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Built-in Fireplace
Project by JoAnne Clobus

built-in fireplace
I thought you might like to see the finished product - here is a photo of our bedroom fireplace and cabinetry, with your wood carvings...---

Ceiling Decor Project
by John L. Jeffcoat

ceiling decor project Rather than putting this decorative ring around a center medallion, or around a chandelier; I chose to put it around a very large and flat flush-mounted custom light fixture...

read more about ceiling decor project

Expanding Space with Large Wall Niches
by Evelyn Chin

large wall niches Carve out a private niche in any room by placing a thickly cushioned window seat - with a pair of wall sconces ...---

create architecture with wall panels

wall panels Framing paper in decorative molding adds a luxe look and architecture to your home ... ---

Brackets for Granite Shelf Support
by David from Prior Lake, Minnesota

brackets for granite shelf support When installing a shelf such as seen above it is important that the brackets depth... ---

Staircase Details

staircase details It is important to have only quality staircase details due to the fact that it is the most dramatic part of the staircase that is impossible to miss ... ---

Easy Staircase Upgrade
from Glen Cove, New York

stair brackets project Glenn (from Glen Cove, New York) masterfully completed a wonderful project using Americana stair brackets.

The Spiral Scroll Architectural Ornament One of the most naturally interesting and dynamic shapes is the spiral. It has been studied in many ways for a long time...---

What Moldings Are Made Of
Moldings can be made in a variety of different materials-- from wood to polyurethane, the choices could be overwhelming...---

Naked Interior Syndrome Many homeowners plagued by "Naked Interior Syndrome". offers antidote: dress up your home with architectural details ... ---

The Renaissance of Ceiling Domes It is natural for people to strive for the best. With every day there is a growing demand for greater comfort and better quality... ---

Staircase Parts Staircase is a major architectural feature of the house. Staircase can add considerable grace and elegance to your entry ... ---

Corbels and Brackets for Kitchen Counters Looking for an attractive way to provide support for your kitchen counters? Your solution probably lies among the many models of corbels and brackets available for this very purpose... ---

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7 myths about crown molding

crown molding: quality alert

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NEW collection Racecar Models >>

The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spin dizzies or tether cars. Miniature racecars built by hobbyists zoomed around banked wooden tracks at speeds approaching 150 miles per hour. Resembling the full-size racers of their day, several spin dizzies competed at once, tethered by cables to a central pole.

Powered by model airplane engines, spin dizzies raced against the clock. Incredibly detailed and aerodynamic, these miniature racecars were beyond toys; they were pieces of art representative of the best pioneering technology of the era. Constructed using original blueprints our Bantam Midget model resembles the original down to the smallest detail. One look and you'll be ready to join the competition..

Collectable Racecar Models
NEW Victorian rocking horse with Western saddle >>

Our iconic rocking horse is a full-sized reproduction of originals dating back to the 19th C. Victorian rocking horse is hand carved in top quality mahogany. Hand made saddle and tack of real bridle leather. The expert skills of wood carvers, cabinetmakers, and saddlers are evident. Hand finished in a warm and glowing French-style varnish, slightly distressed to make it look somewhat aged. A timeless treasure and a dream-toy for both boys and girls. Imagine its value in 50 or 100 years!

Victorian rocking horse with Western saddle
NEW Calligraphy Writing Sets >>

Enjoy a new addition of classic writing tools and inks. Beautiful romantic sets worthy to adorn Mme. de Pompadour's writing desk. Wood styluses and finished in honey and ivory lacquer. An assortment of inks for fun and for eternity… These writing sets will make a perfect gift for a calligraphy enthusiast, or to add a romantic touch to your home office decor...

calligraphy writing set

NEW Balance toys collection. All balance toys (also known as Sky Hooks) are hand made from recycled metal sheet. These unique balance toys serve as whimsical interactive decorative accessories and will make a perfect gift

Balance toys (skyhooks) could be set on a shelf or the rim of the table and set in motion to everybody's delight and amazement.

