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Decorative Mirrors and Horizontal Mirrors
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16th-century Florentine style carved wood mirror with light silverleaf decape finish and beveled glass oval carved wood mirror with floral design and antiqued silverleaf finish 17th century style carved wood mirror with raised leaf design, hand-painted medium brown finish, antiqued goldleaf trim and beveled glass
Florentine mirror CM843
34-1/2" x 46-3/4"
oval carved mirror CM1958
32-1/2" x 42"
$4,875.00 special: $2,800.00
17th century style mirror CM1378
32-1/2" x 42-3/4""H
18th century style carved wood mirror with antique silverleaf finish and antiqued glass French Regency style carved wood mirror 18th-century French Regency style carved wood mirror
antique glass mirror CM820
41" x 51-3/4"H
$2,812.50 $2,250.00
French Regency mirror CM912
41" x 51-3/4"H
$3,725.00 special: $2,250.00
French Regency mirror CM1108
41" x 51-3/4"H
$3,312.50 $2,650.00
carved wood mirror in silver decape finish and beveled glass chinoserie style wood mirror with hand-painted black and gold design hand-carved wood framed mirror with shell design gold decape finish and beveled glass
carved wood mirror CM550
35-1/2"x 51-3/4"H
$4,247.50 $3,398.00
Chinoserie mirror CM448
25-1/2" x 51"H
$1,997.50 $1,598.00
carved wood mirror CM547
38"x 53"H
$4,247.50 $3,398.00
Late Baroque style carved wood mirror with leaf motif and heavily antiqued real silverleaf finish carved wood cheval mirror. This freestanding mirror mirror designed with scrolled leaf motif and has an antiqued medium brown finish with gold highlights. Mirror has beveled glass 18th century Italian style freestanding cheval mirror. Mirror designed with carved wood frame in hand painted antiqued brown finish and hand applied gold leaf highlights. Freestanding mirror has leaf and scroll motif
Baroque style mirror CM1922
17-1/2" x 35-3/4"
$1,125.00 $900.00
carved wood cheval mirror FM1148
28-1/4"W x 14-1/4"D x 69-1/2"H
$5,997.50 $4,790.00
Italian style cheval mirror FM1578
33-1/2"W x 16"D x 71"H
$6,242.50 $4,998.00

Horizontal Mirrors

18th-century Neapolitan style carved wood horizontal mirror with leaf scrolls and floral motif. Mirror has an antiqued gold leaf finish 18th century Venetian style carved wood mirror with leaf and scroll design finished in antiqued goldleaf Horizontal Chippendale style mirror in hand crafted carved wood frame. Mirror has antiqued gold leaf finish
Neapolitan style mirror CM1625
42-1/2" x 36-1/2"H
$2,625.00 $2,100.00
Venetian style mirror CM1380
46" x 41-1/2"H
$3,312.50 $2,650.00
Chippendale mirror CM523
52-1/2"x 39-1/2"H
$2,937.50 $2,350.00
18th-century Tuscan style carved wood horizontal mirror with floral and leaf scroll motif. Wall mirror has an antiqued gold leaf finish Louis XV style carved wood horizontal mirror with leaf scrolls motif in gold leaf finish Louis XV style carved wood mirror with leaf motif,antiqued silverleaf finish and antiqued mirror
Tuscan style mirror CM1418
50" x 38-3/4"H
$3,747.50 $2,998.00
Louis XV mirror CM1627
58" x 44-1/2"H
$4,062.50 $3,250.00
antique Louis XV mirror CM849
58" x 44-1/2"H
$4,062.50 $3,250.00
Adam style carved wood over-mantel mirror with leaf, scroll and garland motif, convex mirror accent and antiqued gold leaf finish Adam style carved wood and wrought iron horizontal mirror with urn, floral and leaf motif, antiqued gold leaf finish and bevel glass Louis XV style carved wood mirror with leaf design. Mirror has a hand painted medium brown finish and antiqued gold leaf accents
Adam style mirror CM1164
50-1/2" x 46"H
$5,747.50 $4,598.00
Adam style mirror CM1169
56-1/2" x 53-1/2"H
$5,497.50 $4,398.00
Louis XV horizontal mirror CM1577
60"x 50-1/4"H
$4,687.50 $3,750.00
Tuscan style carved wood mirror with leaf and scroll motif,antiqued silverleaf finish and antique mirror Louis XV style carved wood horizontal mirror with leaf and scroll design, finished in antiqued gold leaf  
antiqued Tuscan mirror
50" x 38-3/4"H
Louis XV style mirror
46-1/2" x 37-1/2"H
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decorating with mirrors

