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clear crystal glass chandeliers

blown crystal glass chandelier

clear crystal glass chandeliers

colored glass chandeliers

colored crystal chandeliers

clear crystal glass chandeliers

clear crystal glass chandeliers

clear crystal glass chandeliers

Crystal Glass Chandeliers

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Ameila crystal glass chandelier large Amadeus colored crystal chandelier  Vltava blown crystal glass chandelier
Ameila chandelier PC3990
27" x 20"H (6 light)
$2,325.00 $1,860.00
Ameila chandelier PC39908
27" x 20"H (8 light)
$2,737.50 $2,190.00
blown crystal chandelier PC5406
23" x 30"H (5 light)
$4,083.75 $3,267.00
Amadeus crystal chandelier large Amadeus crystal chandelier Amadeus tempering carmine colored  crystal chandelier
Amadeus crystal chandelier PC5219
50" x 20"H (8 light)
$3,697.50 $2,958.00
Amadeus chandelier PC521912
39" x 28"H (12 light)
$5,445.00 $4,356.00
Tempering Carmine crystal glass chandelier PC5219C
50" x 20"H (8 light)
$4,936.25 $3,949.00
La Scala crystal chandelier large La Scala crystal chandelier large tempering carmine crystal glass chandelie
La Scala crystal glass chandelier PC5250
24" x 27"H (6 light)
$3,675.00 $2,940.00
La Scala crystal glass chandelier PC52508
31" x 28"H (8 light)
$4,725.00 $3,780.00
Tempering Carmine crystal glass chandelier PC521912C
39" x 28"H (12 light)
$9,583.75 $7,667.00
smoky taupe crystal chandelier black diamond colored crystal chandelier mamzelle crystal chandelier
La Scala Smoky Taupe chandelier PC5250ST
31" x 28"H (8 light)
$3,932.50 $3,146.00
La Scala Black Diamond chandelier PC5250B
31" x 28"H (8 light)
$3,932.50 $3,146.00
Mamzelle crystal glass chandelier PC5180
26" x 20"H (8 lights)
$4,950.00 $3,960.00
crystal glass chandelier crystal glass chandelier crystal glass chandelier
Odetta crystal glass chandelier PC5371
27" x 25"H (6 lights)
$3,698.75 $2,959.00
Black Odetta crystal glass chandelier PC5371B
31" x 27"H (8 lights)
$5,307.50 $4,246.00
Odetta crystal glass chandelier PC53718
31" x 27"H (8 lights)
$4,743.75 $3,795.00
Satriani multi-colored crystal glass chandelier carmine crystal glass chandelier
Satriani crystal glass chandelier PC5470
28" x 33"H (12 light)
$9,982.50 $7,986.00
Carmine crystal glass chandelier PC5470C
28" x 33"H (12 light)
$9,350.00 $7,480.00

Egmont Crystal Glass Chandeliers

clear crystal glass chandelier Egmont crystal glass chandelier Egmont crystal glass chandelier
Egmont crystal glass chandelier PC5519
24" x 30"H (5 light)
$3,262.50 $2,610.00
Egmont crystal chandelier PC55196
24" x 30"H (6 light)
$3,575.00 $2,860.00
clear crystal glass chandelier PC55198
24" x 30"H (8 light)
$3,768.75 $3,015.00
smoky taupe crystal glass chandelier amber crystal glass chandelier carmine  crystal glass chandelier
Smoky Taupe crystal glass chandelier PC5519T
24" x 30"H (8 light)
$4,293.75 $3,435.00
Amber crystal glass chandelier PC5519A
24" x 30"H (8 light)
$4,312.50 $3,450.00
Carmine crystal glass chandelier PC5519C
24" x 30"H (8 light)
$4,523.75 $3,619.00
opal and black crystal glass chandelier opal crystal glass chandelier black and opal crystal glass chandelier
Opal and Black crystal glass chandelier PC5514
28" x 22"H (6 light)
$3,905.00 $3,124.00
Opal crystal glass chandelier PC5519W
24" x 30"H (8 light)
$3,671.25 $2,937.00
Black and Opal crystal glass chandelier PC5514B
28" x 22"H (6 light)
$3,547.50 $2,838.00
large crystal glass chandelier black crystal glass chandelier large black crystal glass chandelierr
large crystal glass chandelier PC551912
35" x 41"H (12 light)
$4,523.75 $3,619.00
Black Hyalit crystal glass chandelier PC5519B
24" x 30"H (8 light)
$3,671.25 $2,937.00
large Black Hyalit crystal chandelier PC551912B
35" x 41"H (12 light)
$5,348.75 $4,279.00
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crystal home accessories