All balance toys are
- hand made from recycled metal sheet;
- cut by hand using original templates;
- hand painted in great details;
- finished in aged patina, waxed;
- counterweight calibrated to create swing;
- come with matching metal stand;

NEW July1214 - New contemporary and modern crystal chandeliers collection

contemporary and modern crystal chandeliers
NEW July1214 - New Czech crystal glass chandeliers collection

czech crystal glass chandeliers
NEW March 1214 - New addition to console tables collection

console tables
NEW March 1214 - New addition to coffee tables collection

new coffee tables
NEW March 1214 - New addition to occasional tables collection

mirrors NEW February 1213

New addition to mirrors collection;
New Furniture on Close Out Sale
furniture sale
sconces NEW August 1213

New addition to sconces collection; new addition of crystal and brass sconces and carved wood sconces
crystal chandeliers NEW August 1213

New addition to chandeliers collection; new addition of crystal chandeliers and carved wood chandeliers
crystal lamps NEW August 1213

New addition to crystal lamps collection
venetian glass lamps NEW August 1213

New addition to Venetian glass lamps collection
Venetian glass accessories NEW August 1213

New addition to Venetian glass accessories collection
crystal tables and occasional tables NEW August 1213

New addition to tables collection; occasional tables and crystal tables
mirrored furniture NEW Match 1213

New collection of mirrored furniture
new mirrored cabinets, chests and credenzas, new addition of mirrored folding screens, console tables, coffee tables
benches NEW February 1213

New addition to our benches collection
chairs NEW February 1213

New addition to chairs collection
Italian upholstered headboards NEW February 1213

New addition to Italian Upholstered Headboards collections >>
Venetian mirrors NEW February 1213

New addition to Venetian mirrors and Decorative mirrors collections >>
victorian rocking horse NEW January 1213

New Victorian rocking horse >>
hand built reproduction of a canoe NEW January 1213

New Hand built reproduction of a canoe >>
tables sale NEW January 1213

New Tables on a Closeout Sale >>
cabinets on sale NEW January 1213

New Cabinets and Chests on a Closeout Sale >>
mirrors on sale NEW January 1213

New Mirrors on a Closeout Sale >>
chandeliers NEW August 2012

New addition to Chandeliers collection

brass and wrought iron chandeliers; crystal chandeliers
crystal accessories NEW August 2012

New addition to crystal accessories collection; beautiful solid crystal bowls and boxes
Venetian glass bowl NEW August 2012

New Close Outs Venetian Glass Accessories collection
wood niches NEW July 2012

New addition to our Wall Niches collection features Wood Wall Niches.
These wall niches will enhance the value of your home and will make a dramatic impact to your foyer, hallway, stairway landing or any room in your home...
decorative wood surfboards NEW May 2012

New addition to Nautical Accessories collection features Wooden Surfboards. A surfboard cut in half, it serves to hold books, shells, and pictures from your beach adventures...
titanic model NEW May 2012

New addition to Ship Models collection featuring Titanic and Queen Mary ship models;
candle and oil lanterns NEW April 2012

New collection of candle and oil lanterns;
pendant lighting
NEW April 2012

New collection of pendant lighting; selection includes hand made reproductions of antique pendant lamps and pendant lanterns
tripod lamps NEW April 2012

New collection of tripod lamps
desk lamps NEW April 2012

New collection of desk lamps
inlaid chests NEW March 2012

New collection of inlaid Italian chests
cabinets NEW March 2012

New collection of cabinets and bookcases and bookshelves;
inlaid cabinets NEW March 2012

New collection of inlaid Italian cabinets and inlaid credenzas;
desks NEW February 2012

New collection of desks; Selection of antique desks reproductions for home office
game tables NEW February 2012

New collection of game tables and display tables; Style and Spirit! Pull up a comfy chair and select your game of choice! Chess, backgammon, poker, or just a game of cocktails?
home bar furniture NEW February 2012

