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Phrenology Inkwell

accessories AMG022

3-3/8"x 3"x 5-3/4"H

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phrenology inkwell head inkwell

Phrenology head inkwell was at hand, as prescriptions were still written with a stylus and a nib. Phrenology inkwell is an interesting oddity fascinating in its own way. Our porcelain phrenology inkwell is an exact replica of an antique phrenology head inkwell found at auction years ago

Phrenology head is a tool of trade for the Victorian doctor's desk. This head made of crackled porcelain like Staffordshire china. Phrenology head will make a highly interesting and challenging gift as well as valuable home decor.

Victorian science was fascinated with the human brain. Phrenology was one of the fanciful results of highly creative research. Moods, data storage, creativity, and sensitivity were among the 'senses' that were neatly catalogued and given a defined location. A doctor's desk was not complete without a model of a head depicting the areas associated with each of the senses.