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cabinets and chests
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Creating a Unique Home Decor

A room is like clothe. It has to keep us warm and comfortable, but also how we use it says a lot about ourselves. Your home decor has to be comfortable and practical, but there has to be room for style as well. There is a fine line that makes the difference between an impersonal but high in style hotel room and a warm and welcoming stylish room of you own.

When we choose our clothes, we tend to use bits and pieces from several different fashion looks to suit our moods and express our individual preferences, and we do the same thing in our home decor with furniture, architectural elements, lighting fixtures, accessories and color. Decorating style is not just a question of the overall look, it also depends on quality of the home furnishings used in the room.

Successfully creating a sophisticated and harmonious home means finding the right balance between style and function, and between fashion and comfort. Decorating, like cooking, should open up the senses.

Comfortable and inviting living room decor; living room ideas; room decor inspiration

Let your room decor radiate your love of living. Regardless of the number of rooms, you want to experience the warmth and intimacy of your love in every room of your home, right down to the laundry room. Some of the greatest refinement in your home decor may be in your bedroom closet where the lines are lacquered smooth and the edges rounded and sensual, although no one ever spends time there but you. Room decor should begin with you and your family. You build from there, room by room, space by space, bringing refinement and harmony.

When you are in a room that is filled with love, no matter what function it serves, you are uplifted by the harmony and spirit of place. By surrounding yourself with things you love you will create a home decor for endless pleasure and felling of well-been. Always remember that interesting people create interesting rooms. By expressing ourselves, we can break through the limitations imposed by place and circumstance. It is the expression of well-lived lives that creates beautiful spirit and charm in a home. Home decor style really comes down to what makes you feel good. Contour your home decor around yourself. Luxury and elegance can always be understated.

You can create your own reality. You can have a romantic country home even if you live in a noisy urban area. Your feelings about life, the places you've traveled to, and your favorite things, all give your home decor a personal signature. Inside the rooms were you live you are free to express yourself in unique ways. Let your dreams and fantasies about how you want your home to look and feel create the decor solution. Feel free too create at least one room in your home that is different from the others.

Beautiful soft blues and grays awake restful and comfortable atmosphere while crystal chandelier and crown molding add a bit of formality into this sophisticated living space Stunning French-inspired interior; interior design and decorating inspiration

Beautiful soft blues and grays awake restful and comfortable atmosphere while crystal chandelier and crown molding add a bit of formality into this sophisticated living space. Lovely room decor by Peace Design, Atlanta, GA

Stunning French-inspired interior; San Francisco; interior design by Diane Chapman and Andrew Skurman Architects; photography by Mark Darley

Stunning renovated apartment in a landmark 1920's building in Milan, Italy. Gorgeous architectural details! Madrid apartment with floor-to-ceiling antiqued mirror and simple crown molding; apartment decorating ideas

Stunning renovated apartment in a landmark 1920's building in Milan, Italy. Gorgeous architectural details! Love the build in cabinet in the corner of the room. What a beauty! source: Metropolitan Home; photo by Armando Bertacchi; furniture design by William Sawaya

Madrid apartment by Luis Puerta. Love this floor-to-ceiling antiqued mirror, parquet flooring (very European), simple crown molding, and lovely fireplace mantel

lovely and relaxed room decor; home decorating inspiration Gorgeous and inviting entry decor! What can be more welcoming then flowers? Beautiful interiors inspiration

What a lovely and relaxed interior. Love all the architectural details, decor, furnishing and accessories. Very approachable and romantic.

Gorgeous and inviting entry decor! What can be more welcoming then flowers?

Welcoming home entry design; interior design inspiration Gorgeous home entry decor; home entry design ideas and decorating inspiration

interior decorator Ashley Whittaker, architect Tom Fenton, photography by Eric Piasecki

interior design by Cathy Kincaid Interiors


Vibrant room decor in elegant high in the sky lakefront home; decorating ideas; room decor inspiration
Interior designer Kendall Wilkinson went with stronger colors for this elegant high in the sky lakefront home.

Casual chic living room decor; living room design and decorating ideas
Casual chic living room decor by Edouard Vermuelen

delightful living room decor with intricate wall paneling
delightful living room decor with intricate wall paneling; private residence; Montecito, California

Bright and sunny neo French classic style living room; living room design and decor ideas; yellow room decorating inspiration
Bright and sunny neo French classic style living room

console tables

making a first impression with console tables
One excellent way to make a dynamic first impression is through strategic use of console tables. Tables can be used alone, or decorated in a way that makes a dramatic first impression. Consoles can be decorated with a pretty collection of interesting items placed on top of them, artwork displayed on or above them, or even by decorative lamps or hurricane sconces. The idea is to create balance, symmetry and to showcase some personality in the decorations chosen. Console tables come in many design styles.... continue reading on how to make an important first impression with console tables >>

mirrored folding screens

how mirrored folding screens increase light and depth in any room
Pretty mirrored folding screens do all this and more. They are reflective of light in any room they are featured in. Often times they can make a room seem to be bigger. These are excellent qualities that add charm along with functionality to enhance small spaces. Beautiful mirrored qualities make them ideal as dressing screens as well, since there is no need for separate mirrors for dressing..... read more about mirrored folding screens >>

benches and settees
how to use benches and settees in your home
Designing with benches and settees is a sure-fire way to add flair and elegance to your home instantly. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, a well-placed bench or settee can completely transform the look of any room...read more about benches and settees >>
console table

console tables for any room in your home
Console tables are somewhat misunderstood. Some folks seem to think that they have a limited use in the home. Nothing could be further from the truth! Often found positioned behind a sofa or settee, console tables are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the home. Console tables are tall, shallow tables with varying widths. It's easy to see that these tables will fit nearly anywhere a standard occasional table can’t go or isn't practical. Sure, you can put one behind a sofa, but you don't have stop there. Console tables can be located in so many areas – the variations are endless... continue reading about console tables >>


setting your style with settees
Settee, settle, sofa, couch? Some people might have a hard time making the distinction. But not you. You know a settee when you see one and your sense of style calls for it like a siren's song. But, choosing a settee – or finding creative ways to show it off – takes a bit of imagination. We have a few suggestions that might help to give you a few great ideas. First, consider your overall style. Is it formal or a bit more casual? Classic or more modern? Trendy, eclectic or shabby-chic? Whatever your style, settees can enhance any room decor beautifully. Creating a comfortable sanctuary, matching your décor to a “T” or defining contrasts is easy when using settees.... about read more about settees >>


adding touches of class and elegance with pedestals
...Use beautifully crafted pedestals to display fine artwork, floral arrangements, family photos or other favorite decorative pieces. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in home decorating and pedestals are the perfect way to take full advantage of your personal creativity. They are portable as well. When you've decided to change the look of a room by moving the furniture, they can be moved along with the other pieces....read more about pedestals >>

home bar

liven up your entertaining with a home bar
Today's homeowners have found that one thing that is an attractive addition to any home – a home bar. Today's models are not only eye catching but functional as well. It is possible to entertain guests or simply enjoy a leisure evening with drinks conveniently at hand. The modern home bar is tastefully decorated to fit in with any décor and adds selling value to the property as well. Some homes have built-in bars but it is now possible to purchase a pre-constructed one that can easily be moved if the occasion arises. These movable bars can be stocked with alcoholic beverages and mixers so that any drink desired is immediately at hand. In addition, they are designed so that the bottles and other items are attractively displayed and well organized... read more about home bars >>