Electrified Sconces

smart approach to a wall sconces
electrified wall sconces

Sconces have a powerful influence on the atmosphere of your home, making it warm and welcoming. Not all wall sconces require light bulbs and electrical outlets. Beautiful solid brass wall sconces might look best with candles glowing in them. If you considering using sconces in your decor, ask yourself whether you want them electrified.

Electrified sconces need gem boxes, electrical outlets placed on the wall that serve the same purpose as standing outlets. Gem boxes must be considered in an overall electrical plan of the room, because installing them requires cutting into the wall. If you are building a new home or renovating it is a wise choice to install gem boxes for feature wall sconces in the logical locations even if you decide to place a candle sconces, in case you'd rather have electrical sconces in the future. you'll want the gem boxes for your sconces to be as subtle as possible.

On our website you'll find a wide selection of electrified wall sconces as well as wall sconces made for use with candles. All our sconces are hand made from high quality materials and are outstanding in their details. Our beautiful sconces will make a breath taking impact on any space.