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Marble Fireplace Mantels

Versailles marble mantels
Versailles marble mantels
palazzo marble mantels
Palazzo marble mantels
Elysee marble fireplace mantels
Elysee marble mantels
Rene marble fireplace mantel
Rene marble mantels
Baronet marble fireplace mantels
Baronet marble mantels
Hestia late georgian marble mantel
Georgian marble mantels

There are Marble Fireplace Mantels to Suit Anyone


The various styles are inspired by the mantle designs from the past. The Versailles fireplace mantle, shows the perfect execution of the Rococo lines. In the Rococo style philosophy the idea was to have each room, mirrors, furniture, and anything else to be designed as a work of art. Everything in Rococo style is meant to be "light hearted", which is reflected I the Versailles fireplace mantle design due to the creamy light-looking texture and color of the marble, as well as the design itself. The designs on the Versailles marble mantle do burden one’s mind with extensive feelings and thoughts making it incredibly uncomplicated, while still being intricate.

The Palazzo fireplace mantle is meant to give a sense of intricacy as well as the feeling of grandeur. The mantle has many little details that surround all of the larger details. It seems as if there is no piece of marble that is untouched by design. Palazzo is the Italian word for "palace" and it will make your living room look just like one. It is perfect or a formal living room or dining room.

The Hestia Late mantle is adorned with two figurines about the Greek goddess Hestia who was the goddess of the hearth (which is a brick-lined fireplace). She was the one who kept the order n the household and presided over the cooking of the bread, so every time one moved to a new home a flame from Hestia’s public hearth was brought to one's home.

The Corinth fireplace mantle has a very strong look to it while having few decorative elements. It is a perfect mantle to have in your home if you are looking to add stronger elements to the space. The Corinth fireplace has a more angular quality, which is one of the aspects that gives this particular fireplace its strength. The name "Corinth" is given to the fireplace due to the fact that right above the fluted columns.

The Baronet fireplace mantle has a beautiful detail on the face, as well as the details on the side of the mantle. The overall rounded shape makes a great statement and allows the eye to travel all about the fireplace mantle. If you would like to bring a touch of elegance into your home without skimping on the decorative details, this is the fireplace for you.