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regent carved wood capital Charleston wood capital Nashville wood capitals Boston wood capital
Regent capitals R122
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$62.40 - $92.80
Charleston capital CP76
7"W x 5-1/8"H;
bottom: 4-1/2"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$90.00 - $117.60
Nashville capitals CT1
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$72.00 - $107.20
Boston capital CP75
8-1/8"W x 6"H;
bottom: 4-5/8"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$96.00 - $125.60
Atlanta capitals Monroe wood capitals Tennessee wood capitals Marietta carved capitals
Atlanta capitals CP15
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$32.00 - $55.20
Monroe capitals CP7
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$54.00 - $79.00
Tennessee capital CM6
5-1/4"W x x 4-3/4"H;
bottom: 3-5/8"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$60.00 - $78.00
Marietta capital CP10
7-1/8"W x 4-3/8"H ;
bottom: 3-3/8"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$60.00 - $78.00
Sanford wood capitals Sacramento egg-and-dart carved wood capital Portland carved wood capital Providence carved wood capital for pilasters
Sanford capital CP11
3"W x x 4"H; bottom: 2"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$29.60 - $37.60
Sacramento capital CP70
9"W x 6"H;
bottom: 6-1/4"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$108.00 - $140.00
Portland capital CP12
10"W x 8-1/4"H;
bottom: 6-7/8"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$102.00 - $133.60
Providence capitals R113
in 2 sizes
alder, maple, oak, cherry
$48.00 - $93.60
Princeton capitals with acanthus leaf Corinthian carved wood capitals Bangor carved wood capitals Arlington egg-and-dart capitals
Princeton capitals CL4
13"W x 13"D x 10-5/8"H; bottom: 6"dia
in maple, oak, cherry
$510.00 - $663.20
Austin capitals CA2
in 2 sizes
bottom: 8" and 6" diameter
in maple, oak, cherry
$447.20 - $761.60
Bangor capitals CP71
8-1/2"W x 8-1/2"D x 6"H;
bottom: 5-3/4"dia
in maple, oak, cherry
$330.00 - $429.60
Arlington capitals CP6
11-3/4"W x 9-5/8"D x 5-3/4"H; bottom: 6"dia
in maple, oak, cherry
$372.00 - $484.00
Nevada wood capitals Maryland capitals wood Santa-Clara carved wood capital carved wood pilaster base
Nevada capitals CA3
8-1/2"W x 6"D x 4-1/2"H;
bottom: 6"W x 4-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$420.00 - $546.00
Maryland capitals CP5
11-3/4"W x 9-7/8"D x 5-5/8"H; bottom: 6"dia
in maple, oak, cherry
$456.00 - $593.60
Santa-Clara capitals CP8
11-3/4"W x 6-1/4"H;
bottom: 6"dia
in maple, oak, cherry
$420.00 - $546.00
pilaster base E050206
in 3 sizes
in alder, linden wood, maple, oak, cherry
$30.00 - $98.00
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capitals as a historical architectural elements
Emotions such as "come in" or "I am jubilant" were expressed with the animals and plants that adorned the capitals sitting atop of the columns. Columns adorned with capitals became visual “words” in the Greek culture, certain columns and capitals fit certain building sizes, shapes, and look. Columns were not always placed within different spaces, they were put with different amount of space between them and it created a rhythm when looking upon the design. Capitals revamped the Greek architectural language. It is so easy to bring home the feel the past decades, easily adding elaboration to your entrance way or a grand more about capitals as a historical architectural elements >>