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Carved Sconces

ribbon motif wall sconce in gold-leaf
ribbon motif wall sconce in gold-leaf
Italian style carved wood sconce
Italian style carved sconce
Louis XV sconce
Louis XV style sconce
adam style gold sconce
Adam style sconce
gold-leafed carved wood sconce with palm leaf
carved wood sconce
18th century French sconce with antiqued gold
French style sconce
carved wood sconces

Italian Carved Wood Sconces

hand-crafted Italian sconces finished in real gold leaf

Nothing will dress up your wall better than carved wood sconces finished in real gold leaf. All our sconces are reproductions of historical designs. These gold sconces are a sophisticated addition to any room. Carved wood wall sconces selected for this page are hand-made in Firenze (Italy).

All sconces are made following the antique artisans traditions. Wall sconces are carefully carved in wood before being finished by hand using real gold leaf of the finest quality. The timeless designs of these sconces expressed though classical silhouettes, meticulously carved details, graceful motion of the scrolled arms and luxurious gold leaf finish.

The love of a gold has remained a constant throughout history. High style design of the sconces reflects the romantic past. Elegant forms and great sconce's details combined with traditional materials and finishes are skillfully blended to create these expressive sconces, which are suited to either a formal or informal interior decor. The tendency towards classical designs that stood the test of time today are becoming increasingly evident. At the same time there is considerable appreciation for the hand crafted look. All of our gold-leaf sconce embrace the old traditions of fine craftsmanship, and respect the tenants of good design.

The favorite wall sconce design motifs throughout history, often appeared in classical antiquity, now revived and reproduced to their importance. Our sconces express a sense of history and each wall sconce has a unique character on their own. The success of historical designs of the sconces lies in the master carvers ability to beautifully integrate the components of the sconce and achieve pleasing proportions and visual delight. An exquisite representation of organic motifs, traditional swags, flowers and bows are distinguishes styles of our sconce collection. Italian sconces decorated with a myriad of objects like scalloped shells, Greek key, graceful bows, tassels and rosettes.

Sconces are hand-crafted in several different styles - French neoclassic, Adam, 18th century English, and Tuscan. The burst of creative energy of these historical periods is amply captured in visually exciting carved wood sconces. Classical ornamentation of the sconces is based on nature inspired motifs such as thick, prickly, scalloped leaves. Carved wood sconces have-hand applied authentic finishes. Four sconces introduced on this page have elegantly pleated half round fabric shades with trim coordinated to the sconce finish. The variety of styles, sizes and finishes makes it easy to find a perfect sconce for any decorating scheme.


electrified wall sconces
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incorporating sconces

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