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Combining the richness and artistry of European designs in our tables with the honesty and charm of wood will serve as a benchmark of quality in the decoration of your home. All introduced tables are beautifully designed and graceful in line and proportion. With this tables you will discover a beauty of marquetry where three or four different woods are intricately inlaid. The integrity of the beautifully designed and built tables will invariably enhance any space. tables tables collection includes:

- sofa tables
- occasional tables
- nesting tables
- tables with marble top
- coffee tables
- center tables
- entry tables
- tables with glass top
- oriental tables
- console tables
- tooled leather tables
- dining tables
- round wood tables
- inlaid tables
- hand-painted tables
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occasional tables
occasional tables
coffee tables
coffee tables
console tables
console tables
center tables
center tables
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dining tables
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occasional tables

Beautiful Tables

All tables are made from several different hardwoods. Usually hardwoods for fine tables come from deciduous trees (those that drop they leaves), such as oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, pecan, and teak. Hardwood tables are more durable and dent-resistant than tables made from softwoods. Finish descriptions for our tables such as "fruit wood finish" or "walnut finish" refer to the color of the tables only.

Each wood used for tables manufacturing has its own special properties. Wood selected for each table are properly dried, well suited for particular table construction, purpose, finish, size and style, and resistant to warping, splitting, swelling and shrinking. Solid wood refers to the table parts made from one piece of wood, such as table legs, frame or trim.

A veneer is a layer of finishing wood used applied to the table body of a less refined wood. With advanced methods of cutting veneers, a veneered tables are stronger and more resistant to warping than a solid wood tables. Tables featured on our website will easily find their place in any room in your home. This tables are great addition to the entry way, family room, living room, bedroom, home office or library.

entry tables

Tables and Decor

Most people associate comfortable furniture with soft cushions and pillows, but there is another dimension of comfort that involves emotional comfort as well as physical solace. But the beauty of the wood used for tables production provide its own kind of comfort, with its appealing silhouettes and gentle links to nature. Wood tables in your room will balance the softness of fabric-covered furniture.

Hand-crafted tables will give your room personality and character. Different woods give tables different looks as well as feelings. Fruitwood and oak are both medium colored woods, yet the character they give to the tables are different. Fruit wood has a softer more refined and delicate texture than oak. Dark woods such as mahogany is valued for its hard reddish brown character and appearance. Mahogany tables tend to look more formal and serious.

Hand-made tables are not just beautiful in their artistry, this tables have soul that turns inanimate objects into living artistic expressions of life's value. If you have a passion for beauty bring one of hand-crafted tables into your room. Rooms breathe with energy and truth if you give them "gifts" of hand-crafted furniture.

Why do this tables brings emotional comfort? What is it about a piece of furniture that energizes a space? The answer to these questions all stem from the rare beauty and craftsmanship that has been treasured for generations. Hand-crafted tables take you back to an earlier age, a time of hand made artistry. When an artist put his heart, hands and soul into his work, the object is infused with his spirit. Hand-crafted pieces of furniture, like tables, are more that mere possessions scattered around the house: they are indeed your friends, physically and viscerally adored. As you move your tables from place to place, room to room, or house to house, they bring warmth and continuity wherever you live.

wood tables

Wood Tables

Whether it's a new sofa tables or lamp tables beside your favorite chair, it's amazing how much changing your occasional tables can impact the look of an entire room. Deep swirling poetic patterns, rich sensuous finishes built with the fortitude to stand the test of time, are just a few of the things our wooden occasional and sofa tables brings to you.

The art of matching woods lets artisans explore numerous decorative options and combinations that results in one-of-a-kind occasional tables. From parallel straight grain lines to the breathtaking intricacy of patch-work burl, matching allows the natural beauty of the wood to set the mood of the piece. Fancy face arrangements are used to create diamonds or sunbursts and add greatly to the decorative interest and value of the occasional tables. Fine finishes also adds to the appeal of wood occasional and sofa tables.

