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ivory navy desk black navy desk
navy desk / ivory AMF011
$2,187.50 $1,750.00
navy desk / black AMF022
$2,248.75 $1,799.00
antique captains desk antique black captans desk
captains desk / ivory AMF013
$2,687.50 $2,150.00
captains desk / black AMF014
$2,687.50 $2,150.00
tall bureau desk architect bureau desk
tall bureau desk AMF087
$2,498.75 $1,999.00
architect bureau desk AMF086
$2,248.75 $1,799.00
black madras travel desk toledo desk
Madras travel desk / black AMF056
$2,237.50 $1,790.00
Toledo desk AMF148
$1,618.75 $1,295.00
on the go desk scribe's lectern desk table
On-the-Go Desk AMF145
$311.25 $249.00
Scribe's lectern AMF144
$811.25 $649.00
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Your home office provides a space where you can handle your work tasks while enjoying the convenience and comfort of your own home. You probably breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that you're not having to commute through traffic to get to your work. You might also decide to... read on how to enliven your home office with decorative accessories >>

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A home office deserves intelligent decor. It is the space where you do your best thinking and churn out your life's inspiration. A home office is a sacred space. Since your home office is unlike any other room in your home it should be decorated accordingly. Simply put, the room within your home that hosts your inner most thoughts should be decorated with the utmost of style. Selecting home office furniture can be a fulfilling experience... read more on how to create an intelligent decor for your home office >>


Desks for Your Home Office

Navy desks. Travelers and seafarers of yore had to be resourceful in order to survive. Desks on board ships had to be cleared and stowed at a moments notice. Things had to be multi-functional.

In the case of our desks, the two supports could act as steps into the navigators bunk, or to mount a camel, whichever came first. The desktop, complete with drawers and brass bound, could act to stop musket bullets when under fire. Leather top, hand rubbed French finish, somewhat beat-up; proof of its many voyages and colorful history.

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Captains desks. Captains made good use of notoriously cramped quarters in the ships stern section (deckhands were housed before the mast). The captainís desk was tailor made to offer maximum comfort and space in a minimal floor area. Drawers to house the crews papers, sealed sailing instructions, logbooks, charts, instruments and a pair of flintlock pistols. Brass corners to protect from damage when being moved around. Sturdy construction to withstand often violent shipís movements. Well-traveled. Sturdily made of cherry and maple. Leather inset top.

Travel desks. You want something solid. Lived in and comfortable. Warm and rich looking. Soft and easy to the touch as if waxed and polished by generations of housemaids. Drawers to hold documents and treasures. Brass campaign corners to survive damage during challenging moves across the country or even oceans. After all, our furniture is made to travel well.

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Architects Bureau Desks. Coming in two heights, our unusual and attractive architect bureau desk is designed with many practical features, including extended side flaps, vertical folder slots for paper and notebooks storage, and subtle, yet highly functional drawers to store pens, pencils, rulers, etc... Adjustable desktop tilts to three angles. Most exciting, its adjustable work surface contributes to a completely new work experience.

Architects were once skilled draftsmen and graceful calligraphers, able to draw a crisp and perfect line on virgin drafting stock. They worked at a classic architects desks crafted of precious woods, with an adjustable work surface tilted to an individualized angle. Usually they would stand, lounge, and lean on the tall desk, discarding the chair or replacing it with a tall, narrow stool. In our day and age, we have done away with the standing desk. We hammer away at keyboards for days on end, slumped in a desk chair. Actually, a recent scientific study showed that working at a standing desk all day equals the exercise provided by a robust morning workout.

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Working from home is on the rise -- it's a win-win situation for employers and employees. Telecommuting ends the daily grind of commuting, but it also eliminates your company desk and office space. Setting up a functional and aesthetically pleasing home office can be challenging. However, furnishing your new work place with a unique desk can add unparalleled character, as well as organized storage to your home office. Why not choose a desk that will make you feel as if you're sailing the high seas while you're working from home? Treat yourself to a splendid reproduction of an antique captain's or navy desk and you might feel akin to a seafaring officer reporting for duty. read more on how unique desks can add character to any home office >>