Kunstkammer Cabinet

bookcases AMF088

21-3/8" x 48-3/8" x 81"H

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Cabinet with sliding doors, large and small drawers, pull out shelves. Solid, heavy, campaign pulls. Cabinet features an elegant crown molding and base. Everything is right about this cabinet that will be the king of the library, living room or classic office.

Kunstkammer cabinet is multi-functional. Modern collectors donít send out expeditions, preferring to travel and collect the exotica from faraway lands themselves. They want a cabinet that not only stores, but displays, and appeals in its own right.

Kunstkammers are on display at the National Museum in Munich and several other major European museums in the region. Measuring in size from diminutive cabinets with just a few drawers to cabinets that fill entire rooms, they date from the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment. Every noble, titled, moneyed or learned gentleman of the day was an assumed collector of unique and unusual objects. This culturally collective behavior was a favored topic of conversation. Individuals, as well as complete expeditions, were fitted out and sent to remote corners of the globe to collect. Old books were hoarded as well as shells, skulls, ivories, minerals, classical art creations and historical artifacts. A prepared crocodile was a highly desired specimen that might hang from the library ceiling.