A wide array of finishes, from the deepest cherry to to lightest maple, complement the figurine patterns, rich wood, and heighten their natural beauty. So, when selecting your occasional or sofa tables consider our uniquely beautiful heirloom quality wood tables handcrafted by master artisans.

oriental tables

Hand-Painted Oriental Tables and Tray Tables

Artful expressions, elegant lines, breathtaking shapes and powerful integrity of pure artistry combines in our hand painted occasional oriental tables for a distinctive effect that's both familiar and adventurous.

This collection of hand-painted tables is rich in detail and understated beauty, yet touched with subtle sense of the untamed. Exquisite finishes, intricate Chinese motives on this tables are sure to fire you imagination even as you relax.

Hand-painted occasional tables quietly unify a room while adding an exotic flavor. All the tables are built to the highest quality standards. Picture on your right featuring hand-painted oriental nesting tables.

occasional tables

Occasional Tables

The ubiquitous occasional table really doesn't get the press it deserves. Ask yourself this: What is attractive, yet unobtrusive; functional, yet can be very artsy; beautifully shows off art, lamps, pictures, books – or nothing at all – and still look like a work of art itself? When you think of occasional tables this way, you begin to understand how these unsung heroes can be critical in pulling the décor of a room together without dominating it.

Occasional tables are small, decorative tables that have no specific function. They’re not designed with a purpose, like dining or bedside tables. They are designed to decorate; not necessarily to perform any task. However, for the purpose of interior design, they help to bring together other components of a room in a fluid and aesthetic way. In other words, occasional tables are decorative items in and of themselves.

You can find occasional tables to compliment nearly any decor. Styles in occasional tables run the gamut from vintage and fantasy to ultra modern. Whatever your style, the variety of beautiful occasional tables is limited only by imagination. The materials used are as varied as the styles. Basic materials are wood, metal, glass and plastic. Exotic materials, such as rare woods, crystal and marble are used as well.

Often, the style dictates the materials used in the construction of an occasional table. For many traditional and vintage styles, wood is the material of choice. Sometimes a marble top is incorporated, or the wood top might be inlaid with wood or metal trim in contrasting colors. The contemporary styles incorporate a lot of glass and metal. The modern styles are ultra chic – some of them in pure crystal. The Spartan style of modern pieces lends a clean set of lines and can be matched to other modern pieces, or mixed with contemporary pieces for a little stylish flavor.

When choosing an occasional tables, consider the layout of the entire room. Style is important, but so is scale. Using a tape measure, write down the dimensions (length, width and height) of all the pieces in the room. You can then sketch the layout on a piece of paper, keeping things in proportion (graph paper is very helpful for this purpose). Include the measurements of the occasional tables you would like to add. This will help you get a sense of how a set of occasional tables will look with your room.

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ocasional tables

an occasion for style: picking out an occasional table
Let's talk tables. They're in practically every room. You eat on them. You entertain on them. You decorate with them. So why shouldn't you love the table you own? Let your accent table be the talk of your home by picking out a gorgeous occasional table to add to your interior decor. When it comes to occasional tables, there is no rule for one size fits all. There is a whole world of table varieties, each with their own charm... about read more occasional tables and style >>

occasional tables

Accent tables for any occasion
The inherent beauty of occasional tables is that they do not have to be used for any single particular occasion. They are amazingly functional in any room at any time and they add style and elegance to any decor. Often used as a spot to hold a lamp or drinks or even a great book, these charming accent tables... about read more occasional accent tables >>

coffee tables

coffee tables
When you invite guests over, you'll want to provide them with a comfortable and functional space in which you can enjoy their company. And it's also important that your entertaining space be attractive, as well. A well-appointed coffee table adds beauty to an entertaining space at the same time it functions as the perfect place for food, beverages, and decorative items. In the past, formal entertaining was a staple for afternoon activities, with guests coming to call and enjoying coffee or tea along with biscuits and cakes or even cute little sandwiches... continue reading on coffee tables >>