New collection of home bar furniture; Bring out the Burgundy, light a pipe, and set the game board...
reproduction chairs NEW February 2012

New collection of reproduction chairs; At times it's hard to align 19th century comfort with 21st century standards! New chairs being original reproductions, are also a bit flexible...
trunks NEW February 2012

New collection of trunks; Collection of nostalgic but highly practical trunk reproductions inspired by originals from the turn of the century; selection includes trunk side tables, trunk coffee tables, trunk armoires, and trunk bars.
chests NEW February 2012

New collection of chests. These chests can be used as coffee table or as multipurpose storage bench.
headboards  NEW January 2012

New collection of carved wood Italian headboards in muslin upholstery
cabinets hand-painted  NEW January 2011

New addition to Hand Painted Cabinets collection
folding screens NEW January 2012

New addition to folding screens collection
decorative office accessories NEW January 2012

Collections of decorative office accessories. Selection includes armillary spheres, phrenology heads, Ferrari and Maserati models, decorative office sculptures, bookends, educational flower models and more...
board games NEW January 2012

Collections of hand-crafted Games to Covet. Selection includes domino, solitary games, Venetian glass tic-tac-toe, chess, chinese checkers and more...
nautical furniture and accessories NEW December 2011

Collections of hand-crafted nautical furniture and accessories. Collection includes nautical accessories, porthole mirrors, boat bookcases and tables, nautical decor items, and signal flag decor
propellers NEW November 2011

Collections of hand-crafted propellers . During WWI wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. Old propellers were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel...
plane models NEW November 2011

Collections of hand-crafted Plane Models . The planes that made them famous are available as models in this unique collection. Hand built. Fabric on lightweight wooden frame. Detailed engines, markings, spoke wheels. Finely detailed, but also conveying true feel and emotion...
ship models NEW October 2011

Collections of hand-crafted Ship Models. All ships are made by the world leader in sailing ship model reproductions, and have implacable quality and attention to details
clocks and hourglasses NEW October 2011

Collections of clocks, hourglasses, collectible compasses, and magnifiers, telescopes and binoculars
Porcelain Home Accessories NEW October 2011

Collection of porcelain home accessories includes selection of hand-crafted porcelain apothecary bottles, tobacco jars, hand-painted pharmacy jars
decorative boxes NEW October 2011

New addition to Home Accessories collection: decorative boxes of all shapes and sizes, challenging in scale and flowing contour, detailed with subtle moldings and ridges. Creations that display their mastery of skill, craft and finesse. All boxes made of solid mahogany.
architectural home accessories NEW September 2011

New addition to Home Accessories collection: Fascinating collection of architectural home accessories including an early staircase models and dome buildings. Sinuous curves and arches in beautifully finished wood add a fluid touch to private or corporate quarters; and series of porcelain accessories that double as whimsical candle stands
carved wood pineapples NEW September 2011

New addition to Wood Carvings collection: beautiful hand crafted from premium selected North American hard maple pineapple onlays -
Pineapple Carvings >>
chairs NEW July 2011

New addition to Chairs collection
brass and wrought iron chandeliers NEW July 2011

New addition to Chandeliers collection;
3 new wrought iron chandeliers; 5 new crystal chandeliers; and new crystal ceiling light
Venetian glass chandeliers NEW July 2011

New clear hand-blown Venetian glass chandeliers; Made in Murano (Italy)
brass table lamps NEW July 2011

New addition of 11 beautiful table lamps lamps: brass table lamps, lamps with black shades, traditional table lamps as well as addition of 10 new lamps to our adjustable lamps and floor lamps collections
crystal table lamps NEW July 2011

New addition of 19 gorgeous solid crystal lamps to our Crystal Table Lamps collection
swing arm sconces NEW July 2011

