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Crystal Lamps and Interior Spaces

Crystal itself, various crystal products and crystal lighting fixtures, such as crystal floor and table lamps, carrying an inner power of eternal transformation and have an incredible impact on our homes' interiors

When looking at high quality crystal you will see a rainbow of colors exuding from the crystal, this delights the eyes and inspires the mind. The shine of quality crystal is very close to shine of diamonds due to the complex highly precise organics of both materials. Most of us would like to see decorative and functional items in our homes that are unique and original.

room decor with light blue window treatment, solid crystal #lamp with beautiful cast brass details; decorating ideas; luxury crystal lighting
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Regardless of whether crystal table lamps are traditional in style or if they have a unique contemporary appearance, our hand-crafted crystal lamps demand attention. Why? Because the magical and exuding shine of crystal beckons us. The shimmering and magnetic light makes it incredibly difficult to resist having these particular lamps brightening up your very own home.


solid crystal table lamps | room decor with flowers and solid crystal and lacquered nickel plated table lamp

room decor featuring flowers and solid crystal lamp with lacquered nickel plated trim


While some people believe that crystal lamps are out of style, the truth is that classically designed crystal lamps never lost their place in interiors. The luxury, glamour and sophistication of crystal will never go out of style, in the same manner as diamonds will always suit a beautiful woman. You can use crystal lamps in your interiors with pride and confidence to bringing clean energy, harmony and a cozy feeling to your home.


gorgeous traditional room decor with cut crystal table lamp on a hand-wrought iron side table in antique gold finish; inspiration; decorating ideas; pineapple lamp

gorgeous traditional room decor with cut crystal lamp on a hand-wrought iron side table in antique gold finish


Crystal table lamps are transforming their appearance according to the latest fashion trends. Today's famous lighting designers are experimenting with crystal, creating unique crystal lamps. Advanced manufacturing methods of crystal products are giving modern masters an opportunity to execute elaborate cut crystal designs with incredibly high precision.

Contemporary setting features modern crystal table lamp with silver trim; crystal lamps; inspiration

Contemporary setting features modern crystal lamp with silver trim


Cut crystal designs appear in all there glory after final polishing, exuding magnificent shine, due to there impressive reflecting qualities. Multi-faced surface of crystal used for creation of our table lamps has many flats that machined into the surface which increase crystal's ability to refract light in many directions. That is one of the reasons why floor and table lamps with cut crystal are very popular.


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Crystal Lamps Style Choices and Maintenance

The style choices of crystal table lamps are endless and can satisfy even the most discriminative taste. On this page we have selected crystal table lamps and floor lamps with hand blown cut crystal assents. All table and floor lamps on this page are made from solid brass in antiqued finish with hand blown cut crystal. All crystal lamps have neutral fabric shades that make it easy to incorporate them into any decor. Crystal table lamps on this page vary in height from 28 to 34 inches.

Crystal lamps are easily maintained. Professionals recommend the use of fine cotton cloth for dusting of crystal floor and table lamps. To avoid fine scratches that can appear not only on crystal but on the fine antiqued finish you should use a duster, and avoid using any abrasive cleaning solutions or materials.

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easy decor with solid crystal lamp, natural wall covering and botanical print; decor ideas; decorating; crystal lamps

easy decor with solid crystal lamp, natural wall covering and botanical print


crystal table lamp with oval shade
crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp
solid crystal table lamp with lacquered silver-plated trim
crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp


traditional room decor with solid crystal table lamp on the marble top table; crystal lamp with classic urn design features cast brass scrolled arms; decorating idea; luxury home lighting

traditional room decor with solid crystal table lamp on the marble top table


contemporary room decor with modern crystal lamp; crystal lamps

solid cut crystal lamp with silver trim; crystal lighting

beautiful traditional room decor with cut crystal table lamp; decorating ideas; crystal #lamps

decorating with crystal lamps
Decorating with crystal lamps
The sparkle of crystal glittering in the light brings a sense of romance and opulence to any room. Rainbows of color splash onto surfaces when light hits lead crystal, similar to how it affects a perfectly cut diamond. Whether your tastes run from traditional to ultra modern, quality crystal lamps will brighten up almost any room decor instantly... read more about decorating with crystal lamps >>
crystal table lamps

Adding glamour with crystal table lamps
The options you have in designing a stylish room are considerable, but in terms of maximum results for your time and effort, it's truly hard to beat the impact that a couple of crystal table lamps can on crystal table lamps >>

crystal home accessories

Crystal accessories for your home
Picking out decorations for your home is so much fun because you are truly able to express yourself as an individual, couple or family. People opt for all different types of decor from truly traditional to completely modern, and you've likely considered a few different styles. Have you ever thought about crystal accessories though? Well, read on to discover how you can infuse them into your more about crystal home accessories >>