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wood table with bamboo motif and lacquered white finish  wrought iron table with antiqued silverleaf finish round stool with heavily antiqued brown finish and carved openwork design
white side table OT3215
20"W x 15"D x 27-1/4"H
$937.50 special: $599.00
wrought iron in silver table GT1201
20" x 24"H
$2,875.00 special: $1,798.00
carved stool WT3730
16"x 20-1/2"H
$1,125.00 special: $650.00
French Art Deco style round wood occasional table with walnut veneer and medium walnut finish Biedermeier style round wood occasional table with lightly distressed lacquered yellow finish Round table with antiqued black finish, antiqued silverleaf trim and antiqued mirror top;
French Art Deco table WT906
28-1/2"x 23-1/4"H
$4,875.00 special: $2,750.00
Biedermeier table OT851
30" x 29"H
$4,875.00 special:$2,950.00
mirror top table OT810
27" x 28"H
$4,187.50 special: $2,598.00
Neoclassic style carved wood console with distressed goldleaf finish and brown Emperador marble top Biedermeier style round wood table with lightly distressed lacquered blue finish 19th century Swedish style round wood center table with walnut veneer, cherry legs, hand-carved claw feet with antiqued gold-leaf finish and antiqued brass trim
Neoclassic style console table CT1382
55"W x 13-3/4"D x 35-1/4" H
$8,125.00 special: $2,500.00
Biedermeier table OT806
30" x 29"H
$4,875.00 special: $2,750.00
Swedish style center table CT907
45-1/2"x 30-1/2"H
$13,125.00 special: $8,500.00
Tuscan style carved wood coffee table with antiqued silver-leaf finish and glass top hand wrought iron console table with lightly antiqued silver leaf finish and absolute black marble top wrought iron coffee table with lightly antique silver leaf finish and clear glass top and shelf
carved wood coffee table GCT827
49-1/4" x 32-1/2" x 17-3/4"H
$9,125.00 special: $5,600.00
  wrought iron console table CT1228
41-1/4"W x 12-3/4"D x 34"H
$3,750.00 special: $1,598.00
wrought iron coffee table GCT1208
40-3/4"x 25-1/4"x 20"H
$3,687.50 special: $2,350.00
Maggiolini style credenza inlaid with palissander, boxwood and pear wood Hexagonal wood pedestal with heavily antique silver-leaf finish, medium walnut trim and antiqued mirror panels taupe neoclassic style painted chest
Maggiolini style credenza IC1551
68"W x 22-3/4"D x 38-1/4"H
$21,875.00 special: $12,500.00
Hexagonal mirrored pedestal IPD536
$2,437.50 special: $1,498.00
taupe Neoclassic chest HPC859
35-1/2"W x 17-1/2"D x 35-1/2"H
$8,125.00 special: $4,898.00
carved Italian bench antique white Neoclassic settee Baroque style bench in antiqued black finish and antique silver trim
Italian bench BC1088
26-1/2" x 24" x 19-1/2"H
$6,625.00 special: $1,950.00
Neoclassic style settee BC6859
65-1/2"W x 22"D x 38"H
$6,875.00 special: $3,900.00
Baroque style bench BC6852
31-1/2"W x 18-1/2"D x 26"H
$3,187.50 special: $1,900.00
oval carved wood mirror with floral design and antiqued silverleaf finish Neoclassic style round carved wood mirror with antiqued white finish, antiqued goldleaf accents and beveled glass 18th century Tuscan style carved wood mirror with hand-painted medium brown finish and antique gold leaf trim
oval carved mirror CM1958
32-1/2" x 42"
$4,875.00 special: $2,800.00
Neoclassic style round mirror CM909
$3,437.50 special: $1,998.00
Tuscan style mirror CM1006
30-1/2" x 47-1/2"H
$2,937.50 special: $1,980.00
square Venetian mirror trimmed with glass ribbons and rosettes Venetian beveled glass mirror framed by six pieces of silver and clear glass with a raised, textured leaf design, made in Murano, Italy rectangular Venetian mirror framed with 140 individual pieces of antiqued, beveled glass bordered by twisted glass rods and rosettes
square Venetian mirror VM639
45-1/4" x 45-1/4"H
$10,625.00 special: $6,598.00
Venetian glass mirror VM645
41"x 54-1/2"H
$14,625.00 special: $8,500.00
antiqued Venetian mirror VM642
40-1/2"x 59-1/4"H
$14,625.00 special: $8,500.00
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