New addition of Swing Arm Sconces
crystal tables NEW July 2011

New addition to Crystal Tables collection
LED rope lighting NEW June 2011

New addition to Lighting for Molding collection

flexible LED rope lighting for installation with molding and ceiling domes
carved mantel shelves NEW April 2011

Fireplace Mantel Shelves
mirrors NEW January 2011

New arrivals of beautiful mirrors from Italy. New mirrors addition includes decorative mirrors in gold leaf frames, new addition to over-mantel mirrors collection

Decorative Mirrors
Venetian mirrors NEW January 2011

New addition to Venetian Mirrors collection

Previous Additions

ceiling medallions New addition to Ceiling Medallions collection; from small ceiling medallions to extra large ceiling medallions
countertop brackets and stainless steel brackets NEW October 2010

New addition of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Brackets
venetian glass lamps New addition of Venetian glass table lamps; Selection includes - clear and gold Venetian glass lamps, white gold Venetian glass lamps, clear Venetian glass lamps
crystal sconces New addition of crystal sconces; Most popular brass and crystal sconces now available in silver-plated finish
glass top tables New addition of glass top tables; addition features occasional and coffee tables with glass tops
crystal tables New addition of crystal tables; addition features solid crystal table with brass trim and solid crystal table with silver accents
chandeliers Major price reduction on all chandeliers, as well as new addition of
gorgeous Italian chandeliers! chandeliers >>
black-shade table lamps New addition to Table Lamps with Black Shades collection. New close out specials
crystal table lamps New addition to Crystal Table Lamps collection. New close out specials
louvers New collection of louvers.
Collection features functional ventilation louvers, rough sawn louvers and decorative louvers.
kitchen islands New addition to the kitchen islands collection.
wood pedestals New addition to the collection of pedestals. wood pedestals
Baroque style carved beech New addition to the collections of Italian Benches and Settees and beautiful hand-crafted Italian chairs; benches and settees | occasional chairs
decorative folding screens New addition to the collections of decorative folding screens and oriental folding screens; folding screens
decorative hardware New addition of Decorative Hardware.
New King's Road Collection of hardware hardware is inspired by the streets of London and includes pulls, knobs and selection of back plates
balustrade New collection of Balustrade.
pediments New additions: Pilasters, Entrance Pediments

New collections: Crossheads, Exterior Door Trim Kits
victorian trim New collection of Victorian Trim. Let us help you bring out the best in your new or older home with our Victorian Gable Ends, Victorian Posts and Porch Brackets. Choose from many different styles to suit your taste!
exterior molding New collection of Exterior Molding. 24 new styles of exterior molding.
exterior brackets New collection of Exterior Brackets. 24 new styles of bracket for home exterior.
small ceiling medallions New large addition to our ceiling medallions collection. New ceiling medallions with elegant designs and pre-cut hole in the center.
lamps New additions to our collection of beautiful hand-crafted lamps: alabaster lamps; table lamps with black shade; crystal table lamps
tables with glass and marble top New collection of hand-crafted tables from Italy
Collection includes:
- glass top tables
- tables with marble top
- occasional tables
- coffee tables
- console tables
- center tables
- dining room tables
wood knobs
New collection of hand-crafted in USA wood knobs

Wood Knobs
wood molding New collection of decorative wood moldings. Collection includes Sculptured Wood Molding and Embossed Wood Molding
Wood Molding >>
corbels Exciting new addition to our carved wood corbels collection. Masterfully carved from solid hardwood this corbels are crafted in Craftsman and mission style. corbels >>
Art Deco molding New collection of beautiful Art Deco Molding. Molding collection includes crown molding and baseboard. Art Deco Molding >>
molding for indirect lighting Molding for Indirect Lighting
Collection of outstanding quality molding for indirect lighting. This molding is perfect for residential and commercial applications. Collection includes crown molding, cornice molding, L-molding, baseboard molding, rope lights, LED lights and other molding and lighting accessories. NEW Designer series collection of crown molding, chair rail and baseboard