.00 special: $3,500.00
Venetian style inlaid chest IC1055
27-1/2"W x 17"D x 28-1/4"H
$4,375.00 special: $1,750.00
17th century style carved wood mirror with raised leaf design, hand-painted medium brown finish, antiqued goldleaf trim and beveled glass round openwork carved wood mirror with beveled glass. Round mirror finished in antiqued gold and silver leaf   Louis XV style carved wood horizontal mirror with leaf and scroll design, finished in antiqued gold leaf
17th century style mirror CM1378
32-1/2" x 42-3/4""H
$3,750.00 special: $1,800.00
round openwork mirror
Louis XV style mirror
46-1/2" x 37-1/2"H
oval carved wood mirror with floral design and antiqued silverleaf finish 16th-century Florentine style carved wood mirror with light silverleaf decape finish and beveled glass  Tuscan style carved wood mirror with leaf and scroll motif,antiqued silverleaf finish and antique mirror
oval carved mirror CM1958
32-1/2" x 42"
$4,875.00 special: $2,800.00
Florentine mirror CM843
34-1/2" x 46-3/4"
$4,937.50 special: $2,900.00
antiqued Tuscan mirror CM840
50" x 38-3/4"H
$4937.50 special: $2,350.00
wrought iron armchair with distressed white finish  Biedermeier style cherry wood chair in medium cherry finish carved Italian bench 
wrought iron chair CH1238
$3,687.50 special: $1,750.00
Biedermeier chair
Italian bench BC1088
26-1/2" x 24" x 19-1/2"H
$6,625.00 special: $3,700.00
Regency style chairs in black finish with antiqued silver leaf trim and grey upholstery Louis XVI style carved chairs with antiqued white finish  Genovese style settee 
Regency style chairs CH6853
special: $1,650.00 / $1,150.00
Louis XVI style chairs CH6845
special: $1900.00 / $2700.00
Genovese style settee BC830
68"W x 31"D x 36"H
$11,875.00 special: $6,800.00
antique black Regency style pedestal with antiqued silver leaf accents and black Marqina marble top  Tuscan style carved wood headboard with distressed white finish 
black Regency style pedestal
Tuscan Headboard (distressed white) HB1375
97"W x 5"D x 44"H
list price: $9,625.00 special: $5,000.00

Home Accessories

 green and gold Venetian glass vase  green and gold venetian glass bowl  aqua and gold Venetian glass vase aqua and gold Venetian glass bowl
 Venetian glass vase VA7086
$2312.50 special: $950.00
 Venetian glass bowl VA7085
$2312.50 special: $950.00
 Venetian glass vase VA7087
$2,312.50 special: $950.00
Venetian glass bowl VA7084
$2,312.50 special: $950.00
 large glass bowl with brass stand clear and gold venetian glass vase    
 candlesticks CSD5236/37
special: $263.00 - $312.00
Venetian glass vase
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