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Historical Reproduction Chairs

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pursers desk chair pursers desk chair navy chair with ivory accents black navy chair with red accents
Pursers desk chair AMF082
$623.75 $499.00
Pursers desk chair AMF081
$623.75 $499.00
Navy chair AMF046
$623.75 $499.00
Navy chair AMF045
$606.25 $485.00
black barstool black barstool black barstool black barstool
barstool AMF044A
$531.25 $425.00
barstool AMF043A
$373.75 $299.00
british imperial army leather chair colonial safari leather chair rhoorkie suede chair  
leather chair
Colonial chair
suede chair
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authentic reproduction chairs

Chairs that make a statement
How to make an authentic statement using reproduction chairs

This is a fact: you need to incorporate chairs into a well-functioning household, unless you enjoy sitting on the floor. Chairs do so much more than just provide a place to sit, though. The right chairs add ambiance and style to the room, especially if you choose reproduction chairs to meet your seating needs... read more about chairs that make a statement >>



selecting occasional chairs
When you select an occasional chairs, take great care in making you decisions. Beautiful chairs, just like clothes, come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Style of the chairs and carved details affect overall comfort of the room. The top of the line Italian chairs are the equivalent of tailored couture clothes.... about read more chairs >>

reproduction chairs

Reproductions of Historical Chairs

British Imperial officers on the move insisted on comfort after a long marching day. When camp was set up, orderlies unpacked campaign boxes and assembled tents, tables, and chairs. The classic Rhoorkie chair, named after the Indian town of manufacture, was very popular. Comfortable and practical, its slightly flexible build accommodated uneven ground surfaces. Level seating went with level headedness... Black suede hide, trimmed with natural leather piping... Brass hardware... Instead of endangered teak we used hardwood maple. Handmade... Guaranteed to function anywhere, everywhere, for generations.

British Imperial Army Chair. A classic assembly campaign chair. Originally used in the British Imperial Army as an officer’s chair when in camp. Heavy, double layered cowhide, elegant, natural leather piping. Brass hardware. Enjoy Victorian comfort combined with a timeless look.

leather chairs

At times it's hard to align 19th century comfort with 21st century standards! Our campaign chairs, being original reproductions, are also a bit flexible. That goes with fast and easy assembly, and legs that adapt to pretty much any uneven floor, forest, or desert... Essential elements of the original design. Of course it is possible to glue the joints, in which case a lightweight, but very sturdy chair is created. No safari then, but still colonial!

Colonial Safari Chair. New to our collection is the classic Colonial Safari wood chair with seat and back made of heavy bridle leather. The leather is aged and oiled to look somewhat weathered. Colonial Safari chair provides a comfy respite during the Regency Club cocktail hour, or while contemplating the rigors of a tiger hunt in the Age of the Raj!

antique chairs

Navy Chairs. Its shape goes back a hundred years; its mystique is that of early 1900’s offices and bureau d’état...

The still hand made precursor of the wheeled steel contraption known from movies inspired by the 1930s NYPD. Never surpassed in versatility. It’ll survive a student’s dorm room. It’ll faithfully and decorously serve as dining chair. It will fill a corner and captivate the connoisseur or true heritage.


Barstools de Luxe "Grand Hotel". You just walked the Rue Faubourg and are about to descend into the Louvre. Now’s the time to make a pit stop in a reputable brasserie, maybe the Bofinger near the Opera? You are counting on a delicious café, maybe a small liqueur… but you can only hope you’ll find an empty barstool to rest your weary feet. Elbow on the bar rail, comfortably parked, with feet resting on the ring encircling the stool legs...

The design of our tall brasserie accessory goes back to the late 19th century. when bentwood furniture was developed in Vienna and exported across Europe and the rest of the world. Timeless in style and sturdy in construction, many have survived ages. And ours will follow the same tradition, when handled with love and care.