Crystal accessories for your home
Picking out decorations for your home is so much fun because you are truly able to express yourself as an individual, couple or family. People opt for all different types of decor from truly traditional to completely modern, and you've likely considered a few different styles. Have you ever thought about crystal accessories though?... read more about crystal home accessories >>

crystal accessories

The Feng Shui of light and crystal
Crystal is an extremely powerful elemental to incorporate into one's home. Crystal accessories, crystal lamps, sconces, crystal candlesticks practically any item of high-quality crystal can improve the Qi of your home, promoting harmony and peace. According to Feng Shui tradition, negative energy (or Shar Qi) also moves through the crystal... read more on crystal home accessories >>

air balloon chandeliers

chandeliers scale
Scale consideration is really a matter of common sense. To avoid any problems while shopping for chandeliers, do not rely on your scale memory. Before you start shopping, determine how large a chandelier you want. One way to determine a chandelier size needed is with tape measure or yardstick and a partner... read more on scale consideration when choosing chandeliers >>


About Crystal Glass Chandeliers

The design of all crystal glass chandeliers are based on the combination of classical shapes and modern decorations. Plane shapes in clear crystal or other colors mingle with decorative elements such us straight cuts, optic or spun crystal glass. As fixed stars among lighting fixtures, these types of chandeliers become timeless sources of illumination suitable for various interiors.

The work of master glassmakers during the making of chandeliers of plain glass is reminiscent of a symphonic concert - the dynamic spinning of molten glass, blowing the glassmaker's pipe, or the fine and precise shaping of parts in glass molds are a visual concert for one's eyes. The skills of our glassmakers are transferred into the final appearance of these fixtures. Thanks to the simplicity of their form and the purity of manufacturing, they will suit both the traditional and modern projects.

czech crystal glass chandeliers

All chandeliers on this page are manufactured using oxygen fuel technology. Only few manufacturers in Europe that use oxygen fuel technology. This allows for better control and manage the preparation process of glass. The result is impeccably pure glass of highest quality with minimal amount of visual irregularities.

Machine cut crystal trimmings with the highest brilliance and dispersion possible. Every component passes thorough strict internal Quality Control processes. Highest quality European production with certified standards.

czech crystal chandeliers

The Crystal Sun - Czech crystal chandeliers
More than 500 years ago, in the territory of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, skilled craftsmen began to discover ways of molding glass into beautiful shapes. By the beginning of the 17th century, Bohemian glassmakers were manufacturing glass of such quality that it closely resembled natural crystal. Since the 17th century, Bohemia has been the center of the crystal glass industry... read more about Czech crystal chandeliers >>

gorgeous chandeliers

chandeliers placement
Exactly where chandelier goes in the room is an important design consideration. A chandelier is usually a significant part of a room's decorative scheme and has a strong visual presence. The first thing to consider is the wiring because it involves not only electrical work, but often carpentry, plasterwork, and painting. So where to place the junction box, which will determine where the chandelier will be hung... read more on where to hang a chandelier>>


choosing chandeliers
It is very important to consider the scale when choosing a chandelier. You have to think of how it should impact the room and the size that would be absolutely perfect for it. Different kinds of chandeliers impact the space in different ways: crystal chandeliers impact with their volume, while the wrought iron chandeliers impact with its lines and its overall shape to impact.... read more on choosing chandeliers that are just right >>