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Wall Sconces

The True Importance of Beautiful Sconces

In the hierarchy of lighting fixtures sconces take an honored place. Nevertheless wall lighting fixture is a first (not counting a bon fire) artificial interior lighting. Burning branch assembled by caveman in-between rocks on the wall, not only help him to draw, but for the millenniums became a symbol of welcoming and cozy home.

After those times people have been placing different lighting fixtures on the walls. We cannot imagine a true medieval castle without a massive torch chained to the wall. Sumptuous gold leafed sconces (also called wall brackets) have been pouring light on palace intrigues and high society balls. Sophisticated and elegant sconces in a form of flower bouquets adorned glamorous boudoirs and bedrooms.

The History Of Sconces

Sconces are wall lighting fixtures designed for one or several lights. Sconces can be electrified or they can be used with candles. Wall sconces are a very effective element of interior decorative embellishments. Sconces reached they popularity in early XVII century.

Experts believe that first sconces was a functional and at the same time decorative lighting fixtures derived from Italy. The first sconces had a back plate made from mirror or highly polished metal which increased the amount of light by reflecting candlelight. These sconces were attached to the wall with elaborately embellished corbels. In France this type of sconces received the name Bra (from French "bras" - hand or "bra" - support).

Original sconces had a simple oval shape and were from 1 to 5 feet in height. With time structure as well as silhouettes of sconces evolved in more complex and elaborate form. During different eras the styles of architecture, arts and fashion of the particular period have been integrated in the appearance of sconces.

In our days sconces are made from wide range of materials: stone, metal, wrought iron, wood, gypsum, ceramic. Sconces can be made from modern a material that resembles plaster - high density polymers. Of course, different type of glass and crystal are used for sconces manufacturing. Not all wall sconces require light bulbs and electrical outlets.

What Can Wall Sconces Do For You?

One way or another, sconces are most popular and effective way to decorate a wall space. Quality sconces are highly valued by designers and architects for they endless abilities. Sconces are giving you the opportunity to bring soft pleasing to the eye light into interior spaces as well as giving some extra definition to an overall design.

handsome library room with gorgeous cast brass sconces; decorating ideas

The room that draws you in.
I am captured by the use of wood panels, books and accessories in this handsome library room. The choices of colors and textures on the fabric selections for the accent pillows and banquette are just enough of a feminine touch to make this room more approachable and cozy. The sconces are essentials to highlight the beautiful artwork and wall paneling while breathing life into the room; superb interior design by Schuyler Samperton;

Sconces can bring alive any corner of the home, beautifully highlight an art piece, and with one define artful light stroke sconces can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. There is no place in the interior or exterior where sconces can't do their magic.

Sconces are successfully incorporated in designs in the entries, stair ways, formal living rooms, and friendly casual family rooms, nurseries and sophisticated bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the popular places for sconces placement are on the both sides of the mirror or painting, above a consul or entry table, above a bedside tables in the bedroom, behind a sofa, chairs or piano. With sconces you can add an extra interest even in your dining room by placing them above the serving table.

There is a lot of ways to bring warmth and elegance to a room using a wall sconces. One of our clients has a beautiful dining room, where most of the walls are elegant French doors. The design of the room like this can be very challenging. She used six traditional solid brass wall sconces with faux leather shade in the narrow ten inch wall space between the wooden trim of the doors. The only large solid wall space in this room was occupied by an elaborately carved fireplace mantel with a painting hung above. On both sides of the painting she placed couple of two-light bow and tassels wall sconces. The shades on the wall sconces places in between the doors and the sconces above the fireplace mantel are color coordinated but made from different materials. By coordinating different textures of the shades she added extra interest to the overall decor. She used total of eight sconces to create coziness and sophistication in her unique dining room.

If you do not have a lot of art, you can use a pair of wall sconces to frame a space. This allows a small painting to appear to be appropriate size to a large scale of the wall or entry table rather than insolated postage stamp swimming on the vast open space.

incorporating sconces into your decor

light up you world with beautiful sconces

perfect sconces for any decor

beautiful candle sconces make decorating a breeze

Italian carved wood sconces


luxury bathroom with cast brass sconces; bathroom design and lighting ideas; luxury bathroom inspiration
luxury bathroom with cast brass sconces

Choose the Sconces That Fit You Best

We carry a wide range of electrified wall sconces as well as candle sconces and hurricane wall sconces. Electrified sconces collections include solid brass sconces, hand-carved wood sconces, new introduction of carved wood Italian sconces, and stunningly beautiful hand-wrought iron sconces with Swarovski crystal drops. We believe, that wall sconces do not have to be antique to bring sophistication to the home, but they have to be beautifully made and aesthetically pleasing to have integrity.

We carry an exquisite line of traditional hand-crafted sconces that are reproductions of historical designs. Unique designs of the sconces will enrich architectural embellishments of the home. Sconces can truly be considered as wall sculptures with their intricate detailing and embellishments of hand-blown glass, crystal, and gold leaf.

