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inlaid cabinets
inlaid cabinets
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inlaid chests
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hand-painted cabinets and chests
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Let's face it: there's really no such thing as too much storage when it comes to a home. Closets are most often too small to hold much, and built-in cabinets and drawers are quickly filled to capacity. Here's where decorative chests, cabinets, and credenzas are worth their weight in gold, as they provide valuable storage capacity while elevating the style quotient of a room.

The wide range of available finishes and varieties of cabinets, chests, and credenzas means that there's a great-looking piece that will complement the existing decor of any room. In addition, many of these items feature intricate workmanship to the degree that one of these pieces can serve as the room's artistic focal point. Inlaid cabinets, for example, highlight the rich grain of natural wood such as cherry, maple, and palissander; the contrast of the handcrafted wood inlays elevates the cabinet to the status of a work of art.

A Dutch-style credenza is another excellent example of how one of these pieces can act as an artistic and decorative focal point within a room; from the walnut burl veneer and floral boxwood and maple inlay to the exquisite marble top, a piece like this deserves a place of honor to showcase its beauty and fine Italian craftsmanship.

You'll find cabinets, chests, and credenzas to be perfectly suited in formal rooms, but don't be hesitant to think outside of the box when it comes to their placement. In the front entry area, for example, Italian chests provide a stunning statement when visitors first enter your home, but they also serve as the ideal place in which to stash keys and other items that inevitably accumulate near your home's entrance.

A home office makes another great location in which to locate an inlaid cabinet or an Italian credenza. These pieces can highlight your personal sense of style while offering functional storage for papers, books, and other office supplies. The flat space on the top serves as the perfect location to place your most-needed items, as well.

Let's not forget the decorative impact that a hand-painted cabinet or chest can contribute in a bedroom, either. For a more sophisticated feeling than a traditional dresser or bureau, consider how an exquisitely-painted piece in ivory, gold-leaf, or antique silver could provide an ethereal look and offer a handy place for storage, too. You could even use one of these pieces next to your bed, since the top provides space for a lamp, favorite books, and a vase of fresh flowers.

No matter where you decide to place a cabinet, chest, or credenza, you'll be delighted at the level of elegance and style that the piece will contribute to your room.

beautiful bedroom decor featuring crystal lamp and Venetian style inlaid chest; bedroom decor ideas; bedroom design;bedroom furniture
beautiful bedroom decor featuring crystal lamp and Venetian style inlaid chest;
interior design by Charmean Neithart Interiors, photo by Joan Allen


hand-paintyed cabinets

combining utility and artful expression with hand-painted cabinets
Very few furnishings in our homes are in place for no purpose other than to look good. However, having pieces of furniture that are useful doesnít mean that they canít look great, too. Combine the utility of a simple cabinet with a beautiful painting, and you have our large collection of stunning hand painted cabinets. The craft of hand painting fine furniture dates back to about 3,500 years, with the discovery of resin lacquer found on furniture in China. Marco Polo is believed to have introduced this technique upon his return to Italy in 1283. Since then, artistic expression expanded with the Renaissance... read more about hand-painted cabinets >>

versatile cabinets

cabinets for any room in your home
A beautiful cabinet can add vitality and swagger to any room in your home. One of the best things about furniture accents with vintage inspiration is that they are so extremely versatile and able to be mixed and matched into any room of a home without downgrading their charm. Providing excellent storage and extra surface space for magazines or candles, the Ritz Hotel cabinet transitions seamlessly into a trendy end table. Much more than a file cabinet... read more about versatile cabinets >>

mirrored furniture

mirrored furniture garners attention in a wonderful way
Whenever someone walks into a home that has mirrored furniture prominently displayed, it often makes heads turn in wonder and in admiration. It is normally the most beautiful furniture in the home and always gets attention whether mirrored tables are featured, a mirrored chest or other beautiful mirrored pieces like mirrored credenzas and buffets. Mirrored furniture is one of the newest and most often admired design trends in furniture today.... read more about mirrored furniture >>