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Home Bar Furniture

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ivory trunk bar bar in the black trunk
ivory trunk bar AMF078
$3,925.00 $3,140.00
black trunk bar AMF078B
$3,925.00 $3,140.00
ritz lobby cabinet red casablanca bar black casablanca home bar
Ritz lobby cabinet / black
Casablanca bar / red AMF047
$2,875.00 $2,300.00
Casablanca bar / black AMF047B
$3,062.50 $2,450.00
butlers tray wine box  
butlers tray AFF102
$111.25 $89.00
wine box AFF101
$156.25 $125.00
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trunk furniture

decorative trunk furniture
When you see a trunk, chances are that you think of the Golden Age of travel, when people on journeys packed their clothes and belongings in voluminous trunks so that they were prepared for anything. Before the time of air travel, many adventurers used trains or steam ships to reach their destinations, and trunks were their constant companions. Nowadays, most travelers choose compact and light-weight luggage for their take-along belongings, but trunks have found a permanent place in home decor as useful pieces of furniture more about how to increase your home's adventure quotient with trunk furniture >>


Furniture and Accessories for Home Bars

Casablanca Bars. You love to hang out at Harry’s Bar in Singapore, with its long expanse of polished mahogany and stools, brass rails to lean on, and above all its Singapore Sling and Bloody Maries. Admit it, this bar can't and shouldn't be replicated at home.

In your home you want a simple, fun, unobtrusive piece of furniture, easy to put away, but also easy to roll into the center of the action. A bar should invite discourse (familial, philosophical) and reminiscences. Home bar should support loudness but also stillness. This home bar exceeds imagination. Casablanca bar has wheels, game boards (three), and a glass top that displays your baby-pictures or the snapshots from your latest tiger hunt. It also stores oodles of bottles and gear, and wheels into tight corners.

trunk bar furniture

Trunk Bars. Fun and functionality coalescing into an impressive piece of historic proportions. Wheel in the bar! Park and lock it somewhere close at hand! Made in the style of turn-of-the-century travel trunks. Solid brass hardware and bridle leather accouterments complete a hand-built, two-part bar inside a large trunk set on sturdy wheels. A multitude of drawers, two serving trays, racks for both horizontal and vertical bottles. Mirror and foldout work shelf. Taking out the shelf unit on the right frees up a removable game board. Future party animal cum classic trunk replica. Iconic. Confidently evocative of the Belle Epoque when a hunt required only a Martini or a whiskey sour at hand!

bar furniture

Ritz Lobby Cabinet. On the old Queen Juliana ferry boat from Harwich to Hook van Holland, traditional 1920s luxury still trumped 60s economy, which was evident in the office of the purser. The man himself, gently smiling like an urbane Dutch bishop, was seated behind a monstrous desk. At his back showed an equally large cabinet made up of spaces to hold keys, mail, fresh newspapers, menus and the occasional telegram brought in by a messenger boy from the vessel’s radio room. Our bookcase stores novels, hats, hand bags, gloves, travel gear, newspapers and keys. Your choice..

home bar

liven up your entertaining with a home bar
Today's homeowners have found that one thing that is an attractive addition to any home – a home bar. Today's models are not only eye catching but functional as well. It is possible to entertain guests or simply enjoy a leisure evening with drinks conveniently at hand. The modern home bar is tastefully decorated to fit in with any décor and adds selling value to the property as well. Some homes have built-in bars but it is now possible to purchase a pre-constructed one that can easily be moved if the occasion arises. These movable bars can be stocked with alcoholic beverages and mixers so that any drink desired is immediately at hand. In addition, they are designed so that the bottles and other items are attractively displayed and well organized... read more about home bars >>