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white mirrored folding screen
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antique mirrored folding screen
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folding screen with antique mirrors
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white mirrored folding screen
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Increasing Light And Depth In Any Room with Mirrored Folding Screens

Nothing adds that extra touch of elegance and glamor to a space like beautiful folding screens. Invented in China during the Han Dynasty, beautifully partitioned screens were originally used as room dividers, as accents in a dining areas that acted as partitions, or as gorgeous decorative accents, especially when they were adorned with artwork. Folding screens were introduced to Europe in the latter part of the Middle Ages. In classical times they were normally used in bedrooms as attractive dressing partitions for ladies.

Pretty mirrored folding screens do all this and more. They are reflective of light in any room they are featured in. Often times they can make a room seem to be bigger. These are excellent qualities that add charm along with functionality to enhance small spaces. Beautiful mirrored qualities make them ideal as dressing screens as well, since there is no need for separate mirrors for dressing.

Choose from beautifully lacquered screens in bright red, black or white with pretty open-work designs. Or, select from botanical floral inspired styles or geometric designs. There are pretty folding screens that would look perfect in any type of decor. Decorative screens come in three panel or four panel styles. Some also have the incredibly detailed features of silver leaf-work finishes and an antiqued look on the mirrored elements that add extra excitement to the design.

To make a smaller bedroom look larger, one trick is to place mirrored folding screens on either side of the bed. Light is reflected along with the mirror image of the entire room, making the room look bigger. Your beautiful bedroom accents like throw pillows, bedding, attractive lamps and other decorative display pieces seem to be multiplied due to the effect of the two mirrored folding screens.

If there is a space you would like to have divided into two areas, decorative folding screens are the perfect answer. Making a room look like two rooms is a bonus. Using decorative screens in this way is less expensive than dividing the room with a stationary wall. Another useful feature of folding screens is that they are very portable. Change the look of any room instantly by simply moving the screen!

Mirrored folding screens provide elements of flair and panache with no big commitment on your part. Use them, move them and display them wherever you wish at your discretion. They offer a non-permanent fixture with an aura of permanence that helps to add light and room expanding qualities to any room. Show off your unique design ability by featuring pretty mirrored folding screens in any living room, bedroom, large bathroom, dressing room, walk in closet or even in a darkened hallway area to brighten the area.

folding screens - folding screen with lacquered white finish and mirrored panels
folding screen with lacquered white finish and mirrored panels >>

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folding screens in today's interiors
Open plans of today's interiors with the zoning principles explains a new revival of folding screens and there extreme popularity. When living space had to be divided into the functional zones. Nothing could accomplish this task better than use of folding screens with there incredible versatility, mobility, adjustability, and esthetic value. It's made a perfect sense to use folding screens instead of the complicated in construction sliding or folding doors (by the way, they barely hold any esthetic value). Folding screens do not require any installation, you can fold it, move it, or place in another room any time you want... reading more on folding screens >>

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Folding screens in Europe
Some believe that folding screens were introduced to Europe by Marco Polo, who brought them to Italy from his expedition to China. Decorative folding screens instantly caught attention because of there size, beauty and immediately discovered multifunctional qualities. Moreover the uncomplicated construction of the folding screens could be easily reproduced by native masters. Portable decorative screens made their way into the huge dreary rooms of Gothic castles. These first European folding screens were build from chunky oak planks, they were extremely heavy... reading more on European folding screens >>