crystal obelisks

crystal obelisks

Solid Crystal Obelisks

small crystal obelisk
small crystal obelisk CA8242

3" x 12-1/4"H

list price: $187.50
your price: $150.00
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medium crystal obelisk
medium crystal obelisk CA8241

3-3/4" x 16-1/4"H

list price: $287.50
your price: $230.00
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large crystal obelisks
large crystal obelisk CA8243

4-3/4" x 20"H

list price: $462.50
your price: $370.00
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three crystal obelisks CA8241/42/43

set of three crystal obelisks
3" x 12-1/4"H;
3-3/4" x 16-1/4"H;
4-3/4" x 20"H

list price: $937.50
your price: $703.00
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Hand-crafted solid crystal obelisks.

Incorporating Obelisks into Your Decor

The clean lines and simple elegance that crystal obelisks embody means that they are the ideal artistic touch in many types of room. A larger piece of this nature can complement a more significant room such as a living room and serve as a focal point that naturally draws the eye. Smaller versions of the crystal obelisks could readily serve as a harmonious part of a grouped display, lending an exotic air to the scene and imparting the healing properties of crystal as well.

Some designers and many mystics recommend crystal obelisks as an accessory in the bedroom, where the natural properties of crystal can work their magic during restful slumber. Opening your eyes in the morning and letting your gaze fall upon the simple beauty of an obelisk can get your day off to an excellent start as well... read more about how obelisks provide both history and spiritual grace in a room >>