Venetian tic-tac-toe game
Venetian tic-tac-toe game
solitaire game with semi-precious stones
semi-precious solitaire
dutch renaissance domino game
domino game
venetian glass solitaire game
Venetian glass solitaire
chinese checkers game
Chinese checkers game
roulette game
roulette game
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Old School Games

Games have been a part of societies for as long as people have inhabited the earth. Archaeologists often find remnants of ancient game boards and accessories wherever they find evidence of early life. Highly valued because they help people by providing a quality pastime for them, they also help to improve skills like dexterity and critical thinking. They can also foster cooperation and communication skills between people.

Popular pastimes like solitaire, tic-tac-toe and Chinese checkers all feature glass marbles. These beautiful marbles are sometimes crafted from carefully hand-blown Venetian glass. Old school sets like domino and chess sets were at one time carved in ivory for the discerning game player. Today the materials used to make accessories for a game are more modern and ecologically more friendly, although many games are still a symbol of luxury.

One pastime created in the mid-nineteenth century is chess. This beautiful Staunton chess set is a high quality reproduction of those early sets. Tournaments are held in the United States and internationally for players who have become extremely talented at the critical skills it takes to be a great player. A thoughtful gift of a chess set can be an inspiration to its recipient to become a highly skilled player. Somewhere a child could even be inspired to take up this challenging and strategic game.

Chinese checkers have an interesting story behind them. They were created in Germany in 1892, and are meant to be a strategic game for two to six players. They are not played at all like traditional checkers and have no Asian or Chinese background. The name for them in 1928 was Hop Ching checkers and later they became the game of Chinese checkers known and loved today.

A challenging domino game provides hours of entertainment for players. Today's domino game is based on an Italian design created in the early eighteenth century. The game is an ancient one that has been around as early as the year 960, according to information gathered in early writing from that time.

interactive home accessories

Interactive home accessories
Give your home irresistible attraction with interactive home accessories. When interesting games like Roulette, Venetian tic-tac-toe, Chess sets and domino are placed strategically throughout the home, the attraction to begin playing a game is almost irresistible. Interactive home accessories make any home feel so inviting and make it a more fun and interesting place where everyone loves to spend time...more about interactive home accessories >>

games to covet

games to covet
Venetian glass tic-tac-toe game. Bring out the Burgundy, light a pipe, and set the game board… A beautiful table is not available when you're on safari. Folding Mombasa chairs and a campaign box will have to do; after all your camping out in the Serengeti. Glints of exquisitely varnished cherry, matching aged bronze. Hand blown oversized Venetian glass marbles in white and black complete the Noughts and Crosses palette. This hand-crafted Tic-Tac-Toe set is independently beautiful, it pays off to take things along... more on about games >>

Vanentine day gift ideas

games for two - Valentine day gift ideas
Valentines Day is a day for showing love and affection and it's also a fantastic day to give the one you admire the most one of these thoughtful and interactive gifts for two. Playing games that are meant especially for two players can become a romantic and fun way to spend a cold winter's evening...read more on Valentine day gift ideas >>

classic games

classic games with flair
The family that plays together stays together. The family that plays the most famous classic games from history stays entertained while being enlightened and educated. A home can never have enough classic games to choose from, but cheap, plastic board games are a dime a dozen. If you want to entertain your mind with the games that have the kept the most enthralling minds of history busy, beautifully crafted games passed down from the centuries are the perfect solution... read more about classic games >>