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rope lights are available in different colors
flexible lights and crown molding

flexible lights for baseboard molding

different colors of the flexible lights
flexible rope light kit for indirect lighting

30' flexible rope lights kit

rope lighting RL30CL

30' roll in 1/2" diameter (2 wire)

flexible lights for installation with molding and ceiling domes

lighting kit includes:

- 30' roll in 1/2" diameter (2 wire)
- 1 power cord
- 1 end cap
- 20 tie straps
- 20 mounting clips

list price: $115.00
your price: $92.00
rope lighting
rope lights for molding

rope lighting technical information

- UL approved 120 Volt clear flexible light

- 1/4 Watt bulbs, 1" on center

- rated at 20 000 hours

- end-to-end connectors allow multiple lengths to be easily connected, up to 300 ft.