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decorative models for home decor

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Decorative Accessories
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Bisque Porcelain Accessories

bisque cathedral candle stand bisque porcelain ivan tower porcelain Fyodor tower porcelain Anastasia tower
bisque cathedral AMAR024
$73.75 $59.00
Ivan tower AMAR026
$81.25 $65.00
Fyodor tower AMAR028
$61.25 $49.00
Anastasia tower AMAR027
$73.75 $59.00
porcelain tower of Pisa model   porcelain pharmacy jar
tower of Pisa AMAR025
$123.75 $99.00
    pharmacy jar
spiral staircase model cathedral bell tower dome
spiral staircase AMAR019
$231.25 $185.00
cathedral AMAR014
$461.25 $369.00
bell tower AMAR011
$593.75 $475.00
dome AMAR015
$498.75 $399.00
lighthouse staircase model grand spiral staircase model Platonic figure - Fire - elevated tetrahedron Platonic figure - Fire - tetrahedron
lighthouse staircase AMAR013
$211.25 $169.00
grand staircase AMAR012
$331.25 $265.00
Platonic figure - Fire AAR037
$111.25 $89.00
Platonic figure - Fire AAR035
$48.75 $39.00
pagoda top obelisk Platonic figure - Heavenly Ether- dodecahedron Platonic figure - Air - octahedron Platonic figure - Water - icosahedron
pagoda obelisk
Platonic figure - Heavenly Ether AAR038
$123.75 $99.00
Platonic figure - Air
$86.25 $69.00
Platonic figure - Water AAR039
$123.75 $99.00
black obelisk black obelisk black obelisk phrenology head
black obelisk AMAR017
$81.25 $65.00
wood obelisk
large obelisk AMAR018
$106.25 $85.00
phrenology head AMG020
$86.25 $69.00
large horse model horse model hand model artist mannequin
large horse model AMG006F
$248.75 $199.00
horse model AMG003F
$161.25 $129.00
hand model AMG001F
$106.25 $85.00
artist mannequin AMG008F
$148.75 $119.00
armillary dial terrestrial globe with compass victorian rocking horse victorian rocking horse with western saddle
armillary dial AGL052
$281.25 $225.00
terrestrial globe AGL019
$98.75 $79.00
rocking horse ARH006
$4,373.75 $3,499.00
rocking horse/Western-saddle ARH006W
$4,373.75 $3,499.00
globe armillary atlas armillary library globe mercator globe
globe armillary AGL030
$116.25 $93.00
atlas armillary AGL051
$748.75 $599.00
library globe AGL047
$623.75 $499.00
Mercator globe AGL023F
$248.75 $199.00


shell bookends pineapple bookends globe bookends golfers bookends
shell bookends BE441
$88.00 $79.20
pineapple bookends BE442
$88.00 $79.20
globe bookends AGL009F
$161.25 $129.00
golfers bookends
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Incorporating obelisks into your decor
How obelisks provide both history and spiritual grace in a room. Obelisks evoke a sense of long-ago dynasties, from Ancient Greece to Egypt and the Roman Empire. These stately structures were often used to mark an entryway or to designate a special location. In today's home decor, a well-placed obelisk can designate a special spot within your very own space....read more on decorating with obelisks >>

home office desks

Unique desks and home office environment
Working from home is on the rise -- it's a win-win situation for employers and employees. Telecommuting ends the daily grind of commuting, but it also eliminates your company desk and office space. Setting up a functional and aesthetically pleasing home office can be challenging. However, furnishing your new work place with a unique desk can add unparalleled character, as well as organized storage to your home office....read more on how unique desks can add character to any home office >>

porcelain candle stands

Bisque porcelain is unglazed, white ceramic ware. It's fired under extremely high temperatures. Its pure white, slightly rough texture is beloved by experts and collectors.

We are executing a series of architectural home accessories that double as whimsical candle stands. Place a tea light or candle in the center of the porcelain tray and you will see windows light up like a cathedral on Christmas Eve. The porcelain Cathedral is inspired by Renaissance church domes, of Florence and Sienna. Three porcelain Russian towers are modeled after St.Basil's cathedral in Moscow

decorative accessories

about decorative accessories
Globe armillary sphere is good for life changing conversations about the historical aspects of the Copernican versus the Ptolemaic view of the universe... Early man, looking at the heavens, believed the stars were fixed to the inside surface of a rotating sphere. Copernicus gave his name to the theory of an Earth-centered universe, and the Vatican propagated his belief by threatening to burn science heretics at the stake for stating otherwise...read on decorative accessories >>

architectural home accessories

home accessories inspired by classic architecture
The classics are timeless. Classic architecture seems to transcend time itself. You can add a touch of timelessness with miniature classic architectural models to rooms in your home. More than just decor, architectural home accessories lend an air of sophistication and attention to detail in any room. Artists and engineers have used architectural models since the advent of building large...read on architectural home accessories >>

porcelain home accessories

blending history and lore with porcelain accessories
Since the development of porcelain more than 4,000 years ago, humankind has developed a multitude of ways to fabricate items borne from the versatile material. It can be shaped by hand, formed in a press, poured into a mold or extruded from a die. This versatility means that porcelain can perform a number of functions... more on porcelain home accessories >>

porcelain accessories

bringing magic home with porcelain accessories
The gossamer beauty of porcelain has entranced humanity for close to two thousand years. Originating in China, porcelain had become highly sought after all over the world by the 14th century, whose artisans had perfected the fabrication. Since then, the process has been refined and perfected, giving birth to several types of porcelain... continue reading on porcelain accessories >>

decorative accessories for office

office and decorative accessories
Your home office provides a space where you can handle your work tasks while enjoying the convenience and comfort of your own home. You probably breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that you're not having to commute through traffic to get to your work. You might also decide to skip the traditional business attire and dress in more casual clothes, so you're going to be comfortable as you get down to business. It's still all about accomplishing your work-related tasks, though, so give some thought to your office and desk accessories to ensure that you're... read on how to enliven your home office with decorative accessories >>