Venetian glass mirror; octagonal Venetian wall mirror with hand etched leaf and flower design

octagonal Venetian wall mirror with hand etched leaf and flower design

Octagonal Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirrors VM874

26-1/2" x 34-1/2"H

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Venetian mirrors

Octagonal Venetian mirror with hand-etched glass. Venetian mirror trimmed with glass ribbons and rosettes and has a hand etched leaf and flower motif. This classic Venetian mirrors are hand-made in Venice (Italy) using 18th century designs and techniques perfected by generations of skilled artisans. Alchemy, the art of transforming something simple into an object of art, is a skill mastered by Murano glass artisans. This Venetian mirrors with it's graceful, elegant historical designs are no exception. The detailed borders on the Venetian mirrors are carefully fluted and twisted to provide ornamentation and to reflect light. This Venetian mirror is hand-crafted in Italy

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The golden glow of the Venetian mirror, blended with the reference to gold within the glass, is reminiscent of the golden dust technique of the 19th century. Venetian glassmakers would insert gold leaf into the glass prior to it being solidified. The gold-leaf is forever imbedded into the mirror glass, and therefore protected, adds color and eternal sparkle to the Venetian mirrors. The carefully crafted roses, ribbons and tender leaves add the final touch to the elegance of the Venetian mirrors. The details on some of the Venetian mirrors are crafted using a "lattimo glass". Lattimo, the name giving for translucent milky-white glass, was first produced in the Venice-Murano glassworks in the 16th century. This technique involves using lead to color the glass. Over time, mirror makers where able to achieve a variety of effects within the glass. This process now being molten for an overall texture, artfully distributed throughout the glass to bring ornamentation of Venetian mirrors to life. An early 19th century Murano invention, the golden dust technique, or introduction of the gold leaf into the glass, continued to reaffirm Muranese inventiveness. By skillfully manipulating the two techniques into the details of Venetian mirrors artful borders, flowers and ribbons are created.

octagonal Venetian wall mirror with hand etched leaf and flower design