Sconces Placement

Where do you place a wall sconces?
wall sconces placement

Usually wall sconces should be placed so that sixty inches lie between the floor and the center of the sconce, but do not go by this formula without questioning its appropriateness every time. The ration behind it is that when you are seated in an average height chair or sofa, wall sconces will be at your eye level. Because human height vary, you may have to strike a happy compromise.

If you have high ceilings you may want to raise the height of wall sconces placement. One of the favorite wall sconces placements - above the fireplace mantel or entry table. You can place wall sconces on both sides of the painting or mirror. If you do not have a lot of art, you can use a pair of wall sconces to frame a space.

Avoid wall sconces unless you use them in pairs. A single wall sconce in the room will disturb the feng shui and be unsettling to those who enter. Repetition is sympathetic, favorably inclining your eye in agreeable way. The organization of the space when using a pair of wall sconces is felt and appreciated