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antique compasses

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Collectible Compasses
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compass with sundial trade winds compass
sundial compass ACO012A
$56.25 $45.00
trade winds compass ACO008
$48.75 $39.00
executive compass box with compass
executive compass ACO013
$41.25 $33.00
compass box ACO018
$36.25 $29.00
Lewis-and-Clark compass lifeboat compass
Lewis and Clark compass ACO009
$52.50 $42.00
lifeboat compass ACO015
$123.75 $99.00
Victorian pocket compass Victorian trails compass
Victorian pocket compass ACO003
$43.75 $35.00
Victorian compass ACO007
$48.75 $39.00
small brass compass small bronze compass
small brass compass ACO002
$23.75 $19.00
small compass ACO002B
$23.75 $19.00
King George compass walking stick with compass
King George compass ACO017
$148.75 $119.00
walking stick with compass AWS002
$111.25 $89.00
WWII compass box with compass
WWII compass ACO014
$48.75 $39.00
18th century sundial-compass (small) ACO028
$43.75 $35.00
polaris compass
polaris compass ACO027
$43.75 $35.00
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compasses for gifts

moving in a positive direction and collectible compasses
These tasteful and practical navigational pieces make great gifts as well. Give an artfully replicated Victorian Trails compass to your child when it’s time to go to college or when moving to a new place—so he or she can always find the way home. A friend or loved one who is getting a promotion would appreciate the significance of the Executive compass. Anyone who is celebrating a move in a positive direction would be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift. Weddings.... read more about compasses and gifts >>


collectible compasses point to enduring style
North, south, east or west—you can get there from here with a compass. This simple navigational device has been a part of humankind's exploration of the world for nearly a thousand years. Prior to this development, ancient mariners used landmarks, astronomical knowledge and more than a little luck to reach their destination. Around the 12th century, a Chinese book makes the first known reference to the use of a compass....read more about collectible compasses >>