Red Cinema Loveseat


cinema loveseat

This cinema love seat is exact replica of an authentic 1930s original in cherry wood, brass row numbers on seat backs. This love seat is French finished in Russian red with contrasting distressed black armrests...

One of the wagons of the famous Simplon-Orient Express, departing daily from the Gare de Lyon for Istanbul in the 1920s, was fitted out as a small, intimate cinema. The rows of two chairs on each side of the wagon were separated by a red carpet. When in motion the movie screen shuddered and swayed with the rhythmic movement but Douglas Fairbanks Sr. remained heroic, if silent. The folding seats were wood, finished in a rich deep red.

Personally, I have always wanted a set or two for my hallway; they donít take up much space. Itís easy to plunk down some overstuffed shopping bags, and questionable guests can be isolated and parked in situ. Our cinema love seats in cherry wood, French finished, accommodate people as well as shopping bags, coats, boots, etc, being nearly indestructible...