ocasional tables

infusing beauty and function with occasional tables
For sheer versatility in a room, occasional tables take the cake. This handy piece of furniture can be placed just about anywhere and has a multitude of different functions. Occasional tables are so named because they are tables with no officially designated use. Unlike dining tables or coffee tables, occasional tables are equally at home in any room within a home, and they work well on their own or as part of an ensemble of several furniture items.... about read more how to infuse beauty and function with occasional tables >>

dining tables

creating memories around dining tables
We usually eat our meals three times each day, so there's plenty of opportunity to turn mealtime into something special. Whether a meal is just a simple family event or a more lavish celebration with guests, dining tables play a crucial role. If you think back to your fondest and funniest childhood memories, chances are good that many of them involve a memorable meal. Maybe it was the Thanksgiving dinner... continue reading about dining tables >>

center tables

create your own social network with center tables
Do gatherings at your home have a location where everyone seems to gravitate? Guests tend to orbit like satellites in places that attract and encourage them to gather. In many homes, the kitchen is the place that everyone seems to be found – even when it's not the intended space. If your guests tend to group in places other than the area you set up for them, perhaps creating your own "social network" will do the trick. Nope, we're not talking about breaking out the computer or smart phone; we’re talking about creating a space where your guests just naturally want to be. Our solution: center tables!.. continue reading about center tables >>

dining table

setting the table
The fabrics in your home do not stand alone, but work with all the other elements of decoration to create a mood and energy, to tell a story... Being emotionally comfortable in your dining room is essential to the art of home. Equally important is the way a table looks and feels... setting the dining table >>

accent tables

adding gentility and purpose with accent tables
Decorating with exceptional quality glass top and marble top accent tables showcases exquisite taste in the way one chooses to display decorative home accents. This variety of heirloom quality accent tables with marble and glass table tops offer thoughtful home decorators the opportunity to pass down these extraordinary furnishings to future generations. They are also functional in any home as a place for lamps, books, candles, vases and other decorative pieces.... about read more accent tables with glass and marble tops add gentility and purpose >>

console table

console tables for any room in your home
Console tables are somewhat misunderstood. Some folks seem to think that they have a limited use in the home. Nothing could be further from the truth! Often found positioned behind a sofa or settee, console tables are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the home. Console tables are tall, shallow tables with varying widths. It's easy to see that these tables will fit nearly anywhere a standard occasional table can’t go or isn't practical. Sure, you can put one behind a sofa, but you don't have stop there. Console tables can be located in so many areas – the variations are endless... continue reading about console tables >>

game tables

creating great memories around game tables
Family game nights are perfect for creating and nurturing a sense of family unity. There is nothing quite as fun as a spirited time of game play, and simple games can be the most fun. Planned or spontaneous, this is the time for chatting and catching up on the day’s events, reliving favorite moments, or instilling important skills and values in the lives of your youngsters. Game tables are great tools for encouraging family more about how to create memories around game tables >>

display tables

choosing display tables
When you have lovely souvenirs or collectibles that you cherish, the absolute last thing that you want to do is leave them out where they can become damaged. If you want to make sure that your favorite things get to shine, but you are not interested in them becoming damaged, it’s time to consider a display table. Not only do these versatile pieces of furniture give you a fantastic place to show off your favorite items, display tables also protect them from grasping hands and accidental more about display tables >>

coffee tables

expressing personality with coffee tables
The choice of coffee tables in a living room can be as varied as people's personalities. The coffee table chosen, along with fascinating items displayed on it, offer an exceptional way to express individualism and uniqueness. Guests can tell a lot from the items on display, almost as if those items are quietly telling them a story. Coffee tables can make a home feel more cozy and relaxed, especially if a nice variety of books and magazines are featured... continue reading on coffee tables >>

console tables

making a first impression with console tables
One excellent way to make a dynamic first impression is through strategic use of console tables. Tables can be used alone, or decorated in a way that makes a dramatic first impression. Consoles can be decorated with a pretty collection of interesting items placed on top of them, artwork displayed on or above them, or even by decorative lamps or hurricane sconces. The idea is to create balance, symmetry and to showcase some personality in the decorations chosen. Console tables come in many design styles.... continue reading on how to make an important first impression with console tables >>