Benches and Settees

Baroque style carved beech wood bench with gold leaf accents
baroque bench
open crescent back maple settee in mahogany finish
crescent back settee
English style beech wood bench with cane back
English style bench
Neoclassic style carved wood bench
Neoclassic bench
Neoclassic settee in antiqued hand-rubbed finish
wrought iron bench

Setting your Style with Settees

Settee, settle, sofa, couch? Some people might have a hard time making the distinction. But not you. You know a settee when you see one and your sense of style calls for it like a siren's song. But, choosing a settee – or finding creative ways to show it off – takes a bit of imagination. We have a few suggestions that might help to give you a few great ideas.

First, consider your overall style. Is it formal or a bit more casual? Classic or more modern? Trendy, eclectic or shabby-chic? Whatever your style, settees can enhance any room decor beautifully. Creating a comfortable sanctuary, matching your décor to a “T” or defining contrasts is easy when using settees.

The classic style is easy on the eyes and oh, so elegant. Give your living room a formal, yet welcoming feeling by adding a settee to your living room ensemble. Place a low table or ottoman in a complimentary style in front of the settee or flank it with a pair of matching tables for an elegant look. In the entryway, a settee and matching occasional table gives visitors a wonderful preview of the decor in the rest of your home.

hand painted English style carved wood settee | luxury furniture | Italian settees and benches
hand painted English style carved wood settee

Settees and benches are not just for formal decor. If your tastes run a bit more casual, you can use a pair of settees in the living room of the same or complimenting styles in a conversation cluster with a coffee table or ottoman in between them for a set up that is cozy and inviting. In the home office, a settee is a wonderful addition to the otherwise Spartan and austere surroundings. It truly becomes your personal haven when you need to take the time to think and reflect.

Add drama to your living room or even your bedroom by placing a beautiful crescent-back settee or English style settee along the wall with a tall, slender and gracefully cascading plant, such as a Kentia palm or weeping fig tree. Be sure to use a silk plant if you have low light in the room. Complete the look by adding an occasional table and an ottoman or footstool. Place a piece of art from your travels and add adventure to the grouping.

Love contrasting styles, fabrics and colors? Settees can make a dynamic statement. Place a light colored settee of a classic or even Baroque design near a wall painted in a bold, dark color, such as red or blue. Go even further and decorate the wall above the settee with vintage geometric or abstract art, such as from the Cubism era, like a Cezanne or Picasso print. Talk about an eye-catcher!

The versatility of decorating with settees is limited only by your imagination. Have fun and enjoy the adventure!

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Beautiful interior design statement made by  black crescent back settee and graphic art piece; black  interior accents; entry way ideas
Beautiful interior design statement made by black crescent back settee and graphic art piece;
interior design by Kim Alexandriuk

benches and settees

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