decorating with mirrors
From a practical point of view, distorted mirrors in your interior is absolutely useless. However, not every designer or decorator would agree with this statement. Some professionals believe, that by incorporating in a design decorative convex mirrors, or "special effects" mirrors that are made by using deformed sheets of polished metal, you can create a quite unique interiors. After all, the reflection in such mirrors is as unusual and impressive as if it would be a surreal piece of art.... continue reading about decorating with mirrors >>

gold leaf mirrors

adding shimmer and style with gold leaf mirrors
The glass mirror or "looking glass" has been around since the first millennium. Before then, one had to gaze into a polished brass surface or into a pool of still water to see his or her reflection. Mirrors and reflective items have played an integral part in several historical legends and myths. We can imagine that old Narcissus would have an even harder time tearing himself away from his reflection if he were looking at himself in one of our beautiful mirrors, framed with gold leaf!... read more about gold leaf mirrors >>

Exquisite framed mirrors on this page are reproductions of eighteen century historical designs. From Tuscan style framed mirrors to free standing cheval mirrors all of them are distinctively detailed. Framed mirrors were expensive and rare objects for a small elite under the reign of Louis XIV.

Hundred years later elaborately framed mirrors could be found in more than 70 percent of European town homes. Ultimately, mirrors conquered urban interiors because they offered what such places lacked most - space. Framed mirrors brighten up and enlarged small rooms. Often placed between two living rooms mirrors formed one of the most gracious interior arrangements. The public imagination was not short on decorating ideas engaging mirrors. Women embellished with framed mirrors their salons, sleeping alcoves, offices, stairwells, and dressing areas.

Mirrors were associated with certain idea of life, a taste of splendor and performance that only certain classes and professions could enjoy. Framed mirrors were a hallmark of social standing, and all beautiful houses had to have them. At the end of eighteen century freestanding mirrors had a place of honor in many sitting rooms and became the symbol of an era.

Freestanding mirrors soon became an indispensable beauty aid during the Empire and the Restoration period. The status of the full-length mirrors changed as they became accessible to the population at large. As more commonplace items, framed mirrors blended into a home's interior decor an they carved frames become more subdued. The scalloped topes of the framed mirrors emulated the sober moldings of the classical era.

beautiful dining room decor with Tuscan style horizontal carved wood mirror; beautiful mirrors; dining room ideas
beautiful dining room decor with Tuscan style mirror;


living room decor with horizontal Louis XV over-mantel mirror above a marble fireplace mantel; living room decorating ideas
room decor with horizontal Louis XV style mirror above marble fireplace mantel;

interior with gorgeous 18th century Italian style freestanding cheval mirror; freestanding mirrors ideas; bedroom decor inspiration
Italian style cheval mirror

mirrors placement

mirrors placement
If mirrors are functional, they must be hung with their center at average eye height-about 5 feet (l.52m) above the floor.
If mirrors are purely decorative, they might be used at any height.
If mirrors are hung high, they may be tipped at a slight downward angle to reflect something more interesting than the ceiling.
If mirrors are hung lower than eye level, they will probably reflect furniture or fabric - some aspect of the room that you appreciate and wouldn't mind duplicating. If a mirror is hung low, the reflection will shift as you move about the room, so unless a mirror is stationed across from a desk or a bed-someplace where you'll generally be idle its reflection will constantly more on mirrors placement >>

over-mantel mirrors

about over-mantel mirrors
The first place we think of placing a mirrors is over the fireplace. For this page we have selected mirrors that will create a perfect over-mantel. In the late 18th century the invention of over-mantel mirrors lunched a major trend in the decoration of private mansions in Europe. Fireplace mantels were lowered and large horizontal mirrors, often in elaborate gold frames, were mounted above them. The facts are confirm to us by the large mirrors over fireplace mantels at the end of 17th century, but over-mantel mirrors became especially widespread during the Regency period. more about over-mantel mirrors >>

horizontal mirrors

open up your room with horizontal mirrors
The inclusion of mirrors in home decor has expanded dramatically from the traditional uses in bathrooms and as over-mantle mirrors. To be sure, these are still perfect locations for horizontal mirrors, but the sky's the limit when it comes to using these decorative yet functional pieces to reflect your home's beauty and style. You'll often find over-mantle mirrors serving to anchor the decor of a living or family room, since the sheer size of these horizontal mirrors makes a dramatic impact. Add to this the mirror's decorative frame, and it's no wonder that a horizontal mirror becomes the perfect artistic more about horizontal mirrors >>