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wood and granite mantel shelves selection

Why Buy Granite Shelves From

- outstanding quality craftsmanship;

- granite shelves are specifically designed and fabricated for mantel/corbel shelf use;

- convenient online ordering;

- direct shipment to your location;

- custom sizes available;

- large selection of corbels for granite shelves;

- wide selection of granite, marble and wood;

Where To Buy Granite Mantel Shelves

granite and marble for mantel shelf

Marble and Granite Mantel Shelves

Every one is attracted to the natural beauty of stone. Natural stone was brought inside for floors, mantels, and even walls. Marble and granite just like any other natural stone have inherent beauty. Marble has veins flowing through it as though beneath a babbling brook. Granite, heavy in weight and with a feeling of permanency, looks as translucent as skin. Granite and marble offer richness of color, durability, moister and stain resistance, and ease of maintenance.

The question I would like to ask is "why don't we see a lot of granite or marble shelves in a home. "The answer is that not everyone has the skills and technical knowledge to structural accomplish this task.

Granite and marble shelves tend to be rather heavy when they span five to six feet in length. Additionally when a granite slab is longer than three feet long the stresses from the weight put a large pressure on the unsupported span. With today advanced technology and smart construction it is possible to craft a beautiful and stunning granite shelves that can float on the wall above a fireplace.

Granite Shelves For Fireplace Mantel

reinforce granite top

The problem with granite's heaviness was solved by incorporating a steel insert into the underside of the granite The insert has been skillfully inlaid into the bottom of the granite surface and camouflaged by colored epoxy. This reinforces the granite shelf without distracting from the beauty of the stone. Fabrication of the granite shelf with a steel insert is an advanced process that requires the skill of expert stone fabricators and not everyone has the capabilities to get it done right.

The granite stone for each shelf is hand selected for consistency and natural beauty. Each stone is polished or honed on both sides. The granite shelves showcase outstanding craftsmanship and natural beauty of the granite. various granite edge finished are available. For traditional or contemporary decorative themes the most popular granite shelf is with a straight polished edge. For a more rustic or natural feel a lot of people prefer a rough chiseled edge. For a rough chiseled edge many people chose a honed finish shelf. However if you prefer a polished finish care is taken to darken the chiseled edge to more closely match the polished granite surface.

granite mantel shelf for fireplace

The Granite tops are designed for use with supporting corbels. The wider 8 inch top requires a corbel with minimum depth of 6 inches and the narrower 7 inch top requires a corbel with a minimum depth of 5 1/4 inches. offers the largest of corbels online that can meet both the size and support requirements as well as your style choice.

floating mantel shelves with granite or marble top

Floating Mantel Shelves with Granite or Marble Top

Wide variety of mantel shelves are available in today's market. provides to you a high quality hand-crafted by expert furniture craftsman mantel shelves that are made from the finest selected hardwoods. Mantel shelves are available in an either a 6 foot or 5 foot length, to accommodate most common sizes of the fireplace.

wood for mantel shelves

You can choose from two styles of wood shelves, a regular 5 -1/8 inch profile with 8 inch granite or marble top and a low profile 3-7/8 inch shelf that accommodates a 7 inch granite or marble top. Both mantel shelves can be fabricated in selected hardwood such as hard maple, alder, white oak and cherry either finished or unfinished. Your mantel shelf can be also made in Tiger Maple, mahogany, flame birch, walnut or any other exotic wood species of your choice.

The wood finishing process is a labor of love. Skilled craftsman hand-apply in multiple layers a secret blend of sealant and shellacs, and than finishes with a hand-rubbed natural waxes. The skill of the finishers and natural products used gives your mantel shelf a furniture quality look typically found with period reproductions.

The standard top is a full thickness 1-1/4" (3 cm) Absolute Black granite that has been selected for consistency, strength and interest. The Absolute Black granite can come polished or honed with either a straight or chiseled edge. Additionally, we offer many other granite and marble tops such as Galaxy Black, Volga Blue, Rain Forest Green marble or Carrara marble. You are always welcome to call for custom quotes.

The biggest advantage to our mantel shelf collection is that we have done all the engineering to insure that the mantel shelf with marble or granite top can be fully supported by the clever wood cleat system. The internal design of the shelf and rigid construction allows the mantel shelf to bear the full weight of the granite or marble top without separation from the wall.

These are truly self-supporting shelves and do not require the use of corbels to mount them. However, at we offer an extensive collections of corbels that would work well with your project.