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Marietta fireplace mantels

Marietta Fireplace Mantels

LARGE Marietta mantel GA1

overall - 75"W x 54"H
opening - 58"W x 42"H
shelf - 85-1/2"W x 12"D

list price: $2846.00
your price: $2329.00
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MEDIUM Marietta mantel GA1S

overall - 68"W x 52"H
opening - 50"W x 40"H
shelf - 78-1/2"W x 12"D

list price: $2627.00
your price: $2149.00
fireplace mantels

- hand-carved
- solid hard maple
- finely sanded
- deep relief design

maple fireplace mantels

Marietta Fireplace Mantel

Marietta fireplace mantels are hand-carved from premium selected hard maple. Fireplace mantels come unfinished, finely sanded, ready to accept any stain to match you surrounding woodwork.

Design of Marietta fireplace mantels futures deeply carved fluting rising from the base-blocks. Four acanthus leaf corbels supporting elaborate shelf of the fireplace mantel. Richly carved with running leaf scrolls central panel complements massive mantel shelf with lamb's-tongue design. The defined strait lines of fluting and ornate details dance together, making Marietta fireplace mantel an eye-catching compliment for any room
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