wood fireplace mantels pensacola

Pensacola fireplace mantels

Pensacola Fireplace Mantels

LARGE Pensacola mantel FL7

overall - 76-1/2"W x 54-3/4"H
opening - 58"W x 42"H
shelf - 82"W x 10-5/8"D

list price: $3112.00
your price: $2545.00
fireplace mantels

MEDIUM Pensacola mantel FL7S

overall - 68-1/2"W x 52-3/4"H
opening - 50"W x 40"H
shelf - 74"W x 10-5/8"D

list price: $2891.00
your price: $2365.00
fireplace mantels

- hand-carved
- solid hard maple
- finely sanded
- deep relief design

Pensacola Fireplace Mantel

Pensacola fireplace mantels are hand-carved from premium selected hard-maple. Fireplace mantels come unfinished, finely sanded, ready to accept any stain to match you surrounding woodwork.

Sophisticated design of these beautiful hand-crafted wooden fireplace mantels features masterfully carved in a deep relief details. Sides of the Pensacola mantel have two full fluted columns with ionic capitals which carved with egg-an-dart pattern. Upper-supporting blocks embellished with rectangular acanthus rosettes. Mantel shelf has raised central panels adorned with floral swag and two recessed panels with elegant facing leaf scrolls. Interior opening of the fireplace mantel trimmed with delicate lamb's-tongue molding
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