Sconces will not only bring illumination to a room but with our hand crafted sconces you will be able to create a sophisticated bohemian focal point. Wall sconces will instantaneously dress up an entry way, dining or living area, bring romance to a master bedroom, or create an affect of grander in a stairway. While sconces are not a major light source, they are perfect in providing indirect lighting that subtly enhances a space. But above all, wall sconces add beautiful ornamentation and embellishment to a plain room.

In introduced on our website collection some of the sconces are designed to expose candelabra bulbs (as an example - French style sconce with leaf motif). This type of sconces maximizing overall illumination. Many sconces designs do not feature exposed bulbs this types of fixtures require shades or chimneys. There are a lot of different types and styles of shades for wall sconces. Shades can be round, oval, rectangular, open back, they can have an elegant curves or be very geometric, they can have piping, pleating, or beading. The possibilities are endless. The style, shape and material of the shade for the sconce regulates a direction and level of illumination. Wall sconces with fabric shades or sconces with leather shades have shades that wrapped around the bulb allowing light to spread upward and downward, at the same time providing a soft glow through the shade itself

Some wall sconces have a solid brass shades. Brass shades wall sconces direct light in a vertical direction (upward and downward).

Wall sconces with open back fabric shades, like brass sconce with hand-painted Greek urn motif, create a beautiful glow allowing light to gloriously highlight design on the back plate of the sconce, generously light-wash the wall, and softly glow through the fabric providing delight to the eye. Some of the electrified sconces are design just like hurricane sconces but instead of candles they use candelabra bulbs. Electrified hurricane sconces can have a glass or crystal chimneys.

Wall sconces with hand-blown crystal provide a great illumination while creating intricate light patterns on the walls (wall sconce with solid cut crystal chimney). These wall sconces are very sophisticated and will make a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom or any other room where you wish to add the gleam of crystal.
All of the wall sconces are hand-crafted by dedicated artisans. For those of you desiring the element of mystery and romance in your space we suggest beautiful candle sconces. Candle sconce collection includes hurricane candle sconces and solid brass candle sconces. Hurricane scones are made from solid brass and have hand-blown glass or crystal chimneys.

On our website you'll find hurricane sconces of different styles and sizes. From small and charming antiqued hurricane candle sconce to substantial hurricane sconces in antiqued bronze. Candle sconces from our collection will integrate beautifully in any traditional decor. You'll find on this pages different kinds of candle sconces from an elaborate hand crafted solid brass wall candle sconce with nesting birds, to an all time favorite carved wood carved wood and hand-wrought iron candle sconce with antiqued gold leaf finish. This type of candle sconces will definitely make an impression. To complete the atmosphere of romance and to set the right mood use scented candles to arouse the senses.

All of our solid brass sconces are designed in an incredibly classy fashion with great deal of variety, some of which include sconces with crystal accents and mirror-back sconces that. We have a wide range of sconces that are electrical and those that are not. If you would like a light source that is brighter, than you should consider the electrical sconces, but for a more decorative purpose—the candle sconces would be great and economical. Many of our featured sconces have fabric shades—while some of the traditional sconces have one light, others have two. While there is a wide range of sizes throughout all of the different styles, the quality equally as impressive regardless.

Getting new sconces is really fun and can spark a lot of ideas for the decor of the room. It is easy, but you do have to think of a few important things before you choose them. You have to take into the account how much light you would need—the electrical sconces would provide a lot more light than the candle ones, but the candle sconces would add a romantic and soft ambiance to the room. You should also consider your electrical layout and see if it is even realistic to have an electrical sconce in your home—some older homes do not have an electrical box to use to wire the sconces.

There are many different designs available that will satisfy not only your need for a sconce, but also suit your taste to a t. One of our most popular designs is the reed-and-ribbon design—they are available in two different finishes: bronze and antiqued. Each one of the details is finished meticulously by hand. The black back is enclosed in a vignette, which creates a frame for the gold design. The sconce is not only amazing in its details and its finish, but also the shades: unlike many of the shades that are used on traditional sconces these shades—like most of shades—are designed and made to specifically highlight the attractive features of the sconce.

Nature has been an inspiration to artists and craftsmen throughout decades. Flowers have been the happy and welcoming symbol—that is why we have taken to selling the beautiful flower motif sconces. Many people enjoy having flowers in their homes' entrance way as well as in all the other rooms of the house to make them look cheery and welcoming. The flower sconces are sure to brighten up your mood while brightening up your room. Each flower is individually cast to be compiled into a beautiful bouquet.

Other leaf and nature motifs will bring you closer to nature itself. Incorporating the nature sconces into modern interior will also have a very interesting impact—having the new-age modern style mixed with the organic feel of the hand-crafted solid bronze sconces.

A bird usually symbolizes family, good luck, and togetherness. Many of our sconces which picture a bird also look majestic and regal, which will bring a touch of elegance and a sense of strength to any room. The elegant birds are also thought of as a positive symbol to keep with you for a very long time.

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