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eye of the time clock Victorian desk clock
eye of the time clock ASC050
$68.75 $55.00
Victorian desk clock ASC052
$98.75 $79.00
nickel porthole clock prthole clock
nickel porthole lock ASC056
$58.75 $47.00
porthole clock ASC055
$68.75 $55.00
victorian dome watch nickel clock
Victorian dome watch ASC054
$98.75 $79.00
nickel clock ASC051
$68.75 $55.00
Savoy pocket watch victorian pocket watch
Savoy pocket watch ASC057
$61.25 $49.00
Victorian pocket watch ASC058
$61.25 $49.00
Royal mail travel clock porthole clock
Royal mail travel clock ASC045
$86.25 $69.00
porthole clock ASC043
$161.25 $129.00
captain barometer time-and-tide clock
captains barometer ASC041
$373.75 $299.00
time-and-tide clock ASC042
$436.25 $349.00
clocks base captains clock
clocks base ASC044
$36.25 $29.00
captains clock ASC040
$373.75 $299.00
sundial clock 50-year calendar
sundial clock ACO026
$48.75 $39.00
50-year calendar ABC006
$43.75 $35.00
navy clock
navy clock ASC048
$186.25 $149.00
nickel clock stand clock stand clock and globe stand
clock stand AGL000C
$36.25 $29.00
clock stand AGL000L
$61.25 $49.00
clock stand AGL000
$36.25 $29.00

Hourglasses / Sand Clocks

victorian dome watch victorian dome watch
pocket sandglass AHG001
$31.25 $25.00
pocket sandglass AHG001B
$31.25 $25.00
victorian dome watch victorian dome watch
30 min hourglass AHG007
$98.75 $79.00
hourglass on stand AHG008
$173.75 $139.00

Weather Glasses

wall weather glass weather glass
weather glass AWG011F
$123.75 $99.00
weather glass AWG015F
$136.25 $109.00
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Your home office provides a space where you can handle your work tasks while enjoying the convenience and comfort of your own home. You probably breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that you're not having to commute through traffic to get to your work. You might also decide to skip the traditional business attire and dress in more casual clothes, so you're going to be comfortable as you get down to business. It's still all about accomplishing your work-related tasks, though, so give some thought to your office and desk accessories to ensure that you're... read on how to enliven your home office with decorative accessories >>

Sailing ships were on a 24-hour schedule. A crew divided in three groups worked four-hour shifts, with a couple of two-hour dog-watches in between to break the schedule. Only in extreme conditions when 'all hands' were called on deck, was it four hours on, eight hours off. A 30-minute hourglass placed next to the helmsman was turned each time the sand ran through. At the same time he rang the ships bell. One bell for the first glass, two for the second, up to eight for the last half hour of the watch, the signal for a new shift to begin. A half hour on board was called "Glass".

The function of the hourglass before the introduction of the chronometer was to keep track of time, essential for calculating longitude. Sailing from Cape Town east to Australia you really didn't want to end up on the infamous reefs out there. Finding latitude was done with sextants and tables. To define longitude, as parallel to the equator, time had to be measured properly. This handsome, classic hourglass once ruled the schedule on a French Admiral's command vessel. A wonderful gift, an accessory with an interesting history.

This handsome classic hourglass once ruled the schedule on a French Admirals command vessel. A wonderful gift, an accessory with an interesting history.

This handsome, classic hourglass once ruled the schedule on a French Admiral's command vessel. A wonderful gift, an accessory with an interesting history.

hourglasses and sand clocks

hourglasses combine history, practicality and art
The hourglass is considered to be of European origin. Also called sand clocks, hourglasses are believed to have been developed around the 8th century. An advancement over the sundial and water clock, which had their own disadvantages, hour-glasses were smaller than other devices for keeping time and were the most dependable method of time-keeping for a number of applications. Hourglasses were very popular on board ships, as they were accurate and not easily affected by the motion of the ship, no matter how violently the ship rocked...continue reading about hourglasses (sand clocks) >>

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clocks and watches - hours that count
Blink and it's over.... That's how people often feel about their lives. In today's fast world, many of us find keeping the pace harder than ever. This is probably one of the reasons why beautiful clocks are making a comeback as an important design element among collectors and laymen alike. Clocks have an enduring place in society. Humans have been inventing ways to measure time since the beginning of time....read more about clocks and watches >>

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The family that plays together stays together. The family that plays the most famous classic games from history stays entertained while being enlightened and educated. A home can never have enough classic games to choose from, but cheap, plastic board games are a dime a dozen. If you want to entertain your mind with the games that have the kept the most enthralling minds of history busy, beautifully crafted games passed down from the centuries are the perfect solution. ... read more about classic games >>


celebrate the passage of time with elegant antique reproduction clocks
There is something wondrous about clocks. From the earliest models, timepieces of even the most rudimentary design have had an elegance about them that defies logic. Their inner workings of springs and gears, the rhythmic tick-tock as they work seems to fascinate people of all ages and lifestyles all over the world. Some may argue that time is a man-made phenomenon; others believe that humans have always recognized the passage of time. While the concept of time in humankind is arguable, man has definitely constructed the items that move in rhythm to time's passage.... read more about antique reproduction clocks >>