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Venetian glass mirror framed in hand etched glass with gold highlights

Venetian glass mirror framed in hand etched glass with gold highlights, trimmed with glass ribbons and rosettes

Venetian Glass Mirror

Venetian mirrors VM603

33-1/2" x 49"H

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Venetian mirror Venetian glass mirror real Venetian mirror

This luxurious Venetian mirror is hand-crafted with splendid design. Glass frame of this Venetian mirror has delightful floral motif hand-etched by master artisan. The scalloped inner and outer border of the mirror frame has golden highlights adding magnificent inner-glowing effect. Mirror is lavishly embellished with twenty four hand blown rosettes and ribbons. This beautiful Venetian mirror is hand-crafted in Italy

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By the start of the seventeen century Venetian glass mirrors covered a wide range of forms and designs. There was Venetian mirrors covered with delicate enameling, jeweled glass with gilts and gleams of silver, clear glass latticed with opaque threads, glass of soft colors, the so-called ice glass with its shimmering, shattered appearance obtained by dipping the still-hot glass in cold water. The goblets Venetian masters made for the mirror were daringly thin and fragile. Glass as the most pliable of materials had been stretched to new limits by Venetian glassmakers, as it would be time and time again, and as it continues to be today. Venetian mirrors through the Renaissance and beyond were the finest mirrors made in all the world, and most of the world - Europe, especially - was envious.