Folding Screens

folding screen with raised borders and decorative hand-painted design
folding screen with raised borders
decorative folding screen with raised antiqued gold wood borders and hand applied silver leaf
decorative folding screen
arched top folding screen with hand-painted flowers, butterflies, and birds
arched top folding screen
folding screen with antique silver leaf finish and antiqued mirrored background
antiqued mirrored folding screen
folding screen with hand painted floral design
hand-painted floral folding screen
folding screen with lacquered white finish and mirrored panels
white mirrored folding screen

Folding Screens in Today's Interiors

Open plans of today's interiors with the zoning principles explains a new revival of folding screens and there extreme popularity. When living space had to be divided into the functional zones. Nothing could accomplish this task better than use of folding screens with there incredible versatility, mobility, adjustability, and esthetic value. It's made a perfect sense to use folding screens instead of the complicated in construction sliding or folding doors (by the way, they barely hold any esthetic value).

folding screens
decorative folding screen with raised borders >>

Folding screens do not require any installation, you can fold it, move it, or place in another room any time you want, moreover, the look of this decorative folding screens are absolutely beautiful and can satisfy any style preferences and decorating taste. The space divided by decorative screen can be used for different purposes. This unique exotic piece of furniture like folding screen with raised borders will look great in any room in your home. Folding screens are often placed in the master bedroom, dining or living room.

folding screens - folding screen with lacquered white finish and mirrored panels
folding screen with lacquered white finish and mirrored panels >>

When placed against the wall, folding screen like that creates a dramatic decorative backdrop for an overall design and represent high esthetical value. If folding screen is strategically placed to divide the room you can see it's hand painted design from both sides. Usually, decorative screens room-dividers have a different design on the front and on the back.

The space created by separation has a very private and cozy atmosphere. That is why behind the folding panels of the decorative screens is a quiet place for reading, sleeping or private conversation. Of course, places like that are perfect for relaxation and a quite conversation with love ones.

A decorative screens will add an architectural quality to a room. By using folding screens as a room dividers you can set off an entrance where the front door opens directly into the living area. Folding screens can act as a divider between living and dining areas, they can close off a kitchen, or set off a private area by making a room within a room. Folding screens can redirect traffic when strategically placed, extend the apparent size of a room by replacing a door. With portable folding screens you can control the flow of air and the direction of light, camouflage an old-fashioned radiator or air conditioning unit, or conceal storage. Decorative screens like Chinoserie folding screen or antiqued red oriental screen can act as a great backdrop for a furniture grouping, substitute for side drapery, or serve as a room focal point.

folding screens - arched top folding screen with hand-painted flowers, butterflies, and birds
arched top folding screen with hand-painted flowers, butterflies, and birds >>

If you thinking, that folding screens are old fashion, think twice. Of course, decorative screens are not a furniture piece of first priority. But eastern ability to transform everyday things into a masterpieces, always created a special mysterious aura and attraction to every day exotic. Beside that folding screens can separating a room and hand-painted decorative screens can act as a beautiful mobile art piece.

mirrored folding screens

how mirrored folding screens increase light and depth in any room
Pretty mirrored folding screens do all this and more. They are reflective of light in any room they are featured in. Often times they can make a room seem to be bigger. These are excellent qualities that add charm along with functionality to enhance small spaces. Beautiful mirrored qualities make them ideal as dressing screens as well, since there is no need for separate mirrors for dressing..... read more about mirrored folding screens >>

folding screens

Folding screens in Europe
Some believe that folding screens were introduced to Europe by Marco Polo, who brought them to Italy from his expedition to China. Decorative folding screens instantly caught attention because of there size, beauty and immediately discovered multifunctional qualities. Moreover the uncomplicated construction of the folding screens could be easily reproduced by native masters. Portable decorative screens made their way into the huge dreary rooms of Gothic castles. These first European folding screens were build from chunky oak planks ... reading more on European folding screens >>

decorative folding screens

decorative folding screens
Beautiful compositions with flowers are the more popular subject matter encountered most frequently on decorative folding screens. Birds and flowers traditionally were used to decorate the front as well as back of screens. Folding screens depict the cheerfulness of nature and tenderness of spring blossoms. With hand-painted decorative screens you can transform a mundane, mediocre atmosphere into a joyful expression of your love of life. Unique folding screens will help you carry all the accumulated wonder, mystery, and energy of nature indoors with you... reading more on decorative folding screens >>